Bridges the Global Gap Between Its US and South African Operations with RingCentral logo
Our RingCentral support team was very helpful in making sure we had our IVR and queues match, making it simple for us to transition from the VoIP vendor.

Jasem Yousuf

Director of Operations, is an online ordering and food delivery service that partners with restaurants to make ordering food simple, fun, and accessible for individuals, schools, and businesses. The company processes thousands of orders per day via its website and mobile app.’s founder hails from Cape Town, South Africa. As the company grew, he began looking for a way to give back to his home community, eventually deciding to open a customer center in Cape Town that employs local residents.

“To make that work, we needed high call quality between the US and Cape Town,” says Jasem Yousuf, Director of Operations at Initially, the Cape Town operations team selected a cloud VoIP solution they hoped could scale as the support operations grew.

“As we started to add more customer service representatives, we started to see the call quality really decrease,” Yousuf explains. “That led us to look at other vendors.” In addition to better call quality, was also looking for a platform that would help the company ensure customer satisfaction as it continued to grow.

Putting RingCentral to the test in South Africa

Because call quality was so important, a proof of concept was mandatory in the selection process for the company’s new communications solution. “We had static and dropped calls in the past, which decreased our customer satisfaction scores,” explains Yousuf. “With RingCentral, those quality issues were resolved.”
After selecting RingCentral as its new business communications partner, was impressed with the seamless transition to the new system. “Our RingCentral support team was very helpful in making sure we had our IVR and queues match, making it simple for us to transition from the VoIP vendor,” Yousuf notes.

Live Reports improves customer service

Customer service is key to’s core business. According to Yousuf, customer satisfaction has improved since the company switched its South African operations to RingCentral. The company credits this positive shift to RingCentral Live Reports, an add-on capability that features easy-to-understand dashboards that track the performance of customer service representatives, as well as the overall customer experience.

Live Reports has helped improve customer service at by:
  • Providing timely measurements of agent performance, especially at holiday times, large sporting events, and during other critical times
  • Identifying calls that indicate a need for coaching
  • Monitoring on-hold calls, agent availability, missed calls, and overall service levels
  • Analyzing queue data to ensure proper staffing level
  • Troubleshooting emerging patterns in call traffic to prevent queue overload also uses RingCentral Quality of Service (QoS) Reports to further improve customer satisfaction and manage its growth. QoS reports allow the company to track call quality trends down to the individual call. “With the QoS reports, we have analytics to drill down into each city to see how we can maximize our network to support heavy volume of calls,” explains Yousuf.

“RingCentral has allowed us to locate our dispatch department in Cape Town while ensuring we have the call quality we need and the ability to expand,” Yousuf says. “RingCentral has been a valued partner to”
With RingCentral, the beauty was we could take the phones to our new space and just plug and play. We never needed to set up physical phone lines or wait for a telecom provider to activate service for our staff.

Jasem Yousuf

Director of Operations,
Austin, TX