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Hey! I’m Briana, your personal tour guide for the day.

Join me on this interactive demo for a better understanding of the RingCentral Engage Digital platform, the channels it supports, and how it can help you thread together a path to new business.

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RingCentral Engage Digital platform

Reach customers on every digital channel they use today, as well as those they'll use in the future.

Process messages on several channels at the same time through a single digital customer engagement platform.

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Encourage personal connections that drive business results

Let’s explore the customer experience around a support request through WhatsApp, one of the many digital channels supported by RingCentral Engage Digital.

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Make customer service as easy as messaging a friend

Here, a customer has requested support through GrandTravel’s WhatsApp number.

GrandTravel uses a native AI engine to classify, route, and respond to each interaction to deliver a frictionless experience at the speed of the customer.

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Receive real-time notifications for incoming messages

Provide agents with a unified environment to respond to inquiries on all channels.

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Know where your customer is coming from

Provide agents with a complete picture of historical interactions to better understand your customers’ needs.

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Merge digital profiles into a single identity

Detect new profiles that have not yet been connected to a master identity.

Confirm new identities with customers and request permission to merge them together.

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Provide key contextual and historical customer information

See how interactions have been handled to date.

  • History of transactions
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Survey results
  • Pages visited
  • And more!

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Rich and intuitive messaging interface

Enable customers to share videos, images, emojis, attachments, links, and more.

Reinforce sentiment by adding emojis to agent responses.

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Solve issues quickly with suggested responses

Improve agent productivity by connecting them with a knowledge base of suggested replies to eliminate unnecessary typing and improve response times to your customers.

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AI at the core

Use classification tags to categorize interactions and push them to the right agent based on urgency and competency.

With smart routing and language recognition in 72+ languages, you can align agent skills with appropriate tags to facilitate a personalized customer experience.

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Integrate with anything through our open APIs

Integrate business intelligence tools to provide additional context on the customer during interactions, including:

  • Chatbots
  • CRM systems
  • New channels
  • And more!

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Sync all digital interactions with Salesforce

Gain a 360-degree view of your customers by merging their digital identities with your Salesforce contacts.

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Integrate with Google Dialogflow’s intelligent virtual assistant

RingCentral Engage Digital works perfectly with Google Dialogflow, enabling customers to get help faster.

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Integrated survey management

Integration with SurveyGizmo to collect satisfaction surveys after every interaction to influence your Net Promoter Score (NPS).

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View key business outcomes at a glance

  • Total interactions
  • Agent performance analytics
  • Key KPIs and customer responsiveness metrics
  • Survey results and Net Promoter Score

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Make informed decisions on digital channel investments

Review insights into the channels your customers use the most. Determine what topics are trending per channel to address common threads quickly.

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Stay on top of customer sentiment and your Net Promoter Score

Monitor customer survey results and track your Net Promoter Score progress.


Thank you for spending time with us today!

With RingCentral Digital Engage, you can build an advanced digital strategy in weeks. We also have A LOT more to show you that this demo didn’t cover.

Let us know if you’d like to schedule some time with one of our digital engagement consultants!

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