Companies of all sizes are beginning to discover the benefits of offering remote working opportunities to their employees. Remote accountants are serving their clients from home, while remote technology specialists implement and manage business software from a distance. Virtually any job that can be done with the support of cloud computing can be available outside of the office.

One particular role that could be enhanced by the opportunities of remote working is that of the call centre agent. VoIP and UC as a service technology, mean that businesses can deliver all of the tools that their agents need to interact with clients over the cloud.

But, is giving your agents the opportunity to work remotely really a good idea?

Although every business is different, there are some significant advantages to consider when it comes to remote call centre solutions.

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1.    Reduced Costs

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of using remote call centre agents is that you get to cut your business operational costs significantly. Most people are happy to agree to a smaller salary if they’re able to work from the comfort of their own home. However, even if you didn’t reduce labour costs, there are still savings associated with reduced demand for real estate and operational overheads.

Additionally, the amount of money you spend on hardware would be reduced, as all your agents would need is a computer, internet connection, and the right headset.

2.    Broader Talent Pool

If you’re willing to hire remote employees, your labour pool will also expand beyond the geographical constraints of who can get to your office. You won’t need to settle for the most relevant employees nearby. Instead, you can search for the top talent you need, with the skill sets that will help your company to thrive.

Businesses with remote call centre agents have the freedom to hire employees from anywhere across the globe, which means that you can be a lot more selective when choosing your candidates.

3.    Adjust your Call Centre Strategy Easily

The flexibility that comes with a remote call centre strategy also means that you can easily take on additional members of staff when you have higher call volumes. For instance, you can access temporary and freelance workers when you’re launching a sale or a new promotion. This makes remote hiring fantastic for seasonal changes in workflow.

Employing people from different time zones will ensure that you have someone available to answer customers at any time during the day. Click To Tweet

There’s also the option to ensure that you’re always there when your customer needs you, with follow-the-sun availability. Employing people from different time zones will ensure that you have someone available to answer customers at any time during the day.

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4.    Improve Agent Job Satisfaction

Absenteeism and turnover are common problems in the contact centre environment. However, if you give your team members the freedom to work from home, then you’ll find that they’re much less likely to leave your workforce and look for opportunities elsewhere. That’s because remote contact centre agents are more satisfied with their work and enjoy the benefits of their flexible routine.

Your remote call centre agents will be able to take advantage of diminished costs for their daily commute, and the opportunity to work their schedule around their personal needs. That’s one of the reasons why remote employees generally report higher levels of job satisfaction. The happier your team members are, the less money and time you spend on hiring new workers.

5.    Improved Customer Satisfaction

A remote call centre strategy allows businesses to hire top talent, empower them with the tools that they need, and keep them satisfied in their roles. These happy and supported employees are also more productive and efficient in their work. This means that they can serve customers faster and deliver the quality of assistance your clients are looking for.

Since customer experience is one of the most critical factors for any business to consider these days, a remote working solution could be the key to helping your company succeed.

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Originally published Aug 13, 2019, updated Jan 17, 2023

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