Q3 MVP Updates: Boosting Employee Collaboration With Services Now Available in India, a More Efficient Call Handling & a Refreshed UX


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At RingCentral, our mission is to make your working life more pleasant by powering the critical tools you use everyday and make them available everywhere. In a time when businesses are striving for efficiency while maintaining customer experience, they look to us to enhance our tools with the latest technology and security and make them work from everywhere. It’s not just about making each individual more productive, but also unlocking new ways of working as a team that’s greater than the sum of their parts.

Crafted towards these goals, our Q3 RingCentral MVP innovations help your teams unify their forces to augment human collaboration and productivity. Let’s dig into what’s new.

Top Highlights: 

  1. The first compliant cloud telephony provider in India
  2. The most empowering user call handling on the market
  3. Enhanced Microsoft Teams integration
  4. Rooms Scheduling Display
  5. Team Messaging and General App Enhancements

1. The first compliant cloud telephony provider in India

Unlocking access to a global economic hub

Gartner estimates IT communications services spending in India to reach $24.7B in 2023. As more global corporations turn to India to grow satellite offices and develop technology hubs, they need fully compliant solutions to ensure business continuity and peace of mind. While noncompliant cloud solutions are technically available in India, organizations using these services run the risk of audits which can shut services down with little-to-no notice.

We proudly announced this quarter that RingCentral is the first global cloud provider to offer fully compliant cloud phone system services in India. RingCentral passed key regulatory certifications by the Department of Telecommunications (DOT) India and Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), enabling organizations with a presence in India to access cloud phone capabilities to ease communication with employees, customers, and everyone in between. Customers operating in India can purchase Global MVP Select phone capabilities

2. The most empowering user call handling on the market

Our new call handling enhancements – driven by customer feedback – are specially designed to empower small and medium-sized business productivity and automation. Your employees now have the flexibility to create custom call rules directly from their desktop and mobile apps. 

We’ve also expanded options for personalised greetings, custom ring settings, on the user level. Fancy setting up a special greeting message for your special clients or callers? Or do you want to determine the number of rings before a call goes to voicemail? The choice is now all yours. 

Unified view for admins

We’ve updated the Admin Portal settings to align perfectly with the user app settings. This not only gives admins a consolidated view but also empowers them to assist users more effectively.

A new Call Rule Wizard

We’ve also introduced our all-new custom call rule wizard, a tool that lets you create special rules in just a few clicks. It’s simple, it’s efficient, and it’s designed to make your life easier.

3. Enhanced Microsoft Teams integration

We announced the GA release of a redesigned, revamped, and recharged RingCentral for Microsoft Teams 2.0 this quarter. This faster loading, telephony centric integration brings the best of RingCentral into Teams. 

New features include: 

  • Automated presence sync between RingCentral & Teams – Statuses are automatically synced between RingCentral and Microsoft Teams, ensuring the true availability of users is accurately reflected. When users take a call in RingCentral (even on a desk phone!) their status in Teams will be updated to “Busy.” 
  • Faster load times – the fastest loading RingCentral app yet for Teams! 
  • New mobile app experience – The full power of RingCentral’s industry-leading telephony in the Microsoft Teams mobile app, keeping your employees fully connected on the go.
  • Unified directory (contact search) – Contacts from both Microsoft and RingCentral directories are now searchable in RingCentral for Microsoft Teams.

4. Rooms scheduling display 

RingCentral Rooms now allows you to configure an additional tablet to be used as a scheduling display. This tablet can then be placed on a wall right outside of a meeting room, allowing employees to view the availability of the room, and book the room as needed. 

5. New Messaging Enhancements for Better Productivity 

We’ve reimagined our Messaging experience to make connecting with your teams easier. New Messaging enhancements include: 

  • New Message layout: Allows users more flexibility, with new custom settings for viewing conversations. We’ve also zapped all your favorite old features like mentions, bookmarks, and the compose button to the top of the top menu, where people intuitively found and understood it.
  • Pop-out message window: Messaging can now be used in compact mode and popped out as a new window that allows an easier way to multi-task.
  • Message previews: Preview messages on desktop before clicking into them to quickly scan the first sentence of the message. We’ve allowed for this feature to be customized per user – toggle it on or off, whatever you prefer.

6. Switch Between Accounts

Say goodbye to the hassle of logging in and out of different RingCentral accounts to switch and check for updates. 

Driven by customer feedback, you can now login to and switch between different RingCentral accounts without having to logout, saving you time and ensuring you stay up to date across all of your RingCentral accounts.

Whether you’re managing personal and professional accounts or multiple businesses, account switching makes it easy to manage your various identities and roles. 

To ensure you don’t miss out on these exciting new features, make sure you’re on the latest app update – 23.2.30. Don’t forget to bookmark our What’s New webpage quarterly to keep up with the latest and greatest!

Originally published 13 Oct, 2023, updated 28 Nov, 2023

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