Brand Embassy VS RingCentral Engage Digital™

Is Brand Embassy holding you back from delivering the ultimate digital customer experience?

Liveperson VS RingCentral Engage Digital™

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Top three reasons leaders choose RingCentral over Brand Embassy:

Top three reasons leaders choose RingCentral over Brand Embassy:

RingCentral Engage Digital supports any digital channel for customer engagement. While Brand Embassy also covers multiple channels, it does not support consumer review platforms.

RingCentral Engage Digital leverages a built-in AI-based smart routing engine. While Brand Embassy does have smart routing engine capabilities, it is not AI-based.

RingCentral Engage Digital enables easy channel implementation—add your own channels within weeks, not months. With Brand Embassy, the process is disjointed and may require full or partial project management via its open API.

Deliver more when the moment matters

Increased agent productivity

Reduce churn and frustration by providing agents with a single desktop to manage every digital interaction.

Higher customer satisfaction

Solve complex issues quickly and effectively by merging multiple digital identities from any channel into a single user profile.

Artificial intelligence

Categorize incoming messages with classification tags and push them to the right agent based on urgency and skill to better serve the customer.

Deep and integrated analytics

Reduce missed opportunities by identifying brand ambassadors and detractors to improve and upsell products while increasing profits.

Popular features that help our customers deliver the ultimate digital customer experience

Enable agents to provide a consistent user experience through the RingCentral Engage Digital single platform to manage every digital interaction.

Provide customer service across an exhaustive range of digital channels, including messaging platforms (Apple Business Chat, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.), email, web chat and in-app messaging, social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), review apps, communities, and more.

Simplify the identification of customers across various channels by using artificial intelligence (AI) functionality to automatically detect customer digital identities and consolidate them into a single profile.

View deeply integrated reporting and actionable real-time analytics to provide executives, managers and supervisors with a holistic view of customer interactions to optimize digital service levels.

The open API platform allows integrations with chatbots, CRMs, and any business intelligence app.

Automatically categorize email messages and routes to appropriate agents, grouping all messages into a single ticket conversation and tracking quality of replies.

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