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Belfast Area Codes have experienced a lot of changes as part of the National Telephone Numbering Plan, a scheme used for the distribution of telephone numbers in the United Kingdom. This system is bounded by the rules of the UK's Office of Communications which is the one responsible for all the country's telecommunications needs and concerns. This system uses three numbering formats: Geographic Numbering, National Dialing Only Ranges and Non-Geographic Numbering.


Of the three formats, the geographic numbering format is the one being used by the city of Belfast. In the year 2000, the Big Number Change was the reason behind the update of Belfast Area Codes. From the old area code 1232, the city began to utilize the 28 numbering. It only started with the 2890 area code but due to the rapid growth of the telecommunication needs in the city, the 2895 area code was born.


Up to the present, there are three Belfast Area Codes being used. These are the 1232, 2890 and the 2895 area code. For companies who were operating even before the Big Number Change was implemented, this is a big dilemma because their clients would be confused in familiarizing their numbers. This is because Belfast local numbers should be memorized together with one of the assigned Belfast Area Codes since there are 3 area codes that are being utilized in the city.

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Companies would need to include their area codes every-time a client would ask for their contact numbers. Although it wouldn't be so hard to memorize the six-digit Belfast local numbers, adding four more would be troublesome for clients. Furthermore, a lot of them would be confused with what area code they are to use. The 2895 area code was helpful in increasing the supply of phone numbers, but also added to the confusion of callers.


Availing the services of RingCentral would take away all the dilemmas and confusion related to using different Belfast Area Codes. Through the RingCentral versatile telecommunication system, businesses would only need to maintain one phone number instead of several Belfast local numbers. This virtual phone system will enable the company's single number to connect all phone calls, fax and emails. There's no need to subscribe for another number for the company's fax needs. Moreover, having a single number to receive all kinds of communication will be more convenient to the business owner and to the client as well, since the latter will no longer need to memorize the different Belfast Area Codes.


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