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Zoom past 40 minute meeting limits with RingCentral Video Pro

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The move to hybrid work means we get the chance to catch up with colleagues, friends and family in person, but there are times we still need to connect easily and reliably over video.  Sometimes 40 minutes isn’t enough.  So if you need to have a longer meeting, what are your options?

At RingCentral, we know that 40 minutes doesn’t cut it. If you’re looking for a free, high-quality video meetings solution to meet with a colleague, customer or team, that doesn’t cap your meeting at 40 minutes, RingCentral Video is for you.

Here’s a view of what to get with RingCentral Video Pro for free. Click here to sign up.

Free Plans RingCentral Video Pro
Max Participants 100
Group Meetings Duration 24 hours
1:1 Meeting Duration 24 hours
Image and Video Virtual Background
Device switching between mobile and desktop
Team Huddle live video chat room
Cloud Storage
Team Connect
Browser experience same as desktop
Live Transcription
Closed Captioning
In-meeting private or public chat
Team messaging, file sharing, tasks, and more
Calendar integration
Waiting room

Originally published 12 May, 2022

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