Guide to International Business Phone Numbers

Guide to international business phone numbers


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Do you do business globally? Then you need to make sure your business is ready to make and receive international calls to and from Australia. Here is our guide to making international calls, and how RingCentral can make calling internationally simple.

What is the international phone number system?

The international phone system allows telephone calls to be made internationally, and is made up of three parts:

  1. An exit code – otherwise known as the dial out code, an international call prefix, or IDD prefix (international direct dialing) which is used to dial out from your country,
  2. A dial in code – or the country code or the country’s international number, which designated the country to which your call will be directed, and, 
  3. The phone number including the geographic area code or city code designating the place you are calling. When dialing internationally, the first 0 of the area code is dropped.

Dial in codes are often prefixed or replaced by the + sign, most commonly used by mobile phones. This shows the correct dial out code has been used. 

What is the Australian international number?

The Australian dial out code is 0011. The Australian dial in code or international number is 61. 

What is the international mobile number in Australia?

On a mobile phone, the dial out and dial in codes are the same as a landline number – 0011 and 61. If your Australian mobile phone number is 04 123 456 789 you write your international mobile number as +61 4 123 456 789.

How do I write my phone number in international format?

Do you need to know what your number is for international calls? If you are in Australia you write your phone number in international format like this: dial in code + phone number including area code minus the 0.

For example, if your phone number in Sydney is (02) 1234 5678, then your international phone number in Australia is written like this 61 2 1234 5678.

For mobile phones this is usually written as +61 4 1234 5678 . The + sign shows the correct international dial out code has been used. 

How do I ring international numbers?

To make an international call you first need the dial out code. This is also called the exit code. Each country has its own exit code, for the UK it is 00, and for the USA it is 011. 

Then you need the dial-in code or the international number of the country you wish to call. Australia’s dial in code is 61, the UK is 44, and the USA is 1. 

Finally you need the International phone number you are trying to dial, whether this is a landline or a mobile phone number. When dialing an area code internationally you drop the 0 of the code. 

How do I make an international call from Australia?

You make an international call from Australia by phoning the Australian dial out code (0011), then the country’s dial in code, followed by the phone number, dropping the first zero in the area code. 

For example, to call an international landline or international mobile number from Australia to the UK, firstly dial the Australian exit code (0011), followed by the UK dial in code (44), then the phone number, dropping the first 0. Phoning the UK number 01234 567981 would look like this: 0011 44 1234 567891.

On a mobile phone you can also use the + sign rather than Australia’s exit code, like this: +44 7234 567891. The + sign on a mobile phone replaces the dial out code. 

It’s also important to consider implementing an international call plan for your business. Our global phone services offer one unified and secure solution with global PBX (private branch exchange) over which you can make budget-friendly regional and international calls. 

Whether you have customers abroad, or international offices the world over, RingCentral offers international calling plans with local and toll-free numbers in over 100 countries, and pay-as-you-go call credit bundles, through to unlimited monthly packages. Find out more about our global phone services.

Setting up international business phone numbers

If you have international customers, you will want to make calling your business as easy and as possible, so it might be worth setting up an international business phone number

This number is based in the country in which you do business, and calls are automatically forwarded to your existing Australian telephone number, or even designed to ‘follow the sun’ so that they can be answered by an office currently open. 

If you need a simple and cost-effective way to create an international presence, RingCentral’s global phone services offers local and toll-free numbers in over 100 countries. Incoming calls can be routed to a local extension that you can answer anytime, anywhere, from any device.

If you have the RingCentral app, then you can also make phone calls from the app, so there is no need to use exit codes, or international telephone numbers – or missing calls from unknown international numbers. Find out more about the RingCentral suite of global phone services

Originally published 03 Feb, 2021

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