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No one video collaboration service fits all use cases. Some offer basic audio and visual support for online meetings; others boast a more extensive selection of functionality: accessibility, admin access, file sharing, and more. 
While the needs of businesses vary, one thing is for sure—there are essential video collaboration features that you simply can’t do without, regardless of your role, industry, niche, market, or business size and type.
Good thing that with RingCentral, you get the most integral features of any video collaboration tool, functionality on any device through desktop and mobile apps or browser access.
  • Access to both video and audio solutions for flexibility and ease.
  • Meeting analytics that lets you keep tabs on how effective your meetings are.
  • Exceptional 24/7 online support at all times in case issues pop up.

What is video collaboration?

Video collaboration, also known as “telepresence,” is a two-way interactive video communication between two or more parties. It allows remote teams to continue working together―all without needing to travel for an in-person meeting. Thanks to features like meeting recording, annotations, and transcriptions, projects can be more easily completed despite interruptions or geographical and time zone differences.
If a team member or project lead has conflicting meetings, they can watch a recording of their missed meetings at a later time, or they can pull up chat messages from the meetings’ participants. Video conferencing tools make it easy to review what happened, answer open questions, fill in missing details, and carry on with the workday without worrying about what they’ve missed or what might have gone wrong without them. Another benefit is the ability to record training sessions, so getting new hires up to speed goes as smoothly as possible.
What’s more, teams can pursue their project workflows without being tied to a physical meeting space. They can simply select a video conferencing and collaboration platform like RingCentral and get started. Meeting hosts can easily set up new meetings, and participants only need to follow a link to open the video meeting room.
With today’s conferencing tools, there’s no complicated setup or installation process of any kind anymore―regardless of team size. As long as everyone uses the same software or accesses the same service on their browser, participants can sign in once and take part in the conference on their phone, tablet, or computer. Gone are the days of long downloads, installations, or login steps.
Meeting in a virtual conference room also allows team members to continue their discussions about project details just as they would in the office. Sound and visual quality are so good now, even on free plans, that it feels as though everyone’s in the room with you.
And if you’re worried about being able to share important files or information with the rest of your team or your clients, cloud storage makes it easy to hand off project files. With screen sharing and file sharing, businesses can do what they need to do without feeling hindered by their selected platforms. Digital workspaces are now just as effective as physical spaces, if not more.
In fact, a well-designed video conferencing platform like RingCentral can practically render physical offices redundant. It’s far easier to round up your team digitally than it is physically. Not to mention, having to set up a presentation, or share notes, becomes an elaborate process in person, but it’s reduced to a few clicks on a keyboard in a digital setting.
A woman waving in a RingCentral video meeting

Why use video collaboration?

It wasn’t long ago that work would grind to a halt as soon as people couldn’t discuss project details face-to-face or over the phone. If someone was out of town or away from their phone, they might as well have been on another planet. Teams had to go on without that person’s contribution or pause their project’s progression, which was enough to set deadlines back by several days or weeks at a time.
Luckily for everyone, being “disconnected” is virtually unheard of nowadays. If you have a mobile device or a computer, you can make a video call as easily as you might make a phone call. Video conferencing solutions have changed the way business is done.
In a nutshell, video collaboration is integral to business. Without it, syncing with your team or working with international clients would be a challenge. If your goals involve heavily growing your business, boosting profits, or meeting quarterly goals, you need video conferencing software to make it possible.

Features of RingCentral’s video collaboration software

Four colleagues collaborating in a RingCentral video conference

More users supported in meetings

RingCentral is built for teams of all sizes. Invite as few as one to as many as 200 participants. If that isn’t enough, you can always opt for a bigger meeting license add-on, too!

Useful team collaboration tools

Share screens and files, send group and direct messages, annotate documents in real time, and try out fun presentation options—making you feel like you’re in the same room without actually being physically together!
An ongoing conference call happening in the RingCentral mobile app
Attaching a file in the RingCentral app through computer, Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive upload

Extended cloud recording and retention

Meeting recordings can be saved to the cloud for up to 365 days, giving you more than ample time for video reviews (when needed) and sharing links to those who missed your meetings and webinars.

HD video and audio

At the heart of RingCentral’s video collaboration platform is a high-definition audio conferencing and video experience that ensures users are clearly heard and seen. This means 99.999% uptime SLA as well.
An agent on a call with a 99.999% uptime
RingCentral app integrations such as Google, Salesforce, Chrome, salesforce, Now, Outlook, Office, and Zendesk

Developer platform and custom integrations

Open APIs allow you to build your own apps, which can help you create personalized workflows that suit best with your team’s specific needs.

Single sign-on

Save time, improve speed when needed, and strengthen security with single sign-on. This allows employees to access all the company applications with one set of credentials.
The single sign on (SSO) feature of the RingCentral app

The best video collaboration solution for small businesses

Choosing a video collaboration tool you know you’ll be able to grow with (and not out of) is one of the smartest decisions you can make for your business. As your company grows, your needs will change, so your software should be there with you every step of the way.
That is exactly what RingCentral offers—an all-in-one video collaboration solution that is more than capable of supporting your business. We have intuitive features that are available on both our free and paid plans. Give our video collaboration solution a try today, and discover why RingCentral is among the most trusted providers out there.
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