Sharecare Runs RingCentral to Deliver Superior Customer Service in a Highly Regulated Industry.
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I use RingCentral Contact Center all the time. Contact Center provides me with information I can use for staff training and to do overall quality assurance on my team’s performance.

Irene Torres

Manager of Customer Service and Quality, Sharecare
Sharecare is a leader in fulfilling medical record requests for thousands of healthcare providers across the US. Sharecare provides ROI services for healthcare facility clients in 40 states providing secure electronic exchange, delivery, and integration of PHI. They provide copies of medical records to insurance companies, attorneys, government agencies, and other parties that require patient healthcare information. Due to federal and state regulations regarding the handling and transmission of PHI, hospitals and other healthcare organizations partner with and trust Sharecare to manage this process.

Seeking a scalable enterprise-grade cloud communications platform

When Manager of Customer Service and Quality, Irene Torres, joined the company, Sharecare was using an on-premise phone system that was more than 10 years old. The system lacked scalability and many basic features critical to their business.
“We wanted to move to a VoIP system that would easily scale as we grew,” Torres explains, “After evaluating a number of options, we selected RingCentral. RingCentral met all of our criteria, which included comprehensive call features, as well as an intuitive administrative portal. And it met our criteria for these features and all-inclusive services at the best price.”

Empowering workforce collaboration

Sharecare also uses RingCentral Meetings, a cloud video conferencing solution that makes workforce collaboration highly effective. RingCentral Meetings enables Torres’s team as well as Sharecare executives and other employees to have productive face-to-face virtual meetings as frequently as necessary.
“As our company grows, I’m setting up RingCentral Meetings accounts for more and more employees every month,” says Torres. “It’s very easy to set up, the interface is intuitive to use, the audio and video quality is very good, and it works very smoothly. We’ve had some technical issues with previous web meeting tools, but none with RingCentral Meetings.”
As our company grows, I’m setting up RingCentral Meetings accounts for more and more employees every month. It’s very easy to set up and conduct meetings, the audio and video quality is very good and it works very smoothly. We’ve had some technical issues with previous web meeting tools but none with RingCentral Meetings.

Irene Torres

Manager of Customer Service and Quality, Sharecare
San Diego, CA
500 (parent company, Sharecare, has 2,000 total)

Analytics and reporting for outstanding customer service

Torres spends some of her time gathering, analyzing, and assembling information from customer service calls into reports for senior management. “When I joined Sharecare,” Torres explains, “the thing I needed most urgently was a system that provided much better analytics and reporting capabilities.”
RingCentral provided Torres with those critical capabilities through RingCentral Contact Center. Paired with RingEX™ as an integrated, end-to-end communications solution, RingCentral Contact Center is a complete, innovative solution that provides the information and insights Torres and management need to ensure high-quality and efficient customer service performance.
“By monitoring call volume and the time spent by each customer service agent on calls, I’m able to make evidence-backed recommendations to my boss regarding our need to increase the size of the team. For instance, over the past 10 months, my team has grown 36%. The information I was able to get through RingCentral Contact Center was essential to my being able to make the case for adding those extra individuals. That’s a capability we didn’t have prior to implementing RingCentral,” reports Torres.

Ease of use and comprehensive functionality

“I have to say that I’m particularly impressed by and grateful for RingCentral’s overall ease of use,” says Torres.
“The way RingCentral products are integrated so tightly and seamlessly is unique and very powerful,” Torres adds. “Given my experience in administering and working with RingCentral, I’d enthusiastically recommend it to other organizations interested in empowering their employees with efficient collaboration tools to deliver the quality of customer service for which they strive.”

Dream jobs in dream locations

With more than 5 million users and over 6,000 employees, RingCentral offers incredible opportunities across the globe.