13 Easy-to-Use Tools to Skyrocket Your Employee Engagement

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Employee engagement is crucial to the success of a business. Yet in the U.K. employee engagement percentage is alarmingly low at 8%. Compare this to the global percentage of 15%, and you can see why I’ve used the term alarming. Poor employee engagement is deteriorating for the health of a business since it leads to several problems like clarity in work processes, lack of team bonding, conflicts between team members, and other similar problems. 

Before we get to the root cause of this problem and find out a solution, we need to, first of all, develop the understanding of what we mean by the term employee engagement. 

What Is Employee Engagement? 

The most common explanation of the term, which has become a standard in the industry, is that employee engagement is the emotional investment an employee is making in his or her work. 

If we look at employee engagement from the perspective of an organisation you can define it as the approach followed by the company to make its employees feel more committed and better to not just their work but to the organisation as well

Employee engagement is often considered to be the most basic concept used to understand the nature of the relationship between the employees and the organisations in which they are working. And, quite rightly so. 

Why Does Employee Engagement Matter?

Employee engagement matters because engaged employees are more productive and are more likely to succeed at what they do. Some surveys reflect the massive difference in the performance of teams that are actively engaged compared to the ones that are not. 

For instance, one of the surveys from Gallup brought forward the conclusion that businesses that have engaged the workforce are 21% more profitable than the ones that have a poorly engaged workforce. 

Not just profitability, it was also concluded in the same survey that engagement had an impact on the productivity of the teams, with engaged teams being 17% more productive than their poorly engaged counterparts. 

How can you boost employee engagement?

Although being a social animal – it is in human nature to interact with others around us – engagement in the workplace is a lot more than just talking to each other. It is an assembly of different factors that when put together create an engaging environment. Moreover, the formal work culture, stress, and various other job-related activities make the engagement complex. This is the reason that businesses these days need to pay special attention to keeping their employees engaged. In fact, businesses that have realised this fact have been able to build thriving teams, while the ones that have not are paying a hefty price for this. 

The question that now arises is – how can you boost employee engagement

Tools To Skyrocket Your Employee Engagement

Since we live in a world governed by technology, the best answer to this challenge also lies in using technology to our advantage. Here are some tools that can play a pivotal role in skyrocketing your employee engagement levels: 

1. ProofHub for team collaboration

proohub interface

As an all-in-one project management and team collaboration tools loved by teams of all sizes, ProofHub offers some amazing features to boost employee engagement. By providing teams with a centralised space for all work-related activities, it helps everyone stay connected. 

From communicating with each to collaborating and brainstorming, this project management software has all the capabilities that a modern-day team requires to actively engage in work-related tasks. 

The best thing about ProofHub is that it replaces multiple apps that teams require for managing their day-to-day activities at work, with a single powerful software that can help them stay in control of everything. 

Top Features

  •       Flexible task management
  •       In-built chat app
  •       Gantt charts
  •       File and Document sharing
  •       Custom reports
  •       Automatic timer and timesheets
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2. RingCentral desktop app for unified team communications 

ringcentral desktop app

RingCentral desktop app is an amazing communications app that brings all your team communications into one place. You can use RingCentral for team messaging, video meetings, and phone calls all from the same interface. 

A great thing about RingCentral is that it integrates with more than 180 apps that include cloud services like Google Drive and OneDrive, CRM software like Salesforce, customer support options like Zendesk, and many more. 

You can even create custom integrations using the open APIs to suit your specific needs. 

Top Features:

  •       Message, video and phone – all in a single app
  •       Market-leading SLA of 99.999% uptime
  •       Advanced call handling features
  •       Vast library of off-the-shelf integrations
  •       Unlimited file sharing and storage
  •       Enterprise-grade security
  •       Real-time analytics and reporting
  •       24/7 support
  •       Device and OS agnostic, with native and browser options

3. Officevibe for team development


Touted to be a team development software, Officevibe works by helping team leaders and managers understand their teams better. It does so by using Pulse Surveys, in which employees can also remain anonymous. 

Not just surveys, Officevibe also lets managers carry out one-to-one interaction and feedback sharing as well. This can work in the overall development of the individuals in the team. 

Moreover, managers can also track the progress made by employees with neat reports, which they can easily share with others and grow together as a team. 

Top Features

  •       Team surveys & reports
  •       1-on-1 agendas
  •       Anonymous messaging
  •       Conversation engine
  •       Learning centre
  •       Manger tips, activities and more

4. 15Five for performance management

15Five-performance management



Employee performance management can play a key role in analysing the effectiveness of your team engagement efforts. And 15Five is one of the top tools that can help you with the performance management of your team members. 

From strategic check-ins to 1-on-1s, objective tracking to self-review, and reporting, 15Five has got everything a modern team requires to stay on top of all its performance metrics. 

This is one of the major reasons that companies like HubSpot have been this amazing product for boosting their employee engagement efforts, and getting amazing results. 

Top Features

  •       Weekly check-ins
  •       Objectives (OKR) Tracking
  •       360° reviews
  •       1-on-1s
  •       Employee recognition
  •       Request feedback
  •       Reporting

5. Kudos for employee recognition

kudos employee recognition

Kudos is the next tool on this list. As an innovative tool that works on the highly ignored aspect of work culture i.e. employee recognition, this comes as a breath of fresh air for managers and employees alike. 

Kudos works as the company-wide social network, allowing your team members to engage in activities and build better work relationships. With features like video recognition, people directory, profile, real-time feedback, and a lot more, Kudos works great to bring together teams of all sizes. 

Top Features

  •       Custom Awards/Badges
  •       Video recognition
  •       Status messages
  •       Photo gallery
  •       Surveys and Polls
  •       Analytic insights
  •       Rollup reports
  •       Multi-account networks

6. Qualtrics (Employee Experience) for experience management

Qualtrics employee management

One of the best ways to boost employee engagement is to make their experience of working with your organisation better. Qualtrics is a tool that lets you do exactly that. 

By providing you with employee engagement insights, Qualtrics helps you take immediate action to make their experience better. This is one of the prime reasons that even big names like Netflix, Nike, American Express, NASA, Microsoft, Porsche, and Tesla, to name a few trust Qualtrics for boosting their employee engagement practices. 

Top Features

  •       Employee pulse surveys
  •       Goal and challenge creation
  •       Performance benchmarking
  •       Social feedback
  •       User, role and access management
  •       Survey customisation 
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7. Motivosity for employee happiness

Motivosity for employee happiness

As the name suggests, Motivosity is a tool that boosts employee happiness by providing actionable insights on employee performance and engagement. 

People within the team can share rewards to recognise their efforts. You can create company-wide rewards as well. Team highlights are a great way to notify everyone about the goods that are happening in the team. Plus, it also offers an easy redemption option for the rewards earned. 

Top Features

  •       Peer recognition
  •       Company and Department rewards
  •       Work anniversary and birthdays
  •       Spot Bonuses
  •       Team highlights
  •       Reward redemption 

8. GoVisually for feedback sharing

GoVisually for feedback-sharing

GoVisually helps teams collaborate better by giving them a central place for feedback sharing for creative work. This is a great tool, especially if you are working with design teams. 

Instead of using emails, you can invite clients to GoVisually for sharing suggestions, providing feedback, and even approve the file once the review work has been completed with a single click. 

A great thing about GoVisually is that you get the option to set role-based permissions as well. 

Top Features

  •       File sharing
  •       Version control
  •       Task management
  •       Status tracking
  •       Audit trail
  •       Role-based permissions 

9. iCIMS Onboard for a great onboarding experience

A smooth onboarding process is imperative for making a great first impression on the new joiner. With iCIMS Onboard, you can automate the pre-boarding process, and while keeping a track of employee engagement. 

You can even create customisable welcome messages, videos, or use the existing templates. What makes this platform amazing is the fact that you can also track the progress made by the new employee in the process, store their data for improving employee experience in future hiring. 

Top Features

  •       Document management
  •       Electronic signature
  •       Electronic form
  •       Employee handbook
  •       Orientation management
  •       Training management
  •       Job description management 

10. Lessonly for learning management

Lessonly for learning management

Learning is part of the process for every team. As a learning management tool, Lessonly is built for making learning more practical, easy, and engaging for teams. 

From customer service to sales teams and even enterprise, Lessonly can help reimagine training businesses from any industry or size. You can even customise the course for your teams and share with them easily. 

It also has an in-built coaching functionality as well that team leaders can use for sharing feedback at scale, easily. 

Top Features

  •       Built-in course authoring
  •       Bulk upload
  •       Document management
  •       Certification management
  •       PDF exporting
  •       Learning paths
  •       Learning library
  •       Lessonly University 

11. Qmarkets for intelligence management

Qmarkets for intelligence management

As an intelligence management software, Qmarkets helps organisations with innovative solutions to focus on continuous improvement of its workforce. 

With its employee innovation programs, hackathons, idea discussions, crowd-voting tools and more, organisations can focus on business process improvement. 

What makes Qmarkets a really smart option for any organisation is the fact that it taps employees directly for improvement of business processes, by harnessing their intelligence in an easy and actionable way. 

Top Features

  •       Employee innovation programs
  •       Idea management
  •       Technology scouting
  •       Employee engagement
  •       Custom evaluations
  •       Gamification features
  •       Multi-tenancy and subsystems 

12. Peakon for employee success management

The last tool on this list, but certainly not the least one is Peakon. What this beautifully powerful software does is it converts the employee feedback into insights which can be used to build better employee experience. 

It focuses on 4 key areas Employee engagement, Employee experience and retention, Leadership development, and Diversity & Inclusion. 

What makes this employee success management tool a trustworthy option is the fact that it is GDPR compliant and uses banking-grade security to ensure guaranteed protection of your important employee data. 

Top Features

  •       Employee surveys
  •       Real-time insights,
  •       Bespoke manager training
  •       Collaborative action planning
  •       Structured question libraries
  •       Text analysis
  •       Micro-courses

13. Culture Amp for office culture management

Culture Amp for office culture management

A tool designed and supported by psychologists and data scientists, Culture Amp is one of the most innovative options for building better office culture. 

It works on the simple philosophy of comparing an office’s team engagement scores against the best in the industry so that you can easily identify the areas that need improvement. By collecting data using workforce surveys to help HR managers and leaders identify what’s happening within the organisation and what needs to be done to make things better. 

The tool uses topic and sentiment analysis to analyse survey responses, and suggest ideas to make improvements in your organisation’s culture. 

Top Features

  •       Employee engagement
  •       Employee recognition
  •       360 degree feedback
  •       Talent management
  •       Compensation management
  •       Performance appraisal
  •       Individual reports
  •       Question library 


As we discussed at the beginning of this post, employee engagement is one of the most important factors that drive a business towards success in today’s time. If you are looking to skyrocket employee engagement and take your business to newer heights of success, leveraging the tools mentioned above can be the smartest idea. Go ahead and try out these tools to see which one fits within your team’s requirements. 

All the best!

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Originally published Aug 19, 2020, updated Jan 17, 2023

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