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Approaching participation equity in a ‘work from anywhere’ world

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Hot on the heels of the Australian launch of RingCentral Video in March, we’ve just released more than 100 new video and team messaging features on our platform. The beauty of a cloud solution like RingCentral Video is that these new capabilities and innovations are immediately available to our users in Australia and across the region – supported by our local data centre infrastructure.

The key new features for video include:

You can find out more about some of these new features here.

By default, all of our new customers are given access to our new RingCentral Video platform, while existing users of RingCentral Office have the choice of staying with the current platform, upgrading  or switching between both – all with just the press of a button and at no additional cost.

The most powerful aspect of our new video platform is so much more than just its features and capabilities. It’s the fact that we are achieving ‘participation equity’ and levelling the playing field for all participants in meetings. In today’s ‘work from anywhere and from any device’ environment, we don’t want those users who might be joining a meeting from their home office or from their mobile device on the road to feel that their experience is any less than those who might be in a large meeting room with dedicated AV facilities.

The way we embrace all participants communicating and collaborating in this new hybrid workplace will ensure the success of the model in the long term. The work RingCentral is doing both to add features to our applications and also to provide greater integration between different modes of communication, including message, video and phone, will go a long way to achieving this ‘participation equity’.

Our US customers put this very succinctly. Elliot Hamby of Envera Systems says, “With RingCentral Video our customers and employees are able to join video meetings from a laptop or mobile phone with the click of a button and screen sharing is just as easy, which has helped us increase our productivity.” Cody Broderick from  inWhatLanguage says, “RingCentral enables us to work smarter and faster by integrating video meetings and team messaging all in a single application. We have the RingCentral application on our laptops, mobile phones and tablets so we can communicate from anywhere on any device, [which has] enabled us to share experiences both externally and internally as we continue to work together from anywhere to shape a better future.”

Originally published 22 Apr, 2021

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