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July 6, 2021 | 9 Mins Read

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With a range of benefits and advantages for managers and employees alike, digital collaboration tools are here to stay. As the trend of remote and hybrid working continues to endure, managers must embrace digital tools to overcome the challenges of overseeing their team from a distance. 

Building a rapport with your team takes a lot more careful planning and strategy when new candidates and team members are located all across the country (or the world) as opposed to in the office. Whether you need a better way to onboard new team members in a hybrid working future, or you simply want a tool to better collaborate. 

What is a human resource collaboration tool?

HR collaboration software can come in many forms. Collaboration tools must carry a broad range of collaborative features, including functions such as training, communication, hiring and onboarding, and instant messaging, to help remote HR teams reach their management goals.

In this post, we explore the best collaboration tools for Human Resource departments as well as the key features and integrations they should include. 

Why is online collaboration for human resources important?

Collaboration means communication that facilitates better teamwork and allows teams to innovate, participate, project manage and brainstorm to help each other reach a mutual goal.

In an increasingly virtual workplace, it’s crucial to be able to collaborate remotely and still find ways to uphold a strong company culture to allow new team members to feel included as part of the team and remind existing staff of the values behind your brand. 

Building a sense of unity and enabling teams to develop great relationships in an online environment could be key to better staff satisfaction and retention in the long run. Creating a platform for effective team collaborations not only makes teams more efficient but also helps to underpin your corporate culture in a predominantly digital workspace. 

What are the benefits of HR collaboration tools?

In recent months, many businesses have seen the true benefits of online collaboration tools. Here are just a few of the many benefits of online HR tools: 

Streamlining workflows: 

Collaboration tools help to facilitate more efficient working relationships and can bring tools together to automate and optimise your HR systems and processes. 

Efficient project management: 

Digital solutions enable HR teams and managers across all departments to oversee and retain control over their team’s workloads, tasks and projects. 

Facilitating creativity and innovation: 

The best collaborative solutions can build a better foundation for creative thinking, brainstorming, and generating ideas across all departments and teams throughout the business. 

What are the best collaboration tools for HR teams?

Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive solution that enables your entire workforce to manage their communications, or you want niche HR tools to manage your teams’ tasks and improve productivity, there are a wealth of tools on the market. 

We’ve hand-picked a few of our favourite collaboration tools for Human Resource teams. 


RingCentral’s unified, easy-to-use platform was built with effective communications in mind. With functionality including file sharing and storage, task management, whiteboarding and screen sharing, as well as instant messaging, phone and video conferencing features, RingCentral has become an indispensable solution for many businesses seeking to enable stronger team connections and productivity. 


Asana has become a popular tool for effective project management in an increasingly virtual workplace. The holistic features, including task sharing, file storage, calendar syncing, and reporting, as well as and handy mobile app as well as intelligent integrations, allow teams to quickly connect and share files, manage tasks and get work done together remotely. 


Popular for its simple task lists and workflow management capabilities, Basecamp offers an easy-to-use platform for those wanting to work together on projects or managers looking for a simple way to delegate tasks and oversee the workloads and progress of their team. Basecamp is revered for its customisable views, progress chart reporting, custom templates and all-round low-cost task management.


For teams wanting a more visual way to manage projects, delegate tasks and monitor progress, Trello is a popular project management software. The simple Kanban view enables teams to better visualise workflows and outline task dependencies, enabling better inter-team and interdepartmental communications across all projects. Trello users can customise their visuals, choose their preferred template and assign and set deadlines using Kanban cards to organise their own or their team’s workloads. 


TeamViewer is a collaboration tool that allows businesses to streamline and simplify their team communications. A great option for remote and disparate teams, the comprehensive collaboration tool boasts a range of features to facilitate smoother, efficient communications. With functionality such as video, file sharing and screen sharing, all with remote access and one unified platform. 

How to choose the best collaboration tools for HR teams

Selecting the best collaboration software for your business can be challenging. With so many tools and solutions on the market, businesses are overwhelmed with choice. Establishing the key business challenges should be the first step in identifying the type of collaboration solution you might need. 

Whether you need a collaborative tool with video functionality for training or a tool to help automate the hiring process, it’s best to choose a single collaboration solution with a range of features and integrations that users can access as they work from home, the office or on the move. 

Why is RingCentral the best tool for HR Teams?     

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Our intelligent, unified platform was built with team efficiency in mind. With a range of benefits for remote teams, RingCentral is a perfect solution for HR teams looking to streamline their workflows and provide a virtual hub for the wider business.

1. Easy-to-use

Our intuitive, unified platform is designed for ease of use. With RingCentral, users can set up chat threads with project teams or one-to-one chats, manage tasks easily and store files within the platform, so everything they need is at their fingertips in an instant.

2. Quick Implementation

The cloud-based platform means your business phone, messaging, and video conferencing features can be implemented and configured much more quickly than with legacy systems. With a dedicated support team on hand and easy adoption for your business teams, your users can be up and running in days.

3. Integrated with third-party tools

With a broad range of off-the-shelf integrations, and an open API platform that allows you to custom-build your own, RingCentral enables HR teams to customise a collaborative ecosystem with all the automation and solutions they need in one place. With integrations with hundreds of tools such as Microsoft, Google Workspace, other integral HR software or tools such as your business CRM, you and your teams will be able to fine-tune workflows and improve efficiency across the board.

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4. Secure & Scalable Collaboration

With our seven layers of security, RingCentral keeps your business conversations secure at every layer of your organisation. With robust security measures at every level of our architecture, our platform brings peace of mind. What’s more, the cloud-based software means your communications system grows in line with you and your business, allowing you the flexibility you need to scale. 

5. Supports Collaboration & Productivity

Using a single, unified app that brings together team meetings, phone functionality, instant messaging, and document sharing enables better productivity across all your teams across the business. By eliminating the need to switch between platforms, teams can save time and truly focus on the task at hand. 

6. Let your HR team work from anywhere, together in one app

With a busy HR department, and a number of repetitive tasks and processes to work through, HR teams need a solution that allows them to work efficiently together, from anywhere. RingCentral’s range of benefits are perfect for HR personnel looking to take advantage of the following key features: 

√ Team messaging

RingCentral users can quickly fire a question to a colleague, brainstorm ideas within your HR team thread, or get a second opinion with your manager in seconds. Easy-to-use team messaging can be a make-or-break for your team productivity, and instant messaging enables teams to collaborate better remotely. 

√ Video interview in one click

With unlimited video calls, HR team members can get valuable face time with their team or use video chat for interviewing candidates and having the benefit of better body language visibility. With video, teams can share their screens and talk through contracts or onboard new staff more easily by presenting company values presentations or key company handbook details in real-time. 

√ Hit deadlines on time

With better, more seamless collaborations, your team become more efficient and able to work together to achieve their goals and hit their deadlines on mutual projects. Whether it’s updating files such as the org chart for new starters, developing the onboarding processes, or completing payroll on time, HR teams can manage tasks and meet their deadlines every time. 

√ Upload and share files 

With file storage built-in, team members can easily upload their key documents, share files among the team, and access them easily later down the line. Being able to communicate with your team and access all the work files you need in one single platform makes team collaboration much easier with disparate teams or those on the move. 

√ Work on one file 

With file sharing, screen sharing and whiteboarding features, teams can come together to work on one single document or file in real-time. Being able to work on files together as teams work remotely can enable better working relationships and allows teams to connect virtually if they can’t physically be in the same room. 

√ Recruit, hire and onboard

With audio conferencing, and video conferencing as well as file sharing and screen sharing, HR teams can fine-tune their recruitment processes and get to know new candidates a little better. With video conferencing, not only can teams get better face-time and body language cues with interview candidates but also train and onboard new starters with better tech capabilities. 

7. Plans and pricing that meets human resource teams needs

With features that bring together a range of communications capabilities, HR teams can consolidate fees by using one single platform solution. With a number of pricing plans available, RingCentral also allows you to try out the functionality with a free version of the platform in the initial stages, so you can ensure the software will meet the needs of your team. 

Each level of service allows you to select a plan that meets your needs and your budget. 

Essentials Standard Premium Ultimate





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Discover RingCentral Solutions

Whether you need a tool to help you deliver staff training via webinars or deliver staff announcements via video conferencing, RingCentral offers the core functionality you need to help you connect and facilitated better-connected teams. 

Video Conferencing

Whether your business spans global departments and teams, or you’re a small organisation with lean teams, RingCentral video lets team members meet face-to-face, in real-time. With high-quality video and audio, your teams build better connections and conduct more effective teamwork from wherever they are in the world. 

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Cloud Phone Systems

Our cloud phone system means you have the agility you need and the flexibility to grow your business. With seamless connectivity, users can make and receive phone calls using business phone numbers, no matter what device they are using, which means your teams keep work separate from their leisure time. 

Learn more about cloud phone systems→

Contact Centre

RingCentral offers a comprehensive range of features specifically for Contact Centres such as call monitoring, omnichannel routing and workforce management. Customer service users can facilitate a much more productive contact centre workforce underpinned by effective call centre collaboration features. 

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The integrations that human resource teams need

RingCentral offers a wealth of off-the-shelf integrations with some of the most popular productivity tools and more niche cloud-based HR tools. 

Here are a few RingCentral integrations you might need to help your HR teams hit the ground running.


Whether you use Google Calendars or the Microsoft equivalent, integrating your calendars with your collaboration platform means your teams can access and join meetings in one click and seamlessly work through their scheduled tasks and meetings from within one single workspace hub. 


Trello for RingCentral allows HR teams to instantly receive updates on Trello activity as they work within their team messaging platform. Syncing your communications with your Trello boards means you can significantly streamline your workflow and get full visibility of project progress as you work from the RingCentral platform. 

Google Drive

One of the most popular G-Suite solutions, Google Drive, allows you to store,  create and share files. Integrating Google Drive for RingCentral enables teams to drag and drop files straight into your conversations within the app and work together on files in real-time.


Zapier enables businesses to automate their workflows through customised integrations. Zapier for RingCentral allows your team to personalise your workspace and improve efficiency by bringing all the tools you need into your feature-rich communications environment.


Originally published Jul 06, 2021, updated Jan 16, 2023

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