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where is 732 area code
The 732 area code, in New Jersey, is home to healthcare, banking, transportation, education, construction, tourism, and retail industries. Some of the major employers in the area are Johnson & Johnson, Merck & Co., Merrill Lynch & Company, and Alcatel-Lucent.
Wineries and breweries are also beginning to establish themselves in Monmouth County, a trend that may lead to other business opportunities that cater to food and beverage connoisseurs.

The region covered by area code 732 is home to a population of approximately 3,000,000, spread out across 69 municipalities and boroughs, including New Brunswick, Red Bank, Atlantic Highlands, and Keyport. The average income is $146,940 per household, per year.

There are also many tourist attractions in this area code. The Jersey Shore, for example, can be found here, as can an award-winning Six Flags amusement Park and a considerable number of state and nature parks that offer recreational activities like biking and hiking. In the summer, thousands of people from Philadelphia, New York City, and Atlantic City flock to this area to enjoy the many attractions it has to offer.

Area code 732 is surrounded by area codes 848, 609, and 908.

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