Non-Geographic Numbers

Take your business nationwide with a range of non-geographic numbers, such as 03 and 0845 numbers.


Non-geographic numbers are not assigned according to a geographic location. Instead, they are virtual telephone numbers that can be used no matter where your business is located in the UK.

Non-geographic numbers can be mapped to any existing phone number and even routed internationally, so you will never miss another important call. Additionally, your customers see these numbers as domestic numbers, no matter where they’re calling from, making it affordable for them to contact your business anytime. RingCentral offers a variety of non-geographic number ranges, so you can select the type that works best for your business.

Benefits of using non-geographic numbers

RingCentral offers a variety of non-geographic numbers to suit your business needs. You can select from:

  • 03 numbers: This is a new local-rate number range that isn't linked to an area code like 01 and 02 numbers. You can use them anywhere in the UK, and customers are only charged a lowered local rate to call, whether from a landline or mobile phone. The calls can even be free depending on how their minutes are bundled in their calling plans.
  • 0845 numbers: This is a premium-rate number that can also be used anywhere in the UK. These numbers are easy for customers to remember and have the benefit of being available nationwide. Calls to these numbers are typically not covered by inclusive minute calling plans, so customers are charged by the minute when calling in. Charges for calls to these numbers from a mobile phone can range widely by carriers.
  • 0800 and 0808 numbers: These are freephone numbers that are free for customers to use. Find out more about RingCentral freephone numbers.

Non-geographic numbers can help you quickly extend your business nationally without worrying about setup and location costs.

  • Use a central, national number to establish your growing, professional business image with local customers.
  • Advertise a national number to bring more awareness to your business, and increase sales calls and leads.
  • Enable customers to get in touch with your business at low local call rates from anywhere.
  • Assign numbers to specific marketing campaigns or channels to track and analyse the most effective routes to market.

Important customer calls can come at any time. With RingCentral non-geographic numbers, you can easily route calls to other numbers or devices to make sure calls are answered every time.

  • Numbers can be mapped to any of your existing telephone numbers. For example, you can have all calls sent directly to your main company number or receptionist’s line.
  • Calls can be routed internationally. You can have calls transferred to an international number with no disruption to the call.
  • Calls can be routed to any device, whether it’s your desk phone, softphone, or mobile phone.
  • Connect numbers to customised call routing flows to be answered by specific people or departments for enhanced customer call efficiency.

Non-geographic numbers FAQs

  • Call costs are based on the prefix of the number called, not where the call is answered.
  • Regardless of which RingCentral plan you have, calls to 0845 numbers are charged a nominal pence-per-minute fee from a landline, and pricing varies for calls taken from a mobile phone or other network.
  • Calls to freephone numbers are free for your customers and costs your business about 4p per minute.
  • All RingCentral plans offer non-geographic number ranges for your business. Visit the Plans and Pricing page for the most current deals.
  • Existing RingCentral customers can buy additional 0845 numbers through their online accounts. New customers will need to call 0800 098 8136 to request their first 0845 number.
  • Yes, you can use 03, 0800, 0808, and 0845 numbers as main company numbers.
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