Innovate from anywhere

Make collaboration easy for your research team with messaging, phone, video, meetings, and contact center—on any device.

A female wearing a lab gown looks at a microscope beside a laptop
A female wearing a lab gown looks at a microscope beside a laptop

Life science organizations everywhere are innovating with RingCentral

Researcher sends trial results to team via RingCentral
Clinical trials

Lead successful product trials

Easily bring patients and research teams together at the right time, all in one mobile app.
Connect clinical teams and patients with team messaging.
Keep your global research team in the loop with secure video meetings and screen sharing from any device.
Engage with patients on their channel of choice to share results and ask for feedback.

Bring products to market faster

Keep the product development process running smoothly with collaboration tools for the whole team.
Get on the same page using one-click video meetings and status calls.
Use team messaging to set up groups, assign tasks, and share content in real time.
Give everyone a secure business phone number that works on any device.
Lab results viewed real time via RingCentral Video
Research team communicates via RingCentral app

Build a product following

Strengthen patient and provider relationships with easy, clear, and accurate e communication.
Easily set up agent-assisted support lines so patients get their product utilization questions answered.
Manage and track new product campaigns from RingCentral by integrating Salesforce.
Connect sales and distribution teams through team messaging on all of their devices.

Everything your teams need to stay connected

Bring your teams together with free team messaging, video meetings, and a modern business phone.
Scientists in a video call with research team via RingCentral app
Benefir from IP Protection when you use RingCentral for Life Sciences

Keep intellectual
property and data safe

We know your top priority is making sure your intellectual property and patient data is always kept safe and secure. That’s why we’ve built our solutions on the most trusted communications platform.

Bring along your favorite apps

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Monitor risk with AI
Use AI to detect risks within recorded engagements across phone, video, and chat content.
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Collaborate in Salesforce
Text message, schedule video meetings, or place phone calls all from within Salesforce.
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Deliver personalized service
Integrate and present client data-enriched screen-pops to service agents.
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“We're getting tremendous value from video conferencing and hosting medical-device training webinars for our customers”
Martin Kastner, Senior Director of Global IT Infrastructure, Vyaire
Female laboratory staff sending results via RingCentral app
Advanced Diabetic Solutions and Rx Valet easily sign up new customers with RingCentral
A research team member in a call using RingCentral
RingCentral Contact Center™ for Salesforce
Pipette in a test tube inside a laboratory
For life sciences, cloud communications offers a security lifeline