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Introducing Ratings and Reviews in the RingCentral App Gallery

When we ask our customers why they choose RingCentral, integrations with their business apps always tops the list. RingCentral’s App Gallery features over 300 out-of-the-box integrations, the broadest set of telephony integrations in UCaaS. With integrations for productivity suites, CRMs, contact centers, and enhanced security, there’s something for everyone.

But users often tell us they’d like to know more about other user’s experiences before trying an integration. As a result, we’re thrilled to announce the introduction of user ratings and reviews in the RingCentral App Gallery!

What are ratings and reviews?

Much like other app stores, RingCentral is empowering users to provide public feedback on our integrations. They give reviewers the ability to provide a star rating for the integrations you use and written feedback for the integration developers.

Why is rating and reviewing integrations important?

If you love using an integration, we encourage you to leave a five-star rating! It’s also helpful to leave a written review with details about why you love the integration. Examples could include how it boosts your productivity, saves you time, or how it helps you delight your customers. This feedback not only lets developers know they’re on the right track, but lets other users know this could benefit them as well.

It’s also equally as important to let us know if you haven’t had a great experience. This feedback gives developers valuable insight into how they could improve their integration experience and where they should focus their efforts moving forward.

How to rate and review integrations

Leaving a rating and a review for an integration is simple. Just navigate to the integration’s listing on the RingCentral app gallery. Click on “Write a review,” provide a start rating, and leave your comments. Ratings and reviews are now available in the App Gallery, so we’d like to hear from you today!

Rate and review our most popular integrations
Most RingCentral customers use at least one of the following apps. See one you use? Give it a quick rating and review!