Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC): Get more control over your cloud communications transition with RingCentral

Bring Your Own Carrier BYO in RingCentral Solution


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  • Migrate your way: Manage a seamless transition to a cutting-edge communications platform however best suits your business
  • Improve global coverage by using the RingCentral MVP app with phone numbers in any country you have an existing telecom carrier relationship
  • Maintain full control over connectivity options, call routing, calling plans and emergency services dialling
  • Streamline end-user experience with a single communications solution for video conferencing, messaging (SMS, MMS, and more), inbound and outbound calls, and much more 
  • Fast-track your transition to the cloud by overcoming the complexities of a rip and replace transition, such as inflexible contracts with existing service providers and the need to upgrade current PSTN hardware.

What is Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)?

BYOC is how RingCentral gives your enterprise business ultimate control over your transition to a cloud communication and telephony solution. 

A traditional rip and replace transition from on-premises communications to the cloud—be that to a CPaaS, UCaaS, or even CCaaS solution—can bring with it a range of complexities. For enterprises they often include needing to get out of inflexible long-term carrier contracts and realigning existing hardware with new solutions. 

Thanks to BYOC from RingCentral you can mitigate and minimise those issues. That’s because you supply your own telephony access through your carrier of choice, but still get all the benefits of RingCentral MVP. Including its straightforward and reasonable pricing, multitude of smart features, and unified interface.     

The benefits of Bring Your Own Carrier cloud solution to business

Bring Your Own Carrier specifically supports larger enterprise customers as they encounter a number of complexities where this approach can help. For example, an enterprise may find themselves in the middle of multi-year contracts with carriers that would be cost-prohibitive to break. Our customers might have locations in regions where capabilities of origination or termination services may be limited by cloud telephony vendors due to highly regulated industries and regions.

Lastly, multinational enterprises usually consider a multi-year, phased approach for their shift to cloud. BYOC allows IT to manage cut-overs from legacy systems in a piecemeal fashion, while also allowing easy rollbacks if something should go wrong.

Benefits of Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

Here are some of the benefits of this model over a pure Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) play. 

Flexibility to meet your needs

Transform at your pace with flexible telephony options for your cloud migration. Enjoy the benefits of RingCentral MVP while maintaining your existing carrier contracts, numbers, and calling rates for less friction during your migration.

Robust global coverage

Any multinational company with employees outside RingCentral’s 44+ natively supported countries or with regional service limitations can still use RingCentral MVP, given there is a local carrier relationship. 

Maintain full control

Full control over connectivity, call routing (direct routing, skills-based routing, etc.), calling plans, emergency services dialling and call forwarding features for high regulatory needs. Avoid the number porting process and maintain phone numbers with your carrier. Do a slow phased migration versus a rip and replace. Migrate your way.

Avoid early-termination fees:

Give your users modern tools even if you’re stuck in inflexible carrier contracts. Maintain existing PBX contracts and avoid early-termination fees while still getting the ball rolling on your cloud deployments.

Streamline end-user experience 

Make the most of a single app for video, messaging, task management, whiteboarding, voice communications, and more. 

Use your current infrastructure

Continue to use your existing Infrastructure. You decide when to take each step of your migration to the cloud.

When to consider using the BYOC solution for your business

As an enterprise company, you know that the future of business communications is in the cloud. You also know, however, that transition to the cloud can be complex and tricky—especially for larger, multinational businesses. 

Complexities like contracts with existing carriers or SIP trunking providers or a reluctance to abandon investments in current infrastructure make the leap to the cloud seem a giant one. That’s when to consider BYOC from RingCentral.    

With BYOC you can manage the transition your way. You’re in charge of how and when you move to cloud communications. With ultimate flexibility you can avoid early contract termination fees, continue to use existing infrastructure, and still get all the benefits of RingCentral MVP.

Why choose RingCentral for the Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC) solution?

Cloud UCaaS experts. We are consistently recognised as leaders in cloud UCaaS by analysts, investors, and customers alike. Even if your telephony is not yet ready to be in the cloud, it’s worth strategising to meet the needs of your future operations.

Security innovation. Trusted by top global brands, we are the most reliable and secure cloud-based UCaaS provider. We are SOC 2, SOC 3, GDPR, and HIPPA compliant and have received dozens of globally-recognised security certifications including UK Cyber Essentials Plus and HITRUST.

Global reach. BYOC is available in over 44 countries, meeting your business growth as it happens.

Our open platform is best-in-class SaaS. When you’re ready to migrate up to a pure cloud phone system, you will be set up to take advantage of our unmatched open platform with 275 business app integrations already built in and 6000+ custom APIs available to you, with a 60,000+ developer community.

Powerful next-gen analytics for IT and line-of-business use cases that go far beyond simple troubleshooting and call quality reports.

Ultimate flexibility is the end goal.

Customers can also choose to do some combination of the two—using BYOC in some markets and RingCentral MVP for others—to support private calling between the RingCentral MVP platform and sites that have yet to migrate to the cloud. Overall, BYOC offers enterprises the maximum flexibility they need to get the most out of their communications stack. 

BYOC is available today and has been certified by industry leading SBC Vendors such as AudioCodes and Ribbon Communications

How to get started with BYOC

It could hardly be simpler to get started with BYOC from RingCentral:

  1. Continue to manage your existing carrier relationships, and supply your own PSTN/PBX access.
  2. Ensure the above access and relationships are in place wherever you wish to get started with BYOC.
  3. Check, too, that you have a robust internet connection and well-managed session border control (SBC) gateways in any region you wish to use BYOC.
  4. Get in touch with your RingCentral account executive or request a callback to begin your BYOC journey, today.   

Originally published 24 Nov, 2021

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