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How can HD conference calling improve my business?

Running a successful business requires the right tools, such as conference calling software that best suits your business. With these conference calls, you can streamline unified communications and increase workflow productivity easily, regardless of your physical location. You can host online HD meetings with your employees, customers, and even international clients. 

Thanks to the versatility of conference calling features, these conference calls are far superior to any phone system you’re likely using now. Conferencing lines increase audio quality—preventing distorted communication and human error. This spares you time since you won’t have to repeat something you’ve already stated. Many services even offer HD audio and video, making it feel like you’re in the same room as your entire team, prospects, or loyal customers.

Many of these customers, or clients, are now international. With a traditional phone system, there are often long-distance fees charged to the person receiving the call. These fees don’t exist when you hold business conference calls using conference call services. With these services, the price to call long-distance is usually included in your paid plan.

Conferencing lines also improve productivity because they allow you to host HD meetings from anywhere. Your team can be miles apart, spread throughout the world, and still easily join the online meetings.

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What is the best free HD conference call provider?

Finding and paying for a conference calling service can be daunting. To streamline the process, many companies now provide free conference call HD services. Most conference calling services usually provide both audio and video calls and can offer up to 1,000 conferencing lines. Most free services even offer HD video conferencing. Do your research and read reviews to find the service that works best for you.

What is the best free conference call HD app?

Many businesses prefer to use a desktop app for conference calling. Again, the right one for your business depends on your needs, but there are many great options, especially if you prefer video meetings. You can use common apps you may already have on your phone, or find one that is designed more for business use.

However, many of these free services and apps don’t provide everything you need to host an effective business conference call. Whether you prefer video conferencing or audio conferencing, there are features you just won’t get if only using a free service. 

A suitable way around this is to take advantage of trials. Many paid plans start with a 14-day trial. That way, you can make sure the plan you choose is right for you.

How do I get a HD conference call number?

Besides trying a 14-day trial, getting a conference call number is a brilliant way to try out conference calling. All you need to do is choose a conference call service, then sign up using a username and password. Most don’t require a credit card number, so you won’t have to worry about getting charged.

Once you have an account, you can immediately start a conference call. The service should provide you with a conference call number and anything else you need for the call, such as an access code and PIN. You then give that number to any participants you would like to include on the call and host your call with multiple conferencing lines.

After you’ve finished the call, take notes on what you liked and didn’t like about it—this will become a great starting point when deciding what features you need on a plan. It can also help you decide if you’d like to set up a paid conference call service.

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Do I need a paid HD conference call plan?

If you’re running a smaller business and you only need the basics, a free plan may work fine for you. As you grow, your call features might have to change, however.  Paid plans require more extensive features as your business expands.

Paid plans ensure you get everything your business needs. For example, upgrading to a paid plan will improve your call quality, give you better HD conference calls, and improve your video conferencing. These aspects will help you communicate better with your employees and customers.

There are many paid options as well, and each offers unique features. Once you know what you need, you can find one in your budget that works for your business.

What features are commonly offered by a HD conference call service?

No matter the size of your business, you can easily find a plan with the conference call features you need. Let’s run through the most popular features.

Some features you may get (or see improved) when upgrading from a free plan include:

  • HD audio
  • Hold music
  • HD voice quality
  • Call records
  • Controls including mute
  • More conferencing lines
  • File sharing
  • High participant limit

Why are these features important?

High quality HD audio and HD voice quality ensure everyone can hear each other when on a virtual meeting. When there is confusion, you waste valuable time trying to make sure everyone knows what points were made. If this happens often because the audio quality is not up to par, audio conferencing becomes more frustrating than helpful.

Hold music is another substantial addition. As a feature, custom hold music helps participants know that the call hasn’t started yet. It even helps to entertain them while you prepare for the meeting.

Call records keep track of everything said on a conference call. This allows you to go back to a specific part of the conversation you need clarification on. This is important because it is difficult to remember everything that was covered during a lengthy conference call. When you need to know specifics later, you can go straight to a certain part of the conversation and hear exactly what was said during the call.

Although you hope you never need them for this reason, call records can also protect you if anyone (unruly clients, business partners, or former employees) takes legal action against your company. You can use them to prove exactly what they said during a conversation—this can give you a lot more peace of mind.

In-conference controls including mute and file sharing give participants more control over virtual meetings and audio conferences. Muting allows participants to listen to the conversation without microphones picking up noise from their device, while file sharing allows better and more efficient collaboration in real-time.

Some services even allow files to be edited during paid conference HD calls. You can update plans and other documents in real-time during the meeting, which means everyone can go to work on what you’ve decided on immediately afterward—better collaboration tools mean increased productivity.

Remote team members on a video conference call using RingCentral Video’s screen share future to collaborate on a project

What is the limit on the number of people on a conference call?

None of these features matter if you don’t have everyone taking part. If you have a large project to discuss, but only half of your team of 50 people are allowed access, you’re not being efficient with your conference software selection. That’s why having a high participation limit allows your conferencing bridge to include everyone you need on every call. 

While some free conferencing bridge services offer up to a 1,000 person limit, conference call capabilities for that many people are usually only available from paid services. Plus, not everyone needs 1,000 participants on their calls. The key is to find conferencing software with a participation limit that suits your individual business needs.

Do I need a plan with HD video conferencing?

Video conferencing may seem unnecessary if you have a conference calling phone system. That is not the case. Video meetings can make all the difference because unlike traditional phone systems, you can see the person you are talking to. 

This can help you understand how they are feeling about your discussion. You can pick up on whether they understand what you are telling them or may need it to be explained differently. These can be invaluable when discussing a business deal with a client, or virtually training a new employee.

Features like screen sharing allow you to help an employee or client understand what you are talking about or how to do something. You can walk someone through a computer process step-by-step while they watch you do the same thing on your computer. This makes training much more efficient. You can also use charts, graphs, and images to help explain or emphasize points that might otherwise be quickly forgotten. 

Video conferences also allow you to hold an in-person meeting with long-distance and international clients without having to travel. This will help clients separated by distance feel as if they’re in the room with you—this can do wonders for client relationships.

Sales team using RingCentral Video to have a video meeting with a client

What features do I need from a HD conference call service?

The answer to this question largely depends on your business. If you’re a small business, a large limit on call lines probably doesn’t matter to you. If you run a huge company, it probably does. No matter the size of your business, you probably want high call quality, HD VoIP system. You want to make sure everyone on the call can understand what is being said and shared.

Here are the features that can help your improve your web conferences:

A few core features you’ll need in a business phone system are HD conference calling and HD audio. These features help ensure that each participant can be heard clearly when speaking, which is what video conferences are all about. 

If you’re planning on doing a lot of video meetings, HD video conferencing with screen sharing capabilities is also a must-have. This will allow every participant to hear and see whoever is speaking or sharing their screen.

You’ll also need call records. They help when you need to remember something specific from a conversation, and they give your company peace of mind. However, these records can also be used to help train employees on customer service and even record customer and purchasing trends.

How do I set up my HD conference calling service?

Once you’ve picked a conference calling service, it’s easy to set up. Conference software providers make it easy to set up conference call HD dialer tools and VoIP phone services as well.

Every provider gives you instructions to follow, regardless of any HD conference call instructions you might be using. This is across the board, whether you’re using a basic free conference call service or one of the paid options. If you get confused, you can usually rely on their customer service. Most providers have 24/7 support, so you’re never left scrambling for assistance.

Many problems can even be fixed by visiting the Q&A section on the customer support website. If your question isn’t addressed, call them. Support technicians are typically always available to help their new customers set up their system and deal with product updates.

If you’re on the hunt for a conference call option, try RingCentral Video by RingCentral. Get started today and find out how RingCentral can take your business to the next level.