Three minutes to understand: How to improve small business collaboration and productivity with UCaaS and AI


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In the ever-evolving landscape of workplace technology, and in particular with the development of hybrid work, unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and artificial intelligence (AI) are becoming pivotal in reshaping how teams collaborate and boost productivity.

In this video, Ian White, Mid Market Account Executive at RingCentral, sheds light on this, explaining how small businesses especially can improve efficiency through UCaaS and AI. 

UCaaS: the foundation of streamlined team collaboration

With recent research showing that 94% of Australian workers would like to work at least part of their week at home, it’s essential for small businesses to have the right tools in place to support collaboration for this way of working. That’s where UCaaS comes in. UCaaS solutions have evolved to include new features that make it easier for employees to connect, whatever the channel they use to communicate.

First of all, UCaaS brings together all the communication channels on a single platform. Thanks to this integration, employees no longer need to switch from one channel to another, which improves productivity. For instance, platforms like RingCentral facilitate seamless transitions from phone calls to video meetings with just a click, enabling efficient sharing of documents through quick screen-sharing options. By consolidating apps with RingCentral, we see an average 60% increase in productivity

The influence of UCaaS extends beyond mere communication. It provides analytical insights into call metrics and other Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), aiding in informed decision-making for resource optimisation. 

Another significant advantage of UCaaS is its compatibility with other business apps, which aids in automating various tasks. For example, integrating a UCaaS with a customer relationship management (CRM) platform like Salesforce can automatically pull up customer details during calls, thereby saving valuable time. With a solution like RingCentral, which offers hundreds of native integrations, there are many opportunities to automate business processes and boost productivity.

AI boosts productivity and doesn’t need to be costly

AI can also help small businesses improve efficiency. Especially AI-powered UCaaS tools, which go a long way in automating tasks and refining the user experience, enhancing both collaboration and productivity. Something small businesses tend to be concerned about with AI is the cost, but it’s affordable for businesses of all sizes. 

A notable feature of AI in UCaaS is its ability to summarise video meetings and phone calls. This capability is particularly beneficial for individuals who miss meetings, as AI can provide concise summaries, ensuring they stay updated on critical project developments without needing to review entire recordings.

Platforms like RingCentral use AI to offer advanced features such as automated summarisation of phone conversations. This saves time spent on manual note-taking and also helps maintain focus on productivity and efficiency.

There are many examples of productivity gains with AI and UCaaS solutions. Functionalities are constantly being enriched, with companies automatically benefiting from new releases. All that remains is for them to explore and apply these technological advances to bring their employees tools that save time and improve efficiency.

By streamlining communication, providing valuable insights, and automating routine tasks, UCaaS and AI are setting new benchmarks in organisational efficiency.

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Originally published 07 Mar, 2024

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