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TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce
by RingCentral Integration Team

Empower your Salesforce system with cloud communications capabilities and create a more collaborative CRM experience.

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TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce app integration

Let TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce enhance your CRM experience by automating workflows, increasing call efficiency and improving the quality of customer interactions. The integration lets you make and receive calls directly from your Salesforce account. You can also quickly assign call dispositions, log calls, take notes, schedule meetings and more, without jumping back and forth between applications.

Available for Salesforce Classic or Salesforce Lightning.

What's New:

TELUS Business Connect Directory Support: Now you can search and select personal contacts in your TELUS Business Connect company directory.

Custom Objects: Objects matched in the "Related To" field of a call log are no longer limited to Account, Opportunity, or Case. Admins now have the flexibility to create custom objects that are key to their organization's business processes, auditing and/or reporting.

Key features:

  1. In-App Calling: Now using WebRTC technology, leverage TELUS Business Connect calling capabilities like call controls, inbound, and outbound calls without ever navigating away from Salesforce.
  2. Performance reporting: View a complete dashboard of your team’s performance. Now you can edit and customize the TELUS Business Connect Analytics data as a native Salesforce report through our Cloud Phone Report.
  3. High Velocity Sales (HVS): By powering the telephony side of a sales cadence we allow sales reps to click-to-call right from their work queue and log them with a HVS disposition to move your sales cadence forward. Only available for Salesforce Lightning.
  4. Click-to-call: Place calls from within Salesforce by clicking on any phone number, saving time and improving call efficiency.
  5. Instant screen pop-up: Incoming calls trigger screen pops with 360° view of the caller enabling quality interactions.
  6. Call logs: With advanced features such as offline call logging and multi-call log option, agents can address the most important tasks first.
  7. Schedule meetings: Seamlessly schedule a TELUS Business Connect meeting from within your Salesforce account.
  8. Installation Made Easy: Now introducing an install wizard that will take the admin through a series of simple steps to configure the integration in 7 simple steps.
  9. Access from anywhere: Connect on both Windows® and Mac®, using any popular browser.
  10. Work the way you want: Work in Salesforce Classic or Salesforce Lightning UI.
  11. Integrates with Salesforce app: Click to dial any number in the Salesforce1™ Mobile App to initiate calls using your TELUS Business Connect Mobile app


Seamless integration with Salesforce

Integrating your TELUS Business Connect solution with everyday applications, such as Salesforce, allows you to automate tedious tasks, make your workflows more efficient, and offer your customers a superior experience.

Streamlined business communications

TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce reduces the need for agents to switch between multiple devices and applications to access key business functionalities to accomplish their daily tasks.

Exceptional customer experiences

Access to key customer information and call history allows agents to deliver timely and personalized customer experience.

Original release date: 2017-05-26


  1. TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce is available for Premium and Premium+ customers.
  2. You must have a Salesforce Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited Edition account.
  3. Requires Windows® XP or above or Mac OS® X 10.8 Mountain Lion or above.
  4. Supported browsers include: Chrome™ 30 (or later), Firefox® 25 (or later), Safari® 6.0.5 (or later), and Internet Explorer® 10 (or later).
  5. If utilizing Service Cloud, user must have a Service Cloud account
  6. TELUS Business Connect for Salesforce is NOT compatible with community licenses.
  7. High Velocity Sales feature compatibility: ONLY available for Lightning. 
  8. Last updated: 08/26/21