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Introducing RingCentral Webinar: Run engaging, stress-free webinars with integrations, analytics, and customization to connect at scale

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RingCentral’s mission has always been to reimagine the world of communications by breaking down barriers and empowering businesses across the globe to work as one. 

As part of this mission, we’re excited to announce RingCentral Webinar, which adds rich webinar capabilities directly into the RingCentral app. 

What is RingCentral Webinar?

RingCentral Webinar supports up to 10,000 attendees—and with just a few clicks, anyone can host secure, engaging webinars at scale. Gone are the days of complex webinar scheduling, time-consuming end-to-end webinar management, and daunting guest experiences. 

Hosting a webinar has always been high-stakes, and we’re happy to provide a webinar solution that provides hosts with easy-to-use capabilities to host, run, and join webinars with confidence. 

For attendees, we made it simple to join on the device of their choice without the need to download anything or call in. 

We also make things easy for IT. With RingCentral Webinar, companies can now get all of these crucial communication services through one contract, one account manager, one integrated app. Employees can use the same familiar app to run webinars, which dramatically simplifies and takes away the stress of setting up, hosting, and measuring events. 


Joining via a web browser without having to install anything is a must in this current age of countless virtual meeting platforms. RingCentral has made it easy for our attendees and stakeholders to join via browser, mobile app or whatever device they are running without being forced to install an app or search the page for the secondary thought of joining via a web browser.

—Kris Kleinschmidt, IT Specialist at Pacific Fishery Management Council,

What are the key features?

How to create webinar in RingCentral

Practice before going live

Drive engagement

Maintain control of the webinar

Track webinar performance

When is it available?

RingCentral Webinar is now available in beta for RingCentral MVP plans (containing RingCentral Video).

Start hosting webinars today by signing up here. RingCentral Webinar will be generally available for our RingCentral customers in Summer 2022 with expanded functionality around demand generation and marketing use cases.

This launch is a culmination of the tireless contributions from so many of our colleagues in Engineering, Product Management, UX, Marketing, Sales, and Support, just to name a few. A big thank you to everyone who worked together to make this possible.

We’re thrilled to offer a new way for your teams to communicate and collaborate. 

Click below for more information:

Originally published 31 Mar, 2022, updated 01 Apr, 2022

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