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UK Software Solutions Provider Enhances Its CRM Offering with the RingCentral Embeddable Communications Widget and Attracts New Customers

Award-winning SaaS company wanted to add value to its CRM platform by integrating VoIP.
Research for the right solution led to RingCentral Embeddable, a ready-to-use VoIP API.
Now the company has a vastly improved CRM, happier customers, and an influx of new leads and sales.
Company profile
Company profile:
Salpo Technologies is a leading provider of custom business software, web, and mobile apps and flexible development resources. The company’s customers include public sector organizations, such as the NHS and several universities, as well as businesses from startups to global brands.
Year founded:
60+ employees
Cheltenham, UK

Although Salpo Technologies’s CRM platform has won multiple industry awards, the B2B software developer knew its flagship solution lacked one key piece of functionality many of its customers wanted: a fully integrated cloud-based VoIP communications solution.

The company did not want to divert the internal resources or the budget needed to build such a system in house. Fortunately, they discovered RingCentral Embeddable: an all-in-one cloud communications widget. This allowed Salpo to quickly integrate a full-featured call management solution right into their CRM platform.

A softphone solution: the missing piece in this CRM platform

One challenge users of Salpo’s CRM platform often faced was the need to manually update their accounts after each call. “Our CRM didn’t integrate with any cloud-based phone solution,” explains Oliver Mott, Salpo Director and Product Owner. “That meant the support agents or sales reps at our customers’ organizations would need to take notes during their calls outside of the CRM and then manually input all of the data back into the system after the call.”

Even more troubling, Mott adds, “Because these employees often didn’t want to do the duplicate work of documenting their call information twice, our customers’ call histories grew more incomplete over time, and that made their data less valuable for analysis.”

Salpo’s product team knew they needed to find a way to integrate a cloud-based VoIP phone solution, but neither the buy nor the build option seemed feasible or cost-effective because both would be too time consuming.

“Building an integration internally would’ve consumed more resources and budget and taken more time than we were comfortable with,” Mott says. “And when we started looking into VoIP providers, we found most didn’t have an API or a ready-to-use embeddable widget, which would mean a lot more work for our developers to make the integration work for our customers.”

RingCentral Embeddable provides fully integrated VoIP with just a few lines of code

Then one of Salpo’s CRM customers conducted its own research into VoIP solutions and discovered RingCentral Embeddable.

“When they suggested RingCentral, we performed our own due diligence,” Mott recalls, “and we realized that this widget was the answer. The API gave us a fast and easy way to integrate a feature-rich communication solution into our CRM. In fact, from the time we first created a RingCentral developer account to having a proof-of-concept integration, only a week had gone by. We were able to graduate the app and start using it in less than a couple of weeks.

“Suddenly, our customers had the ability, in just a few clicks, to update their CRM databases with all the details of their calls. That saves our customers’ time, cuts out the extra steps they had to take, and also prevents the mistakes that can happen when someone has to manually transfer data from one system to another.”

After adding the RingCentral Embeddable widget to Salpo’s CRM platform, the company began seeing benefits right away from their newly enhanced offering.

“First, we’re now able to offer our existing customers a greatly improved CRM solution,” Mott says. “For example, RingCentral Embeddable lets us enhance our CRM integration to offer our customers automated call-log recording and the ability to automatically pull up a customer’s full profile as soon as the call comes in, so they’re ready for that call before they even pick up.”

“We’re even bringing in more leads and closing sales thanks specifically to the integrated VoIP solution we now offer with the RingCentral widget. A company will call us and say, ‘We’re looking for a CRM solution, and I don’t suppose you also have integrated VoIP, do you?’ Now we can say, ‘We sure do.’”

“In fact, because so many businesses we’ve spoken with are looking for CRM and integrated cloud communications for their call management infrastructure, RingCentral Embeddable is now putting Salpo in a position to target companies in industries we previously hadn’t gone after because we didn’t have the functionality we knew they would demand.”

“One of the best aspects of this integration, from my perspective, was how easy and painless it was. Adding RingCentral Embeddable into our CRM solution was so smooth and simple that we were offering it in our live product very soon after we first learned about it.”

“We haven’t even fully optimized the Embeddable widget yet to take advantage of all the features it has to offer our CRM customers,” Mott explains. “We’re looking forward to expanding our use of RingCentral’s other communications functionality to our offering, such as allowing our customers to use and track their teams’ SMS text messaging, online faxing, and other services right from within the widget.”

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