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Increase connection efficiencies by optimizing every second of your agent's talk time. Engage Voice’s progressive call dialer prioritizes the pace in which your campaign or database is dialed by agent availability and recent abandonment rates. With this call center software feature, your agents are only connected to calls where there is a live contact on the line, not an answering machine, disconnected number, or busy signal

So, how does outbound progressive dialer software work?

how does outbound progressive dialer software work diagram how does outbound progressive dialer software work diagram
The dialer system optimizes and paces
based on agent performance and
abandonment rates
The agent is only
connected when a live
contact is on the line,
customized agent workflow
is presented
The next call is dialed
progressively optimizing
for agent availability
The call is connected, agent
greets contact at first
“hello,” completes
interaction or creates a
tailored callback
Automation continues to
fetch and deliver qualified
target contacts
The intuitive interface of RingCentral Engage

Arm agents with the information, tools, and guidance they need to own every moment

Keep agents well-informed

with quick access to customer information and seamless syncing between agent desktop and external applications

Focus on winning customers, not troubleshooting tech

with simplified, intuitive UI

Smooth out the sales process

with guided engagement flows that automatically adapt to each customer interaction

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Never stop improving the way your business wins–and serves–customers

Boost agent performance

with real-time call center manager or supervisor coaching capabilities from Monitor, Chat Suggestions, and Barge-in

Understand where help is needed

with at-a-glance visibility of live reporting dashboards that analyze agent success

Improve quality assurance

with closed feedback loops from readily available call recordings

Call center agents high-fiving

Give agents the power to get more done

Make stronger connections

with automated dialers and blending in the background leading the way to live prospects and increased productivity

Count on 99.999% uptime

from dependable connections that don’t leave agents or customers hanging

Tailor campaigns to your goals

with rule-setting and data integration capabilities for establishing who you’re calling, when you’re calling, and how often

Engaged customer holding a mobile device

Create trust and promote positive customer engagements

Mind regulations as you go

with Safe Dial, featuring TCPA compliance-supporting tools, human intervention, and time zone conscious technology

Respect your customers

with seamless DNC list integration that lets customers opt out and helps agents stay aware of their choice

Encourage call-backs

with around-the-clock reachability from real call back numbers, IVR, intelligent blending, and inbound routing

What is a progressive dialer?

Progressive dialing simply refers to the process of connecting agents to a “live” person. This call center software feature lets the auto dialer run through the company contact list until it reaches a person who is available to talk. This automatic telephone dialing phone system will disregard telephone numbers that connect to answering machines, come up as busy, or are just plain disconnected. This way, agents no longer have to manually dial telephone numbers, leading to an increase in connection efficiency while optimizing your agent’s talk time

What is the difference between predictive dialers vs. progressive dialers?

Automatic dialing telephone phone systems have become essential to any contact center setup that aims for increased agent productivity and efficiency. This is why service providers like RingCentral offer several auto-dialing solutions that your business size and organizational needs into account. This includes options like preview dialer, predictive dialer, and progressive dialer functions.
However, with several automated dialing phone system options, there may be some confusion over the similarities of each one. This is particularly true between predictive dialers and progressive dialers for contact centers.
Both progressive and predictive outbound dialers go through your contacts database looking for a live person before allowing the automatic call distribution (ACD) feature to connect the agent to the call, therefore helping staff avoid dead-ends like answering machines, busy lines, and disconnected numbers. That, however, is where the similarities end.
Unlike predictive dialers where the goal is to reach as many customers as possible in the quickest way possible, the goal of progressive dialer software is to strike a balance between automatically dialing phone numbers and agent availability.
Instead of automatically dialling the numbers looking for every live person in the contacts database, progressive call dialers will stop when there are no more agents to take the call. It will resume once an agent is free again, which makes for better call management.

When do you use progressive dialer instead of predictive dialers for your contact center solution?

Predictive dialers are constantly looking for a live person to answer the call. The call routing system automatically connects the call to the next available agent once a live person is reached. Predictive dialing is great for big outbound contact center teams with proactive campaigns for sales, telemarketing, market research, and debt collection where the next connected call center agent is not a problem.
For small and mid-sized businesses that do not have as many agents available to keep up with the predictive dialer, progressive phone dialing may present a better option. Instead of agents having to keep up with the automatic dialer, it works the other way around.
This automatic dialer only starts dialing the phone numbers again when an agent becomes available, which ensures that when an outbound call reaches a live person, there is a connected agent ready for customer engagement.
This auto dialing technique can be considered as a good middle ground between relying on auto dialers and manually dialing phone numbers. It is still an automatic dialer because it removes the need for the agent to do it themselves through their VoIP phone or otherwise, but it also considers the availability of the agent prior to dialing.
As a result, contact rates may not be as high as with predictive dialers; but when you look at call analytics, there are fewer dropped or abandoned calls due to no call center agents being available to take them.

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