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Gain valuable insights about inbound calls into your RingCentral system with actionable data.

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Features Overview

RingCentral allows you to track calls and use it as an analytics platform.

With this call data, companies can follow the customer journey more precisely, optimise marketing channels and marketing spend, and ensure that landing pages have high conversion rates.

What is Call Tracking & Call Analytics?

Call Tracking

Call tracking allows businesses to discover what is causing potential customers to call.

Digital marketing is helpful, but without call tracking, you’re likely to be losing data from a significant portion of your market.

Call Analytics

Call analytics are especially useful for marketing teams and sales teams.

Whether your lead generation efforts are focused on PPC or SEO, Google Analytics won’t be telling you the whole story.

Call analytics can make use of either campaign-specific numbers or dynamic number insertion – both can help you understand your customers in more detail.

Some programmes even use conversation intelligence to analyse speech.

Customers might click on a link to your page then decide they want to know more, so ring. Many marketing tools fail to see this as a successful lead – even if that phone call gets a sale.

By only tracking the digital aspect of the customer experience, you might have the wrong information about which marketing campaigns are performing well and where to focus your marketing efforts.

RingCentral Call Tracking Features

Adoption and Usage

✔ Get real-time data on how employees are using RingCentral across your organisation

✔ Evaluate how teams can be helped to get the most out of RingCentral

Get real-time data with RingCentral Call Tracking Features


Set up alerts  with RingCentral Call Tracking

✔ Set up alerts to find out in real-time if your critical KPIs aren’t being met. These can include call recording malfunctions and call quality 

✔ Troubleshoot effectively by identifying the problem before it gets out of control. Customer experience should never be affected by a software issue,whether that’s via digital channels or a phone call

✔  Flag up recurring issues for a more in-depth analysis of what’s causing the problem

Quality of Service

✔ A central dashboard monitors call quality in real-time, and you can troubleshoot issues worldwide

✔ Accurately diagnose user quality issues down to the exact location, ISP, and endpoint

How is QoS in RingCentral Call Tracking

Live Reports

The Live Reports of RingCentral Platform

✔ Monitor call queue and agent performance

✔ Gain insight into high-volume call periods to aid with  staffing and learn where automation might be a useful tool

Performance Reports

✔ Compile call tracking metrics like historical data and trends on incoming call volumes, users, and queues

✔ Get easy-to-read visual call maps to help you and other stakeholders understand pain points and highlights of marketing campaigns

Man reviewing real-time performance reports using RingCentral Platform

Rooms and Devices

The Rooms & Devices suitable to RingCentral Platform

✔ Easily filter search results based on location, IP address, time, or device name

✔ Use the call tracking software to track online and offline devices globally

✔ Find data on device history and unprovisioned devices

Company Numbers

✔ Monitor attribution via call performance by IVR statistics, sales, customer service, and marketing activity

✔ Use data to position teams – ensuring the standard of keyword-level is met and employees are focusing on high-revenue areas

✔ Track success metrics or diagnose areas where processes could be improved – especially to boost marketing ROI

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Businessman joining an online meeting using the RingCentral Video on his ipad

✔ Keep track of teams with curated data, sent straight to your inbox: choose daily, weekly, or monthly updates

✔ Learn how automation could benefit your business: generate automatic emails on a schedule that suits you

✔ Share reports with stakeholders without giving them administrative access

More to RingCentral Call Tracking?

Benefits of Call Tracking

Benefits of Call Tracking

Identify peak hours

Peak hours are when you’ll need the most staff available. This information might save you money on staffing costs, and prevent customer loss. 

Knowing there’s going to be a surge in attention means you can take proactive steps to reduce or eliminate customer queues on incoming calls.

Track your marketing strategy

You’re likely using digital tracking technology like Google Analytics to identify where users find your page, whether that’s social media or PPC.

However, if you’re a business that relies on phone calls, you might be missing out on a mass of data.

Potential customers are likely being drawn in by specific CTAs or copy – but phone before committing. Consequently, the marketing team won’t have data to suggest their strategies are working – even if the phone call ends in a sale.

Keep an eye on marketing ROI

Once you’ve identified your high-performing channels, you can make quick decisions about budget allocations. 

Some campaigns and channels will produce a higher ROI than others, and should be the focus of your marketing efforts.

Improve call forwarding

Using call tracking means you can ensure calls are forwarded to the right person. This avoids the frustration of potential customers having to explain their issue to someone unrelated to their query.

You can implement call routing to speed this process up further or send a memo for someone to call back.

Call recording

Call recording is integral to customer service. It allows you to identify pain points for customers – and find solutions. If a large percentage of your calls are about one issue, this will reduce call volume immensely – leaving your team ready to handle more complicated issues.

Manage your staff

By using call tracking and call recording, you can identify your top performers – and those who need some help.


For the first time, our customer support team can now immediately get a holistic view of who is calling, what they need help with, and where they are, so the agent can provide a fantastic experience for them.

Jacqueline Ho, TechnologyOne's IT Director

10 Industries That Need It The Most

Industries that needs call tracking


Marketing icon
Marketing teams can make their lives much easier with call tracking.
Deploying budgets correctly, tracking ROI, spending less time stressing over Google Adwords… It’s win-win.

Home services

Home services icon
Cleaners, plumbers, electricians – those who need to come to your house to complete the job. You’ll likely want to arrange specific details: is Monday OK? Will you still have WiFi? 
These calls are essential for home services – yet almost all of them will have come from digital campaigns that then seem to not be converting.

Dental and medical

Dental and Medical icon
Calling a dental or medical clinic often involves a few questions that just aren’t covered by their site – can you come in out of hours, or do they do emergency appointments?
This is crucial if the practice is open to patients who are registered elsewhere: they’re likely to have frantically googled nearby surgeries when they found themselves in need.

Estate Agents

Estate Agents icon
You can read about a home online, but most people will want to talk directly to an estate agent: someone who is familiar with the local area, can walk through must-haves and will respect your budget. They even often suggest houses that aren’t yet on the market.


Recruiting icon
As with property, the best recruiters get to know their clients: their skills, their passions, and their salary expectations.
Plenty of people will stumble upon ads or social posts for recruiters – but it’s that initial chat that reassures them.

Travel & Hospitality

Travel & Hospitality icon
Many questions come up in travel: are the flights refundable? Is the restaurant gluten-free? Is going to India during monsoon season advisable?
Many travel agents focus on closing deals over the phone – but if they’re not tracking those calls and where they come from, their marketing teams despair.


SaaS icon
SaaS is another industry that often relies on phone calls to close the sale. Whether it’s Salesforce or Hubspot, companies often have a dedicated rep who will not only make the sale but guide buyers through setup and usage.


Legal icon
Every phone call to a legal office generates income in the long term – knowing where these potential clients come from and which campaigns they have seen can work wonders for your ROI.


Banking icon
From credit card confusion to account autonomy, chatting to a bank over the phone feels more secure, and can produce quicker answers.


Automotive icon
Whether your customers are looking to buy a new car or figure out why their existing one died mid-road, they’re likely to want to chat over a phone call – though they probably decided which garage to call based on an internet search.
all-in-one communications

Ever wish you had better insight into how your business is handling customers who calls your company?

Types of Call Tracking Technology

There are a few options within call tracking: one is to assign a unique phone number to each campaign type. You’ll get an idea of which platform caused people to pick up the phone.

This has downsides – including that customers may have seen different campaigns before calling.

Alternatively, you can use dynamic number insertion. This assigns customers a unique phone number for the duration of their session: they’ll see it no matter which campaigns caught their eye. From here, you can track the entire customer journey.

Explore Related Features

Call recording

Call recording can help you monitor and analyse call quality, homing in on where improvements can be made. This can improve your customer experience immeasurably.

Call screening

Don’t have time to chat about non-urgent tasks? Call screening lets you identify who’s on the other end of the line – and answer accordingly.

Call routing

Heading home for the day but don’t want to miss that urgent phone call? Set up call routing to ensure that your mobile will ring whenever that call comes in.

Call flip

Whether you want to transfer a call from your desk phone to your mobile to take the conversation outside, or just send it to a colleague better equipped to handle the query, using a call flip service means that the transition will be seamless and frustration-free – for you and your customer.

See how Call Tracking could help your business thrive

Call Tracking Frequently Asked Questions

How much does call tracking cost?

There are pricing plans to offer the best solution for your business, which start from £7.99 a month.

For customers, numbers are often toll-free, as it encourages callers and eventual sales.

What is call tracking in marketing?

A call tracking solution allows CRMs and marketers to follow their conversions out of the digital realm. They’ll know which campaign or CTA triggered the call, and which to ditch.

How does call tracking work?

A unique phone number is assigned to either the user or the campaign, so teams can track which aspect of the customer journey triggered the call, as well as its outcome.

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