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DMEautomotive Employees Reconnect With
Cutting Edge Phone System.

DMEautomotive: Connecting the Work Community 
Founded in 2007, DMEautomotive (DMEa) is the industry leader in science-based, results- driven automotive marketing. Its team of over 300 employees provides turnkey marketing solutions to the largest and most advanced automotive organizations in the United States.

Employees: The Need To Be In Touch 
DMEa’s employees are spread across two campuses – one in Daytona Beach and the other in Jacksonville – within multiple buildings and departments. From design to marketing execution, collaboration is critical to success. It’s essential that employees have instant access to one another and that everyone has their own phone extension, even those who work on the production line. However, having such an elaborate and robust phone system in place came at a significant cost. DMEa invested over $300,000 in an on premise PBX system that also required hiring a specialized team of people to configure and maintain it.

PBX Alternative: Finding The Right Connection 
Over time, the PBX equipment required continual investment in upgrades, maintenance, and time. Being an innovation-driven company, DMEa began exploring cloud alternatives to its PBX hardware. After learning how phone system technology was evolving and recognizing the long term business implications, DMEa set their sights on
a cloud-based solution that was more affordable and simple to manage, yet fixed in reliability. For DMEa, the answer was RingCentral. As Facilities IT Director David Lachicotte observed, “RingCentral is the way technology is going.”

RingCentral: Simplification In The Cloud 
In 2011, DMEa deployed RingCentral Office across its entire campus. Starting from scratch, it gradually phased out its legacy PBX equipment. 

The initial system setup took place over one weekend and, in less than 30 days, RingCentral’s dedicated Implementation Advisors had the system up and running. This included a seamless transfer of over 500 phone numbers. 

In particular, a standard feature like extension to extension calling proved essential to the everyday tasks of employees allowing them to make calls easily to any building or department. Now all employees easily manage their personal profiles from their computers and mobile phones with minimal oversight and administration from IT.

Company profile

Vertically integrated marketing company specializing in enterprise level customer lifecycle products for the automotive industry.

Year founded: 2007


Headquarters: Daytona Beach, FL

Size: 300+ employees

RingCentral customer since:


“Our employees log thousands of minutes per month of talk time through RingCentral. People are so happy with RingCentral’s quality of service and easy- to-customize phone options that they stop me in the hallways to thank me for choosing RingCentral.”

- David Lachicotte, Facilities IT Director.