RingCentral Video vs Chatwork

High definition (HD) video quality
Meeting duration up to 24 hours
Unlimited free storage
Employee using RingCentral Video for video calling

All employers know the importance of team communication. Open, honest, and professional communication is the key to success. When employees know how to communicate with one another, productivity increases, the workflow becomes stronger, and the company gets a better reputation.  

While some might argue that the best team communication occurs face to face, the world of business is developing fast. More business owners are encouraging their employees to work on the go, and a company might have employees across all areas of the world. As such, teams need to be able to communicate via messaging apps, video calls, and group chats to stay connected. 

Both RingCentral Video and Chatwork are collaboration tools with team chat functions. They have a number of great collaboration features that make file sharing, task management, and real-time communication easier, whether your employees are based in the same workspace, across different locations, or have flexible working patterns. All these make RingCentral Video vs Chatwork among the more popular comparisons today.

So, what’s the difference between RingCentral Video and Chatwork? Which is better for team communication? Find out as you learn more about the fundamental differences between the two business software solutions and get advice on which may work better for your team. 

We think it’s pretty clear which one of these team collaboration tools makes a team communicate better and takes team communication to a new level. But read on, and you can be the judge.

RingCentral Video vs Chatwork comparison: An overview

On the surface, RingCentral Video and Chatwork are quite similar. They’re both popular group messaging apps for businesses, with the following five functionalities:

  1. Instant messaging
  2. Group messaging
  3. Video chat
  4. Task management
  5. File sharing

However, there are plenty of things that differentiate them.

How well does RingCentral Video work in comparison to Chatwork? Which is a more effective teamwork tool? Which has better pricing? Let’s find out.


Chatwork is a Japanese group chat or team chat app for businesses. Founded in 2000, it’s been around for a while and, as such, is regarded as a pioneer in the business chat industry. Pricing starts at $4 per month and there is a free version. It also offers a free trial. 

Chatwork offers impressive productivity features and functionalities. It’s great for video conferencing, project management, and messaging, but it does have limitations. For example, limited storage and group chat size options mean teams can’t be as flexible as they would like. 

Pricing is also one of Chatwork’s downsides. While a free trial might seem like a good thing, the additional paid-for features lure customers in and make them realize that the free version isn’t enough. As such, you’ll end up paying per month, when other apps have better features for free—like RingCentral Video.

RingCentral Video

RingCentral Video is a video meeting solution that combines video calling, audio conferencing, and team chat. Teams can use it as a freestanding tool or as part of the RingEX suite. Both ways ensure excellent team collaboration and offer plenty of sophisticated features.  

RingCentral Video is extremely popular due to its excellent pricing options. Unlike Chatwork, RingCentral Video doesn’t offer a free trial. This is because almost all of its great features are included in the free version. While the free version serves teams without complaints, RingCentral Video also offers an $11.99  a month paid version, which unlocks the following features:

  • Access to priority support
  • Advanced administrative features

RingCentral Video comes with many benefits. For one, the mobile app means it works as well on a smartphone as it does on a computer, making it favorable for those on the go ( whether you’re an Android or iOS user!).

It also offers ample free storage and 24/7 live support for all users. With business intelligence, calendar management, and technographics analysis, RingCentral Video takes team communication to a new level.

Manager engaged in a video call with her team members

RingCentral Video vs Chatwork: What’s the difference?

Sure, RingCentral Video and Chatwork have a lot in common. One of the main similarities is that they both have free versions, which offer the following collaboration features:

  • Free storage
  • Group messages 
  • Video calls
  • Live support

But, the main difference between RingCentral Video and Chatwork is that one of them offers more for less. 

RingCentral Video offers more in all of these areas. The table shows why RingCentral Video is the preferable choice:

A comparison of features between RingCentral Video and Chatwork
RingCentral Video Chatwork
Free storage Unlimited 10GB
Number of group messages per user Unlimited Maximum of 14
Video quality High definition (HD) Standard
Video call length 24 hrs Unlimited
Number of meeting participants Maximum of 100 Maximum of 2
Live support 24/7 During business hours

For a team to communicate effectively, they can’t be restricted by limitations. There’s nothing more annoying than a collaboration tool that stops you in your tracks and takes you out of the zone.

RingCentral Video is designed to boost productivity and strengthen teamwork. The best collaboration software makes communication easier, not more frustrating. Here are the benefits of the features in the table, included with RingCentral Video.

Free Storage

At RingCentral, we know that free storage is important. Certain business software solutions can be great, but without free storage, they’ll rack up your expenses and end up as terrible value for money. 

RingCentral Video is great value for money because it offers no storage limits compared to Chatwork’s 10GB. Here’s how our extra storage helps your team communicate better:

  • File sharing - Most teams need to share files on a daily basis. These files could be marketing copies that need editing or a presentation that a group of employees is working on. Whatever the purpose, file sharing is an essential part of teamwork, and teams want to be able to send as many files as possible. Extra storage means more files to send. Simple
  • Project management - All collaborating teams need to be organized and efficient. To get the best results, a project must be managed effectively. Free storage means that teams can organize their files effectively and ensure that nothing goes missing.

    RingCentral Video also allows teams to annotate docs and do real-time editing without affecting the original file—and all comments are safely recorded in the team chat. Document management has never been easier.
  • Remote working - When teams are working from different workspaces, file sharing becomes more important than ever. Where an employee might show his colleague a printed version of a document in their shared office, more files will be shared when colleagues are working separately. So, free storage ensures that they never run out of space. 
Remote worker preparing to share files over an online meeting

Group messages

Every team wants to be able to create an unlimited number of group messages. Unlike with Chatwork, this is completely possible with RingCentral Video. With more team messages, you can:

  • Communicate faster - As the business world continues to evolve, communication needs to be faster. While some companies are still using email, instant messages enable colleagues to receive replies in a matter of seconds, not hours. Real-time chat keeps you connected, no matter the time difference.

    RingCentral Video can also be integrated via Zapier with thousands of other open-source third-party apps, such as management software or something simpler like Gmail. This enables you to create automation for specific tasks, allowing teams to focus on what counts.
  • Create project-specific chats - Being able to create lots of different group messages means that you can create specific chats for different projects. This means more effective task management and helps to keep projects ticking over. 

    Live chat with read receipts gives peace of mind knowing your team has seen your message and will respond imminently—you won’t lose time worrying that your message is lurking in a junk folder.
  • Create a positive company culture - Having an unlimited number of group messages means that all users can be present in all relevant team chats. This creates a healthy company culture and ensures that all employees are able to contribute and every voice is heard.

Video calls

Everyone wants to be able to communicate effectively via video call. At RingCentral, we know that this means being able to see the person you’re speaking to without the call freezing, glitching, or crackling. 

Unlike Chatwork, RingCentral Video video calls are always in HD, allowing you to:

  • Communicate clearly - Communication isn’t just about listening; it’s also about reading body language. HD call quality means that colleagues can communicate clearly in online meetings and see each other without exceptions. This means being able to read facial expressions and sense body language, allowing for better communication. 
  • Host webinars - Video conferencing can be used in a number of different ways in the workplace. Webinars, for example, are becoming increasingly popular. You can host one to boost your company’s profile while connecting with clients and customers. Going live online with HD calls shows that you’re professional and you mean business.
  • Conduct online interviews - HD video quality allows employers to conduct interviews online without disruption or miscommunication. Being able to see candidates clearly helps employers get a better sense of their answers and read their body language, determining whether they’ll be the right match for the team.

It’s not just the video calling quality that matters; it’s also the call length. Many popular consumer communication tools have time restrictions on video calls, forcing users to end their video meetings early or reschedule a new one. That’s why they don’t cut the mustard for business use!

With RingCentral Video, this isn’t the case. Users can call for as long as they need, ensuring that:

  • Every voice is heard - Team collaboration is all about listening to every member of the team and ensuring every voice is heard. With an unlimited call length, RingCentral Video means that all employees can voice their opinions and contribute to the project without running out of time. It also ensures that all topics are covered, and the meeting isn’t rushed.  
  • You get plenty of material - With RingCentral Video, the recording feature is available whenever you start a video chat. This means you can save and use the content from your video call for social media posts and other promotional content. Being able to have an undisturbed call means you get plenty of material for content management and don’t get cut off halfway through a sentence. 
  • Employees are happy - No one wants to be rushed through a meeting without the time to say their piece. An unlimited video call length ensures employees are happy, as it means they have time to provide feedback and vocalize their thoughts. At the end of the day, everyone wants to be listened to and valued.  

Unlike Chatwork, which only allows two meeting participants on the free version, RingCentral wants to keep all employees connected. This means allowing up to 100 participants on any video conference, ensuring companies can:

  • Host all employee meetings - It’s important for employers to stay connected to their employees. Teams communicate better when they feel valued by their employer and believe in the company. RingCentral Video allows employers to host video conferences that address all their employees, helping unify the business and keeping everyone connected.  
  • Communicate with customers - Being able to have more meeting participants means being able to host webinars that connect with more customers or clients. 
  • Conduct social video calls - Team communication isn’t always about talking business. Remote teams can celebrate their successes and have drinks or social activities through video calls. Allowing up to 100 participants on a video call enables even big teams to socialize and make great connections.
Remote employee on a video call with her colleagues

Live support

Every team wants to make sure they can get instant support if they have a query. At RingCentral, support is provided 24/7. This means that:

  • Issues are resolved quickly - If you ever have a problem with RingCentral Video, we’ll get it sorted—fast. Our customer service team is available whenever you need them, and they get the job done. This means less time twiddling your thumbs and more time working on what matters.
  • We can be contacted in numerous ways - We know that different people like to communicate in different ways. RingCentral Video users can contact us however they prefer: whether that’s via phone, email, or direct message.
  • We take your needs seriously - RingCentral Video is so popular because we want you to love it just as much as we do. So, we take your needs seriously and we listen to your feedback.

RingCentral Video vs Chatwork: User experience

It’s not just the productivity and collaboration features that make RingCentral Video stand out above Chatwork. It’s also the user experience. But what do users think about RingCentral Video in comparison to Chatwork?

Chatwork user experience

Chatwork has been praised for its smooth and simple interface. Small teams find it great at sending direct messages and videos, and staying connected. 

However, many Chatwork users find that it simply isn’t comprehensive enough and isn’t built for business development. With restrictions on the number of meeting participants and live support hours, Chatwork doesn’t cater to businesses with growth potential.

RingCentral Video user experience

Users find RingCentral Video extremely easy to use. Tailored for businesses, it connects teams on one seamless platform. Unlike Chatwork, it works incredibly well across any mobile device or computer, pleasing both Android and iOS users. Users also like the fact that this collaboration software is built for business development, growing with you over time.

Another thing users like about RingCentral Video is its integrations, which is one of the reasons it has a high overall rating on nearly any user review site you care to check.

RingCentral Video users can sync to thousands of other apps and software categories in seconds. That includes essential business programs like project management software, resource management software, and time tracking software.

Let’s put the focus on project management. RingCentral Video connects seamlessly with project management apps, such as:

  • Jira
  • Bitrix24
  • Trello
  • Zoho
  • Asana
  • Github
  • Zendesk

RingCentral Video also allows for a single sign-in with many apps such as Dropbox and Cisco, making life just that bit easier. With over 400,000 businesses worldwide using RingCentral Video, you can simply select your country, combine your notifications across messages, videos and contacts, and help your team get organized.

When your apps and software solutions are seamlessly connected, both asset management and contact management become a breeze.   

User experience is all about samepage communication. Unlike Chatwork, RingCentral Video integrations with various software categories feel totally natural. With predictive analytics and combined notifications, teams will never lose track of their tasks.

Chatwork vs RingCentral Video: Which takes team communication to a new level?

Chatwork is good at connecting teams. But RingCentral Video is great. With additional functionalities and features that keep colleagues connected from anywhere, unified communications have never been simpler.  

But don’t take our word for it. Download the free version and try RingCentral Video today.

Need more proof? Call our sales team and ask for a demo. You’ll likely find out that RingCentral Video is more like a top choice, not a Chatwork alternative.