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The UK’s No. 1-Ranked Beauty Brand Is Improving Customer Care—and Saving Money—with RingCentral
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The feedback from our team for RingCentral has already been hugely positive. There’s a sense of relief that we’ve now moved from the clunkiness of an on-premise system to a next-generation cloud communications solution. Updates that used to take us hours to complete previously can now be done in a matter of minutes with RingCentral.

Brad Candy

Technical Operations Manager

Making consumers around the world more gorgeous for decades

Lush Cosmetics is on a short list of beauty-product companies whose innovations have truly changed the industry. In its 25-year history, Lush has introduced such game-changing products as fizzing bath bombs, shower jellies, and solid shampoo bars—all now copied by beauty brands around the world.
What makes Lush’s substantial catalogue of innovations even more impressive is that unlike most of its competitors, Lush conducts all R&D without animal testing or the use of any ingredients or processes that leave the environment worse than the company found it.
These impressive traits help explain why Lush has grown to become such a wildly popular beauty brand—now serving millions of customers each year at more than 950 retail stores around the world, including 100 in the UK alone. The Global Cosmetify Index has even ranked Lush the UK’s No. 1 most popular beauty brand, and No. 5 in the world.

This global organisation needed more than local, on-prem phone systems

Brad Candy, Lush’s Technical Operations Manager, explains that the global company’s legacy phone infrastructure posed two challenges—one immediate, the other long-term.
“To consistently provide our customers an excellent experience, our Customer Care department needs reliable and easy-to-manage telephony. Our old phone system delivered neither. We had reliability issues, with the system often shutting down or refusing to let agents log in remotely through the VPN. And it had an extremely complicated backend admin system, meaning we needed vendor support anytime we had a problem or wanted to make a change.”
As for the longer-term challenge, Brad notes, Lush is a global organisation, continually expanding into new regions. With the company’s legacy phone infrastructure, each new location would have meant another on-prem phone system, which Brad’s IT team could neither integrate into a global company network nor manage easily from the UK.

Turning to trusted technology partner CDW

For help vetting technology options and vendors, Lush often turns to its longtime solution partner, CDW, to speed the process and find the solution that best meets the company’s needs. “We lean heavily on our partners at CDW,” says Brad. “They understand us and our requirements, and they guide us to solutions that fit our business. In the case of finding a more modern cloud telephony platform, CDW came through brilliantly by bringing us to RingCentral.”
CDW worked as a trusted partner, assisting with capturing Lush’s requirements, providing market insights around partner differentiation, and accelerating the evaluation process. RingEX is the industry-leading solution for cloud unified communications and is best positioned to empower Lush’s employees to deliver the best possible service to their customers and do what they do best – create innovative and ethical products.

Gavin Berwitz

Commercial Sales Director at CDW
Poole, United Kingdom

RingCentral adds flexibility, efficiency, and business intelligence

As Brad explains, Lush’s Customer Care department found numerous ways to improve its operations using RingCentral’s anywhere, any-device cloud phone system.
“Onboarding new people became easier than ever with RingCentral,” he explains. “Our previous system required a lot of training for new agents, and even then, they’d often have challenges. With RingCentral, onboarding is as easy as sending a new-hire a couple of links to short video tutorials in RingCentral University. Then they can sign on by themselves and start using it.”
The team also uses RingCentral’s detailed reporting, Brad explains, to manage the Customer Care team’s performance and ensure the department keeps all call queues staffed appropriately. “RingCentral’s reports are so clear and easy to use, which makes it easy for our Customer Care Managers to monitor call volumes and make sure we’re adequately staffed for peak times. Those reporting tools definitely help us provide a better customer experience.”
In several ways, Brad adds, RingCentral also provides more flexibility than Lush’s team has ever had. “RingCentral lets our staff work just as productively at home as in the office. We never had reliable remote-work capability with the old phone setup. Also, it’s so easy with RingCentral to quickly add extra licenses for short-term staff around the holidays—and turn them off when the season ends. That lets us operate more efficiently and manage our costs.”

Reducing telecom expenses

Speaking of costs, Brad also points out that although the migration to RingCentral was not primarily about saving money, the company discovered that transitioning away from its legacy phone infrastructure resulted in ongoing cost savings.
When we rolled RingCentral to our UK headquarters, we were able to eliminate our old telecom services and hardware-maintenance contracts. That let us bring our phone costs down by £20,000 a year.

Brad Candy

Technical Operations Manager

Improving the customer experience even more with a refund-app integration

Finally, Brad points out, the Customer Care team found an ingenious way to add even more value to its telephony operation—using RingCentral’s API platform to integrate a self-serve payment-refund service by phone.
“Our automated phone menu gives an option to customers who want a refund on a purchase. They can enter their credit card details, and the RingCentral system hands those numbers off to our refund app. If everything matches up with the purchase, the system automatically processes the refund. That’s a great service we can now offer to customers, and because it’s entirely self-serve, it frees up our agents to handle other customer inquiries.”
Thanks to RingCentral, we now have a scalable system which, as a rapidly growing company, suits us perfectly. When we’re expanding into our other locations across Europe, setting up telephony for that staff is just going to be a case of: How many would you like? When would you like it? Let’s turn it on.

Brad Candy

Technical Operations Manager