Consumer Code of Practice on Complaint Handling and Dispute Resolution for Domestic and Small Business Customers (the "Code")

RingCentral’s Code of Practice for Small Business Customers

This Code of Practice is published by RingCentral Singapore Pte. Ltd. and does not remove any of your legal rights as a customer or form part of the contract between you and RingCentral.

1. Ring Central

“RingCentral” means RingCentral Singapore Pte. Ltd., a Singapore registered company.

2. Services

RingCentral provides telecommunication and facsimile services, downloadable RingCentral Call Controller™, mobile phone/tablet software, and RingCentral service web pages to small- and medium-sized businesses (the “Services”).

RingCentral offers a range of Service plans (Plans). Our choice of Plans allow you to make local and international calls and provide additional features including, but not limited to, free monthly plan minutes, caller extensions, an online management centre, auto-receptionist, voicemail with free email delivery, call diversion, call management, and internet-to-fax email. A full list of our Plans and tariffs can be viewed at Alternatively you may call our sales team on 65 31583302 to request Plan and tariff information

Some Plans may include credits, bonus minutes and other promotional incentives, none of which have any monetary value. All credits, bonus minutes and other promotional incentives are personal to you and your Account and may not be sold, transferred, assigned or used by another user or with another user’s Account. Upon termination of a Plan or your Account all credit, bonus minutes and other promotional incentives associated with that Plan or Account shall expire.

In the event that you wish to pay by monthly invoicing (rather than automatic charges to your credit/debit card) or direct debit, RingCentral may, as part of the sign-up process, conduct a credit check on you with a credit reference agency. The credit reference agency will keep a record of that search and share the record of the search with third parties, for the purposes of fraud prevention. In some instances, RingCentral may also make a search on the personal credit file of your principals, partners (or members) or directors. Should it become necessary to review your account, RingCentral may conduct a further credit reference check or personal credit file search (as appropriate). RingCentral may (i) monitor and record information relating to your trade performance, (ii) keep copies of such records / search results and (iii) share them with our third parties including our affiliated companies and credit reference agencies, in each case for the purposes of assessing your application for credit and fraud prevention and in accordance with our privacy policy. Such third parties may be located outside Singapore, in countries which do not provide the same level of protection for your personal data as Singapore. By opening an Account with us and/or signing up to a plan, you consent to our conducting the checks and searches mentioned above against you and your principals, partners (or members) or directors (as applicable) and to our processing such information in accordance with this Section 2.

3. Standard Contract Conditions

You are responsible for paying all charges for your account with RingCentral (your “Account”), including but not limited to, toll-free, local, long distance and directory assistance charges and all taxes, fees, and surcharges imposed on you or us as a result of your use of the Service.

Please see Section 5 for information on cancellation and renewal of your Account.

4. Termination By RingCentral

RingCentral may immediately disconnect or modify your Service if RingCentral determines, in its sole discretion, that your use of the Service is or at any time did violate the RingCentral terms of use. The terms of use may be accessed at

Any free services provided by RingCentral that involve creating a unique account are personal to you, and you are only allowed one free RingCentral account. If RingCentral determines, in its sole discretion, that multiple free accounts have been created by you, RingCentral reserves the right to immediately disconnect or modify any or all of your accounts. RingCentral will endeavour to provide you with reasonable notice before disconnecting or modifying your accounts.

To maintain or improve the Services, to prevent fraud, or for any other reason determined by RingCentral in its sole discretion, RingCentral may restrict, suspend, terminate or modify your Service with or without notice.

Upon any termination in accordance with the foregoing, RingCentral may immediately deactivate or delete your Account and all related information and files in your Account, reassign any telephone numbers associated with the account, and/or bar any further access to such files, information, or the Services.

RingCentral shall not be liable to you or any third party for any reason for terminating your use or access to Services due to breach of the End User Licence Agreement and Terms of Service, breach of any other agreement with RingCentral, or non-payment of fees for Services.

Outbound calling credit purchased by you will remain effective and shall not expire for as long as your Account is active and in good standing, as determined by RingCentral in its sole discretion.

Other than as set forth in Section 5, if you or RingCentral terminate your right to use the Service, you shall not be entitled to any refund or pro ration of any pre-paid amounts or credits.

RingCentral also reserves the right to charge termination and transfer fees consistent with each plan's terms and conditions.

5. Termination By You

If you enter into a monthly plan with RingCentral, your Account will automatically renew each month. You may cancel your plan at any time by contacting RingCentral at 65 31583302. After cancelling, you will not be entitled to a refund of any unused portions of prepaid charges.

If you enter into an annual prepaid plan with RingCentral, you may cancel during the first thirty (30) days of the plan for a prorated refund (the “30-Day Cancellation Period”). If, after thirty (30) days from when you first sign up, you cancel prior to the end of the one-year period, you will not be entitled to any refunds of prepaid charges, including without limitation the one year of service for which you prepaid at sign-up. At end of one (1) year and each year thereafter, your Account will automatically renew for another year at the current price for your service at the time of renewal. If at any time you do not wish for your Account to renew, please contact RingCentral at 65 31583302 at least thirty (30) days prior to the date of renewal. For the avoidance of doubt, there is no 30-Day Cancellation Period during renewal years.

If you enter into a contractual plan with RingCentral, your ability to cancel your plan and terms of renewal will be governed by your contract. Please consult your contract or contact RingCentral at 65 31583302 for more details.

6. Privacy

The Services utilize, in whole or in part, the public Internet and third-party networks to transmit voice and other communications. RingCentral is not liable for any lack of privacy which may be experienced with regard to the Service. Our website also may contain links to other web sites on the World Wide Web. We are not responsible for the privacy practices or content of these third-party web sites. We may automatically log your IP address information to gather relevant demographic data. You may occasionally be asked to provide personal information in order to view, access, or download certain documentation on our web site. If you wish to modify your personal information previously provided on our web site, or if you have questions regarding this privacy statement, the practices of this site, or your dealings with this web site, please contact: [email protected]. We may monitor and record your calls with us concerning your Account or the Service, and you consent to our contacting, surveying and/or soliciting you from time to time by means of (a) automatic dialling equipment, (b) your Account voicemail box, (c) via electronic mail (email) and (d) on your bill or invoice. You may access the entire privacy policy at –

7. Billing and Payment

Any applicable initiation charges, usage and monthly recurring charges and fees are billed in full in advance. Termination and transfer charges are billed in arrears. Upon termination of your Account for any reason, all unused credits and pre-paid minutes shall expire in their entirety and no refund or pro-ration shall be made for any unused credits, minutes or any remaining periods/months on a pre-paid Service plan. Customers with past due balance on previous or multiple accounts will be charged the full balance upon opening a new account or updating their credit/debit card on file.

Billing cycle end dates may change from time to time. When a billing cycle covers less than or more than a full month, we may make reasonable adjustments and pro-rations. For credit/debit card payments, no additional notice or consent will be required for billings to that credit/debit card or Account. You will advise us of any changes to your credit/debit card Account, such as credit/debit card account number or expiration date changes. Time is of the essence for payment. Therefore, you agree to pay us interest at the highest amount allowed by law for any amounts unpaid as of the due date. Acceptance of late or partial payments (even if marked "Paid in Full") shall not waive any of our rights to collect the full amount due under the terms of use.

If you are a VoIP subscriber and/or you were supplied hardware from us free of charge or at a discounted price and your Account is terminated for any reason prior to the end of your first year of service, you hereby authorize us to immediately bill your credit/debit card the full list-price of the hardware (if the hardware was provided for free) or for the balance of the list-price of the hardware (if the hardware was sold to you at a discounted price) if such hardware is not returned to and received by RingCentral in good working condition within twenty-one (21) days of cancellation or disconnection.

8. Complaints

We make every effort to ensure that our customers are happy with the level of service, and the products and services they receive from us. However, despite our best efforts, we understand that things can go wrong. We take customer complaints very seriously, and we aim to resolve them quickly and efficiently. If you have a complaint about any part of our service, please contact our Customer Service Team on 65 31583302. Our advisors will ask you about your complaint and seek to resolve the problem while you are on the line. During any discussions we will protect the privacy of the information disclosed. To ensure the protection of your privacy, we may ask you questions to confirm that we are speaking to the right person.

You may also send your complaint to us in writing to:
RingCentral Singapore Pte. Ltd.
Attn: Legal Department
137 Market Street

We will try to resolve your complaint quickly and efficiently and keep you informed of any progress of developments at all times.

Notice of any billing disputes must be in writing with reasonable detail and received by us at our address above (Attn: Accounting) within one (1) year of the date of the disputed charge or you will irrevocably waive any objection.

9. Contact Us

Customer Support:

65 31583302, Hours: 24 x 7 for Premium and Enterprise customers, 5 am to 6 pm GMT for Standard customers


65 31583302, Hours 8 am – 6 pm GMT

Alternatively you can write to us at:

RingCentral Singapore Pte. Ltd., Attn: Singapore Sales, Singapore, 137 Market Street