RingCentral vs. Zoom

Searching for an all-in-one message, video and cloud phone solution? Close the gaps, and unite all your important conversations with RingCentral.

Available feature
Phone, Video, Chat, Webinar
AI Contact Center
AI Conversation Intelligence
Frontline Worker Solutions
Trusted by 400,000+
businesses worldwide
 A woman using the RingCentral app on both a laptop and mobile phone
 A woman using the RingCentral app on both a laptop and mobile phone
A woman on a call using her mobile phone
A woman on a call using her mobile phone

Take a closer look at how RingCentral compares

Get the full details in our RingCentral vs. Zoom Buyers Guide.

Maximize ROI
Get everything you have with Zoom and then some more! Power best of breed employee and customer communications in all modalities.
Empower frontline staff
RingCentral has purpose built AI and communications tools specifically for desk-less workers.
Upgrade your contact center
RingCentral offers more advanced capabilities and AI automations, more customization, more comprehensive reporting and analytics, making it a better choice.
Improve security and reliability
Elevate to enterprise-grade security with ISO-compliant and comprehensive end-to-end encryption across the platform and a proven 19+ quarters of <6 minutes of annual downtime.

How we stack up

Strikethrough price of $45 per user per month
Strikethrough price of $45
/user/month (annual billing)

RingEX Ultra Edition

Available feature
Unlimited audio conferencing (up to 1,000 participants)
Unlimited storage for files and recordings*
Unlimited domestic calling
Advanced cloud phone system (IVRs, ACD)
10,000 Toll-Free Minutes
Advanced Call Handling
Voice AI (transcripts, noise reduction, robocall blocking)
Internet Fax
AI Video Meetings (transcripts, summaries)
Team Messaging
Document Sharing
Task Management
IT and line of business analytics (real time, QoS, trends)
350+ integrations like CRM, Productivity & Contact Center
Automatic call recording
Deep integration with
best of breed Contact Center
Deep integration with best of breed Contact Center
Free onboarding & implementation <100 users
Strikethrough price of $50 per user per month
Strikethrough price of $50
/user/month (annual billing)

Zoom One Business Plus

(+Zoom Phone Power Pack)
Available feature
Meeting recording storage (10GB/licensed user)
Basic Call Handling
Voice AI (transcripts)
AI Video Meetings (transcripts, summaries)
Team Messaging
Document Sharing
Historical analytics
Video integrations
Limited live reports for real-time queue management
Unavailable feature
Audio conferencing (add-on)
Limited Toll-Free Minutes
Internet Fax
Task Management
Adoption analytics
Limited contact center capabilities
Walkie Talkie + Frontline AI tools
*unlimited video and voice recordings, with 1 year of cloud recording retention

Switching is easier than you think

Our professional service experts have cloud-to-cloud migration playbooks and can port your numbers for you and train your teams.

A torso of a woman while holding a mobile phone with a message "Your number was successfully migrated to the cloud" shown".
An agent receives an incoming call from Sophie Adams in the RingCentral app in his laptop

Upgrade your contact center

Enjoy more features rich, true omnichannel, AI automations and comprehensive analytics with RingCentral Contact Center.

Fidelity Real Estate logo
RingCentral really checked all the boxes for us. Automatic call recording and logging, easy-to-set-up caller menus, built-in video conferencing, and integration with Salesforce.
Ryan Pittman - Vice President of Marketing, Fidelity
hands holding a mobile phone with an ongoing RingCentral conference call

Frequently Asked Questions

RingCentral provides a more comprehensive solution for internal and external communications than Zoom. We support more telephony use cases, offer the industry’s best contact center with 30+ digital channels, have world-class analytics, a large ecosystem of integrations, richer SMS and fax capabilities and competitive video solutions - helping them better connect with customers & colleagues alike. With RingCentral, you get so much more than that:
  • Voice - We offer the most complete set of cloud phone capabilities out of any UCaaS vendor. RingCentral’s phone is built for all advanced and niche use cases coupled with purpose built voice and video AI and communications tools specifically for desk-less frontline workers. Zoom Phone launched in 2019 and lacks critical large and mid-market enterprise capabilities - trailing behind in product maturity compared to RingCentral. 
  • Messaging - RingCentral boasts an integrated messaging experience with our phone and video systems. Our superb team chat and SMS solutions include team messaging, task and event management, file sharing, advanced search function, presence status, unified business numbers, bulk SMS messaging, group MMS messaging, and more.
  • Video - Opting for RingCentral video meetings means you get to enjoy unlimited and 24-hour sessions, HD and audio quality, AI capabilities (noise reduction, live transcriptions, post meeting insights and summaries, presentation modes, etc.), cloud recordings and storage, whiteboards, collaborative meeting notes, end-to-end encryption, and browser support for a no download join.
  • SMS and Fax - Compliant and secure business SMS and internet faxing is included as a fully integrated and native solution for Standard and above packages. Transmit your faxes securely over an encrypted connection (TLS) and store them in a password-protected account. We understand that this is critical for sharing sensitive documents in many industries like healthcare, finance, legal and government. Zoom does not offer a native fax solution included. 
  • Contact Center - When it comes to Zoom vs RingCentral CCaaS, customers choose RingCentral because they love having the best of UCaaS and the best of breed CX platforms from a single vendor. RingCentral’s Collaborative Contact Center helps businesses of all sizes unlock intelligent, connected experiences by combining the world's most advanced CCaaS and UCaaS platform with AI powered self-service, agent optimization, and advanced analytics. RingCentral Contact Center offers a true omnichannel experience across 30+ digital channels, with an open platform that provides prebuilt CRM integrations and 300+ APIs to provide effortless customer experiences. For smaller businesses, we offer customer service essentials, a competitively priced introductory package for customer engagement. 
  • Webinar - RingCentral Webinar can accommodate up to 10,000 attendees for both internal and external events and can guarantee audience engagement through polls, Q&A, and live chat. Unlike Zoom Webinars, RingCentral Webinar has webinar set-up, management, and analytics all done directly inside the RingCentral app – making it radically easy for webinar hosts to manage everything in one place.
  • APIs and integrations - RingCentral has deeper, broader, and higher quality voice integrations. This means you get a cloud phone on mobile, desktop, deskphone and all the apps your business runs on like Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk, and more. RingCentral provides deeper capabilities which means you can access your softphone wherever you are - on your browser, in your favorite app - and your advanced calling, SMS and fax features are embedded. Outside of voice specific, enjoy more than 350+ pre-built integrations, ~8K+ custom integrations, and our mature API ecosystem of more than 80K+ developers. Many customers come to RingCentral complaining that our competitors tout integrations, but they are half-baked, low quality, or missing critical components.
  • Analytics: RingCentral’s analytics are more actionable and meaningful compared to Zoom. Though competitors do provide some level of reporting and analysis, only RingCentral provides comprehensive and integrated analytics for both the IT professional and line-of-business user.  From a single interface, both user types enjoy significantly more detail, flexibility, and customization.  Most of RingCentral’s analytics are included in our most popular packages, whereas many of our competitors' features are incomplete, disjointed, rigid, or can only be unlocked by paying additional fees.
RingCentral takes privacy and security seriously. In addition to keeping your communications secure through enterprise-grade encryption, we are backed by leading 3rd party certifications such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, HITRUST, CSF and more. We are the only solution to use industry-leading predictive AI/ML algorithms to detect and stop fraudulent robocalls and spam attacks. We’re the first to introduce innovations like end-to-end encryption to messaging and phone for groups, on any device. All backed by our leading five 9s reliability for over a record 19 quarters.
While Zoom pricing appears to be lower at first however this doesn’t take into account the “hidden add ons” need for full suite business communications like audio conferencing, a business phone system, business and high volume SMS, eFaxing, task management and team messaging, additional cloud storage etc.  RingCentral’s package is more comprehensive and cheaper when you add together all the capabilities you receive included.
A unified communications solution is crucial for any organization. With ever-changing employee and customer demands, an evolving business landscape, and growing needs, it is important to select a provider that offers the most financial and operational benefits.
Through this RingCentral and Zoom comparison, we showcase how two of the most popular communication platforms overlap and differ from each other and why, in the end, RingCentral lands on top. Here’s what you can expect from us:
  1. Immediate cost savings - RingCentral helps in reducing costs by bringing together all critical communications and collaboration tools into a single platform. We offer a 99.999% uptime SLA for improved productivity and efficiency and, of course, cloud-based solutions to cut down costs on on-premise infrastructure installation and maintenance.
  2. Industry-leading communications tools - By making RingCentral your go-to service provider, you get access to a wide range of UCaaS and CCaaS solutions that have received high regard from industry experts. We utilize AI technologies (natural language processing and machine learning) and are continuously looking for ways to deliver the best voice, video, messaging, and contact center capabilities.
  3. Streamlined workflows - RingCentral consolidates all your favorite tools into one place so that agents spend less time toggling between applications and focus on more important tasks. By making work easier for your team, you can create an environment that promotes high performance, morale, and employee satisfaction.
  4. 24/7 customer service - RingCentral offers omnichannel customer support that is available around the clock to make sure all communication needs and issues are addressed as promptly as possible. We also provide a dedicated account manager for each of our enterprise customers that can be reached through multiple touchpoints.
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