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Create a truly engaging virtual event that differentiates your brand and enables you to exceed your event goals.

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What is a virtual event platform and why do you need one?

A virtual event platform allows you to host interactive events on the internet. While there are many video conferencing and collaboration tools, virtual event platforms, like Hopin Events are purpose-built to host events.
Hopin Events enables you to build engaging events, from start to finish, that connect you with your audience at scale. Create a seamless experience for your attendees without the need to switch between products. You can plan, market, execute, and follow-up all within one, unified platform.
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Fully customize your virtual event.

Whether it’s a 10,000 person conference, small community event, or internal all-hands, the Hopin Event platform enables you to easily build an event experience that will exceed your event goals.
  • Promote your event with beautiful, easy to build landing pages designed to drive registrations and ticket sales.
  • Customize every aspect of your virtual event to reflect your brand colors, logo, unique backgrounds, and more.
  • Insights and actionable data to see how your event is performing at every step.

Impress event attendees with high quality live streaming.

You don’t need production experience to execute on a highly produced professional event. Hopin Events’s livestream studio elevates your event with professional and reliable streams.
  • Stream live or pre-recorded videos of any length directly into your event.
  • Make it your own by adding logos, lower thirds, banners, overlays and more.
  • Take the stress out of speaker management with a virtual greenroom - no download, no registration.
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A virtual conference streamed live with an insert of a message saying: "I can't wait for the panel later...already have a few questions to post to Q&A (emoji)"

Foster attendee engagement and connection.

Don’t wonder if your content is landing with your attendees. Hopin Events’s engagement capabilities make it easy to spark conversations and drive interaction with your audience.
  • Make your event more interactive with chat, GIFs, real-time notifications and more to drive audience engagement and satisfaction.
  • Enable your audience to create meaningful and personalized connections within your event with 1:1 and group video networking.
  • Add fun and excitement to your event with integrations 
for photo booths, games, quizzes, and Q&As.

We’re here for you.

Don’t worry, with Hopin Events you get support from real people. Our team of event professionals will help you make your virtual event a success and crush your goals.
  • Become a virtual event platform expert with Hopin Learn.
  • White glove support offers 24/7 access to support resources and more as part of our pricing plans to ensure your conference is a success.
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Explore ready to install applications to enhance every aspect of your virtual event.

Logos of available app Integrations of RingCentral Events, that include Mailchimp, Hubspot, GoFundMe, and X (formally Twitter)
Logos of available app Integrations of RingCentral Events, that include Mailchimp, Hubspot, GoFundMe, and X (formally Twitter)

What customers are saying about Hopin Events

Here are a few of the many comments we hear from organizers after running their Hopin events.

A 4.4 rate of 199 reviews for Hopin Events in TrustPilot
 A 4.5 rate of 314 reviews for Hopin Events in Capterra
A 4.5 rate of 604 reviews for Hopin Events in G2
The Leader in Small Business in Summer 2023 Award
The Leader in Mid-Market in Summer 2023 Award
The Leader in Enterprise in Summer 2023 Award
The Momentum Leader in Summer 2023 Award
The Users Love Us Award
Rating: Five out of five stars
Gina D

Owner - Special Events Manager

Very pleased with the platform and the cost of the platform. The ability to have live expo booths, unlimited on-going seminars and a main stage was a big plus. This was the closest software that we found that resembled the live event industry.
Brian Burge

Creative Director

There are three main things that I love about Hopin. 1. It's insanely easy to use. 2. Their documentation. It has been so easy to find step by step information on features and functions within the platform. 3. Cost. I think the pricing is very fair and I hope they keep it that way.
Ollie J

Festival Director

Both the organiser and user experience are very intuitive. The Hopin support team is incredible - queries/issues are usually responded to within a very short time frame, and the advice given always resolves the situation.
Melissa B

Event Marketing Strategist

The 100% live platform. The ability for the exhibitors to interact live in their booths. It is the closest thing to an in-person booth as you can get in the virtual world.
Get more out of your virtual events
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