April 7, 2016

Leading Engineering Consulting Firm Efficiently Unites Global Distributed Workforce With RingCentral’s Cloud Communication and Collaboration Solution

BELMONT, Calif.—April 7, 2016 - RingCentral, Inc. (NYSE:RNG), a leading provider of cloud business communication and collaboration solutions, today announced that recently merged IMEG company, KJWW-TTG, a leading engineering consulting firm, has selected RingCentral to efficiently unite its growing distributed, global and mobile workforce with a cloud-based communications solution. With more than 1,000 employees distributed across 25 U.S. locations and India, KJWW-TTG is implementing RingCentral Office®, a cloud PBX integrated with fully featured messaging capabilities, to streamline business communication and foster effective project collaboration.

Prior to the merger, each office location had a different on-premise communication system, creating efficiency challenges for an IT staff tasked with managing all locations. KJWW-TTG is now deploying a single cloud communications solution globally. This has significantly minimized the IT burden and eliminated a lot of business operational inefficiencies. In addition, KJWW-TTG has quickly adopted RingCentral’s team messaging and collaboration capability, Glip®. Integrated with RingCentral Office®, it offers powerful team communication, file sharing, task assignment, one-click meetings, and project management, enabling employees and customers to have meaningful and productive interactions.

“With the recent merger of KJWW-TTG, we saw an opportunity to modernize our communications systems,” said Brian Bolander, Information Technology Director at KJWW-TTG. “We had multiple on-premise legacy systems that were expensive, difficult to manage, and ineffective for our widely distributed customer and employee base. Our business requires our employees to be highly collaborative with our customers and amongst themselves.  Additionally, since RingCentral integrates with tools we already use, including Microsoft Office365 and Salesforce, it helps our employees be more productive.”

To unify the globally distributed workforce in India, KJWW-TTG plans to leverage RingCentral Global OfficeTM, which enables multinational businesses to easily add multiple geographies to their single RingCentral Office® account. This capability streamlines business communications across the globe between customers and business colleagues, bringing scalability to the enterprise without the complexity and hassle typically associated with setting up multiple local systems.

“We’re excited to help KJWW-TTG’s workforce experience tremendous productivity gains from using RingCentral Office®,” said Mitch Tarica, Vice President of Enterprise Sales at RingCentral. “As capabilities like team messaging combined with other communications features become important, we’re dedicated to providing the latest innovations that contribute to a more collaborative and efficient business environment for our customers.” 

About RingCentral

RingCentral, Inc. (NYSE: RNG) is a leading provider of cloud-based business communications and collaboration solutions. RingCentral’s cloud solution is easier to manage, and more flexible and cost-efficient than legacy on-premises communications systems.  It meets the needs of modern distributed and mobile workforces spanning SMB to Enterprises globally. RingCentral, Business Communications Made Simple. RingCentral is headquartered in Belmont, Calif. RingCentral, RingCentral Office, RingCentral Global Office, Glip, and the RingCentral logo are trademarks of RingCentral, Inc.


KJWW-TTG is a full service engineering consulting firm with a team of over 1,000 professionals. KJWW-TTG’s services cover the full spectrum of engineering—including construction support services needed to successfully carry projects from planning through construction phases.  KJWW’s dramatic growth over the years can be attributed to innovative engineering solutions, a collaborative project approach, and the firm’s on-going commitment to education and employee retention. TTG and KJWW, founded in 1955 and 1961, respectively, combine to bring 114 years of experience, along with many award-winning projects in sustainable design.


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