RingCentral Professional


Manage calls and faxes from any PC with the RingCentral Softphone.

Feature benefits:

Screen calls

  • Softphone displays the name and number every time you receive a call.
  • Identify your callers by configuring your Auto-Receptionist to prompt callers for their names.

Answer and make calls on your PC

  • Plug in a headset and use Softphone to turn any Internet-enabled PC into a full-featured phone. Productivity soars with your phone system at your fingertips. Whether you are traveling or working remotely, it's easy to make and receive calls wherever you are.

Route calls on the fly, with a single click

  • Use Softphone to transfer live calls to an office, home, or mobile phone from a simple pull-down menu.
  • Ignore calls or send them directly to voicemail.
  • Transfer live calls from Softphone to any device without interrupting your conversation.

Send callers text-to-speech messages in real-time

  • Communicate with your callers without even picking up your handset.
  • Select a default message, or type a personalized message that will be read to callers using text-to-speech technology when you’re too busy to take a call.
  • Use this feature during a meeting, or while you’re on the other line.

Interrupt callers leaving a message

  • Listen to messages as they’re being recorded.
  • Interrupt callers leaving messages to take their call.

Record calls

  • Record calls directly from Softphone.
  • Download recorded conversations, store them on your PC, or forward them to others.

Send and receive faxes

  • Sign, annotate, and send faxes with Softphone.
  • Take complete control over all messaging to and from your company with call logs, playback options, and more.

Integrate RingCentral features with Microsoft® Outlook®

  • Integrate RingCentral functionality with Outlook by installing Softphone.
  • Get one-click dialing, fax, and dial-by-name call screening for all Outlook contacts.

Easy access to voicemail and fax messages

  • See your voice and fax messages in the order in which they were received on Softphone.
  • Listen to all your voicemails and view fax messages without having to log into your account.
  • Manage your messages with an easy-to-use interface.



What is Softphone?

  • When a call comes in for you while you are online, the RingCentral Softphone will pop up on your desktop and you will see the caller’s name and phone number on the Caller ID. If you have configured your system to prompt callers to announce their name, you will hear the caller’s name over your PC speakers.
  • With a single click, you can accept the call, reject it, send it to voicemail or send the caller a text message that will be broadcast by Auto-Receptionist. If you are away from your computer, Auto-Receptionist will call your phone and present you with all but the last option.
  • To make an outbound call, just add a USB headset. Type in the phone number you want to call into the Softphone dial pad and click the Dial button. To make outbound calls using your Softphone, it must be connected to a separate line (cannot be shared with the line used for your desk phone).

What devices does the Softphone work on?

  • Softphone works on 32/64-bit Windows and 64-bit Mac operating systems.

What are the system requirements for installing Softphone?

The system requirements for Softphone are as follows:

Windows XP, Vista, 7 and 8
Pentium or above processor or compatible
Minimum of 512MB of memory
200MB of hard drive space
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard or above
G4 500 Mhz or any Intel processor
Minimum of 512 MB of memory 100 MB of hard drive space