December 11, 2015

RingCentral Arms Mobile Workforce With Apple Watch App

RingCentral Mobile® for Apple Watch boosts communication flexibility and functionality

BELMONT, Calif.—December 11, 2015 - RingCentral, Inc. (NYSE:RNG), a leading provider of cloud communications and collaboration solutions, today announced the availability of RingCentral Mobile® for Apple Watch. RingCentral’s latest innovation in the mobile wearables market demonstrates the company’s continued commitment to improving business communications that support and boost productivity amongst today’s increasingly mobile workforce.

RingCentral Mobile for Apple Watch enables workers to seamlessly respond to incoming calls and messages while away from their desks. Upon receiving a call, users can opt to send a canned text-to-speech message, use the handoffs feature to directly transfer incoming calls to their iPhone for pickup, or send the call straight to voicemail where they can view a transcription of the message from their wrist. The app automatically syncs with a customer’s RingCentral Office® account, allowing users to view all communications with their most recent contacts and receive instant notifications while on the go to stay up-to-date on their latest messages.  

“We know today’s workers are no longer tethered to their desks. We are committed to providing a convenient, mobile solution that works across any device to address the demands of the rapidly transitioning modern workforce,” said RingCentral EVP of Innovation, Kira Makagon. “As business communications becomes more mobile and cloud-centric, our app offers a continuous extension of our RingCentral Office suite from the convenience of your wrist.”

RingCentral redefines business communications by eliminating the expense and complications of legacy on-premise PBX systems, replacing them with a cloud-based unified communications solution that integrates with the most popular business tools in use today. RingCentral Mobile for Apple Watch includes the following capabilities:

· Instant Notifications – Receive an immediate notification when a call or message arrives

· Incoming Calls – Respond to incoming calls by either sending the call straight to voicemail, replying with a canned voice message, or answering from iPhone via Handoff

· Business Text Messages – Read and reply to text messages

· Voicemail – View transcribed voicemails

· Sync with iPhone – Via Handoff feature, seamlessly make and return calls, play voicemail and view faxes

· Timeline – View messages and call history by specific contact

RingCentral Mobile for Apple Watch is now available for download on iOS 9.1 or higher for all current RingCentral customers.  


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For additional information,
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