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I am pleasantly surprised at the way this entire system works. I own a Sports Pick Service and it added many customers in the first two weeks. Thanks.

Brett Roberts, Brett Maverick Sports

RingCentral is brilliant… Read the Article

Halsey Minor, founder of Grand Central Communications, C-NET in 1992, and a founding investor in


Making Communications Easy is by far an understatement. Your services and customers services is by far the best I have seen. My recommendation to anyone looking to purchase this service: I wouldn’t pass this up because it’s an outstanding service!

Paul Hilburn, EPC Technologies

I'm excited. This is sooooo much better than eFax. Less money per month and many more features. Regards,

Al Christoph, 3 Bears Software LLC

I'm a new customer and very, very happy about it. I switched my current 800 number from Company X ($20/mo, no features) to RingCentral for $10/mo. The included Voicemail package allowed me to drop my $5/mo voicemail with Company X.

Your voicemail also catches faxes, so I also cancelled a dedicated $15/mo fax line. So I've just saved $30/mo AND all my messages AND faxes are immediately emailed to me. Simply outstanding, good job RingCentral. Oh, and the online account management software is extremely powerful yet easy to use due to a very well thought out design. And I'm a [perfectionist] software designer; I know good stuff when I see it and this is IT.

Scott Slavik, AutoSolids, Inc.

I am a very happy customer of RingCentral. My favorite feature is the fax out and getting the confirmation page via email. Thanks! Have a great day!

Michael Ihrig, M I Technical Solutions

We just switched from Company X to RingCentral and we love it. Not only is your service more reliable, but the web interface is much easier and faster to work. Thanks, and keep up the great service!!

Dean Penderghast, Sales Automation Services, Inc.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE RingCentral!!!!

Cheryl Dillon, Efficient Technology Inc.

Well first off I'd like to say that compared to Company X, you are a Cadillac. I love how easy it is to use fax capabilities. I can see myself being a customer here for a long time. Support seems to be top notch, and the features are absolutely amazing. You really give me big company possibilities. Thanks and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Adam McCoy Ai WebSolutions

Hi there, I'm really happy with my RingCentral service. Thanks for all of the great service that you do provide for me. Regards,

Brandon Kelly,, Inc.

Let me just commend your company and team on an excellent product and service. It is truly my pleasure to be a RingCentral customer.

Technolutions Corporation

This is the best service, by far, I am so "thrilled" and happy, it covers, our online retail as well as wholesale business like a breeze. I am so pleased. Customer service, tech support, are all awesome, I just love it!!!! 5 stars.

Rajiv Choudhary, American Link Global Technologies, LLC

RingCentral is a great product for those of us that have to evacuate during hurricane season. It will be part of our disaster recovery plan kit.

Victoria Madeya of CWD Enterprises Corp, a Web hosting and design firm in Key West, Florida

Great Product!
Just wanted to drop you a note to say just how much I love your product. I can't imagine running our business without RingCentral! Your system is reliable, easy to use and cost effective. Thanks for bringing a product like this to market, it sure makes our lives easier!

Kimberly Burke, Interep Systems

Your service and value provided is a major part of our business success.
Keep up the great work! Thank you!!!

Andy Clark, The I.T. Guys, Inc.

I have been a RingCentral subscriber for almost a year. I have seen some of the product improvements and lower pricing and thoroughly elated by it. I have enjoyed using RingCentral services and it has helped me immensely in managing my business. I want to thank you for providing such a great service and a superior support staff.

Ebey Ninan, Speed Qwest Internet Services


I am highly impressed with the ease of use with your product! I just can't get over how easy it is to use, straight-forward and user-friendly. From sign up, trial period, to now becoming a new customer, including adding a vanity number, the entire process has been so smooth and a joy to setup!

Dianna Mangus Virtual Skyscraper

I love RingCentral and I would refer it to as many people as I can. It is great for me and I hope you guys stay around for ever.

Jeannine Rutledge, Mary Kay Consultant

We love the way we can set up our After Hours, Business Hours!! Keep up with all the good work! Your happiest customer.

Lily Gao, China Direct Company

Wow! Just when I think "all this for this one low price!" you go and add even more! I went searching for 800-number options and came across RingCentral a few months ago when doing an internet search. I was already familiar with another e-mail fax program, but was not 100% satisfied with that company, so when I realized I could get faxes by e-mail as well as the 800-number through RingCentral for not much more than what I had been paying for just the fax service, I was hooked! And then you go and add "RingMe", "FaxOut"...and who knows what other great treats you have up your sleeves! The ability to customize the answering system is another plus. I will be moving soon. I was asked just the other day about my business number, and was I concerned that people won't be able to find me? Not at all! I will simply go into the control panel and enter the new number and during the move, I can program in my cellphone number. If I had the ability to create a program to fit my business needs, I would have created just such a program as RingCentral! Keep it up!

Melanie Edman-Osmer, owner, Sky's the Limit

Since we switched to RingCentral’s professional system, we have seen a 20% increase in over-the-phone sales, as well as an increase in Internet orders by customers who have called in with sales-related inquires.

Shner Hickson, a Titanium PowerSeller on eBay and president of, based in Brooklyn, New York

Ringcentral has really helped us present a professional image while giving our customers a way to receive personal selection assistance. The service has helped us reach more customers, and close the sale.

Shannon Miller, CEO of Venus Rising Limited, an eBay PowerSeller

RingCentral allows me to be more prepared, to provide better customer service, and I am saving $50/mo over the last company I used – plus the features are so much better! RingCentral could help anyone grow a small business!

Lily Gao, CEO of China Direct Company and eBay PowerSeller based in Ohio

Wow! If I had the ability to create a program to fit my business needs, I would have created just such a program as RingCentral!

Melanie Edman-Osmer of Sky's the Limit, Modesto, California

Using RingCentral's toll free number gives me a huge advantage over eBay sellers without one because talking to someone live provides an immediate turn around on an eBay listing.

Bob Semenak, eBay PowerSeller, Pet Promenade based in Arizona

Great product & service! I researched a lot of companies that offer similar services--their solutions were not as comprehensive, intuitive, or user friendly as RingCentral. I am very happy to be a RingCentral customer. Thank you for your great work.

Mark Pickett , General Merchandise

Finance/Real Estate

You just keep getting better and better. I have gone through three 800 numbers before you and you are by far the best! Thanks for continuing to get better.

New Start Home Solutions

Ring Central did WONDERS for my company. If I wanted to setup my phones the way I want to by using a hard line or an Asterisk service, it would cost me a fortune and an asterisk server would require hours of coding and hundreds of dollars of technical support. Ring Central does everything here and it is Web-based.
I also love the call log and my sales staff loves the call log because they can call back every client that they have missed. This service is just amazing. Thank You. Best Regards,

Alexander Mirvis, Vice President / Co-Founder, Empire Apartments Inc.

The RingCentral phone service has been amazing. The service has not been down once and all my calls have been transferred through perfectly. I am telling everyone i know about this service. Thanks,

Craig Grella, Cornerstone Funding Services

What a great service. I've used it for some time now and continue to find new features that will help me increase my business as well as continue to make my telecom needs affordable and professional. Thanks for such a great service.

Gerry Peck, Island Property Management

I wanted to say I'm loving your program so far. As a real estate agent given the job of creating an "Online Team" for our ERA Brokerage, I have found RingCentral to be an incredibly powerful tool. RingCentral is without a doubt going to put our company over the top and ahead of the rest.

Scott Kublin, Realtor with the "Savannah Real Estate Marketplace"

I have loved your service & system from the first day I found you several years ago! Every new feature seems to be customer-focused and serve a practical need for individuals and small businesses who need what used to only be available for large companies. I can't wait to try the VOIP! I always recommend RingCentral as the most effective virtual PBX that is ready immediately. Regards,

Jeff Lucich, RealNet Financial

A good portion of our growth, I can tie directly to RingCentral.

David Blank, Real Estate Agent and Leader of West USA Reality’s Freedom Team in Arizona

Time and again, RingCentral allows us to maintain a winning advantage.

David Jones, Office Manager of Coldwell Banker Tennessee Valley

The RingCentral Service saves me time, and supports my theme of creatively using technology to sell property!

Roger Flowers, Real Estate Agent with Century 21 Lois Lauer in Yucaipa, California

The RingCentral phone service has been amazing. I am telling everyone I know about this service.

Craig Grella, Loan Officer and CEO of Cornerstone Funding Services

This is a great product.

Michael Brock Pilgrim, Loan Officer, Landrite Mortgage Services

I have been with RingCentral for almost two years now and RingOut is the best thing I have seen. I love this feature and like the changes that RingCentral is doing to make my job and my company perform better.

Blake Askew, owner of Texas-based BX5 Credit Solutions

[RingCentral] gives you a competitive edge.

Joseph Ryan Diaz, Real Estate Agent with Key Reality

I absolutely LOVE the new RingOut feature. I am amazed at the convenience of this technology. It allows me to call clients from my 800 number when necessary. Now the possibilities are endless! Thanks for continuing to improve the service I subscribe to without charging me for every upgrade.

Erica Nunn, Owner of NuSTART Home Solutions, Converse, Texas

This is a very BIG solution for such little cost for a road warrior like me. I have a full-time job and I am a Real Estate and Loan officer part-time. I would not be able to keep up with the demands of my work without MY RingCentral.

Forrest Grant, Real Estate Agent and Loan Officer in Los Angeles

Absolutely the best $24.99 I have spent in years.

Scott Gibson

Have been using the RingCentral softphone VoIP product for a couple of months. It’s great. Voice quality is much better than my Vonage and Packet 8 telephones.

Gerald King, Rent Research Consultants, Inc.

Thank you Thank you Thank you !!!!!!!!!!! Ring Central provides a capability that is still beyond my belief. Your service is literally life-changing. My particular need was to be able have a United States 888 number but forward it when needed to an international number. I was absolutely amazed at the high quality of the communication and the relatively low cost. Simply amazing. I am extremely appreciative of Ring Central. Thank you very much for being excellent! If you want me to write something special for your advertising just let me know.

Andy Clark, Allegiance Mortgage

Great service, great web site!

Robert Orlov, Homewatch

Just wanted to send a little note saying THANK YOU for the service you provide and the EXCELLENT job you do with minimal to ZERO downtime! (I have not experienced any yet!) Thank you Ring Central!

David Abate, Grout Kleen

What a great service, thanks!
Andrew Clark, Allegiance Mortgage

Non-profit Organization

We couldn't operate if it weren't for you guys.

Andi Grant, Founder of, a nonprofit supplying care packages to troops in Iraq

Catholic Charities [Archdiocese of New Orleans] used RingCentral to give employees somewhere to check in for information, provide us with their current contact information and status, and at a later point, to provide a number for people needing assistance to call Catholic Charities. The word was spread via the media for all employees to call the toll-free number and provide us with their contact phone numbers and status of their families. The number of calls from employees and people needing assistance was overwhelming.

Sharon Pierson, Executive Assistant of Catholic Charities Archdiocese of New Orleans

Legal Services

If the RingCentral service didn't work perfectly every time, I wouldn't use it.

Mike Eddy, Intellectual Property Lawyer, Law Office of Mike Eddy, San Diego

I just wanted to tell you that I love this service. It is so convenient to be able to answer my office phone wherever I am. The fax service also works great.

Joel Botwick, Law Office of Joel L. Botwick

Healthcare/Well Being

You keep your privacy and improve your communication. What could be better?

Dr. A. Massen, Bay area Family Practitioner

RingCentral is a critical ingredient of our Small Office solution that contributes to our agents' successes every day!

Allison Farris, Regional Manager of Pleasanton, California-based Aflac health insurance

On the weekend I can set up voicemail to page me. That is important because if I get a call on the weekend, something is usually up.

Jim Harlow, MS, Counselor with Connecticut-based Foothills Counseling Associates

RingCentral gives my students the impression that I am very professional and have a successful growing business.

L.A. Lewis, Texas-based Yoga Instructor

RingCentral's business communications service helps us stay true to our promise.

Anuj Patel, CEO of Cybernation Infotech Inc. in Philadelphia

I briefly listened to Answering Rules video and it does just that . . . It Rules!!! What a wonderful feature and a great demo. Please stay customer focus, as you seem to be.

Myra French, Looking Good Feeling Great, LLC

Hi. I've just switched over from TollFreeMax, and you guys rock!

XDR Radiology

I wanted to just drop a quick line to provide you some feedback on what Ring Central has done for two of the radiology groups that I work with. Prior to implementing your solution, their workflow was paper-driven. So much so that they were thinking of hiring a secretary just to keep all of the paper requisitions straight and keep them from getting lost. that was one group. The second group had implemented a piece-meal winfax system that was unstable and really caused a significant amount of frustration for the partners because of that reason. They also could not access it from home, which was another need.
We solved both groups problems with Ring central fax 2500. They now have stream-lined workflow processes, no paper, access from home, 1 less secretary to support and smiles on their faces. I just wanted to let you know that your product is making a difference in the lives of many, many patients. Thanks a lot!

Jeff Broz, Neil Sergel NIRC


RingCentral is a major benefit to the trucking industry
especially to owner operators who have a lot of faxing to do. The ease of operation with the Softphone, and the ability to fax several documents at once is a big plus. I recommend RingCentral to any truck driver who needs faxing from their truck. also the cost savings from having to fax from other sources. Thanks RingCentral for being there!

Michael Lennick, Trucker


Yo, I have a radio show and we use this service for a rant and rave hotline.....big, big turnover. I think you guys are great.

Da Outsiders

Hey guys, We're a small design firm that used to use for our 800 number, and I just wanted to tell you that RingCentral is truly outstanding. (In case you're wondering, it’s interface and system are just plain awful.)

Company x

We design web apps and interfaces for Fortune 500 clients. And so we mean it when we say that whomever did your interface work deserves a big pat on the back (or even a raise). Everything is very easy-to-use and yet still powerful --the perfect combination.
You guys have done a tremendous job. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Matt Triplett, Creative Director, Sparkplug

The real benefit to our business is callers' impressions that they're reaching us in our offices at all times, when we may actually be in the car. RingCentral helps us with being professional while we're mobile. And by the way, my partner loves the RingCentral Softphone. Every time she sees it, she says, "I love this thing!"

Juanita Johnson, Co-Founder of NYC-based G & J Consulting Services, a marketing and copywriting firm

We're a small design firm and I just wanted to tell you that RingCentral is truly outstanding. Everything is very easy to use and yet still powerful—the perfect combination.

Matt Triplett, Sparkplug, a design consultancy group in Portland, Oregon

I am just so highly impressed with the ease of use with your product! The entire process has been so smooth and a joy to set up. I cannot wait to recommend your service!

Dianna Mangus, Virtual Skyscraper, a graphic and Web design firm in Charlotte, North Carolina

Wow, incredible value. There is no other service out there like this.

Benjamin Reece, Owner, Verto Media

Thank you, RingCentral, for creating a great product that we just couldn't live without. We're a small media company always on the go creating documentary films. We use your service every day to schedule interviews, book hotels and receive faxes no matter where we are - in the office or on the road. Keep up the great work!

Stephen Eyer, President and CEO of Trillusion Media, Inc., in San Francisco

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