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Screen share tools for collaborative online meetings

Get everyone on the same page when meeting remotely through professional and collaborative screen sharing.

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Go beyond sharing your screen.

Screen sharing on RingCentral Meetings™ empowers your workforce to collaborate and engage in real-time. Particularly useful for presentations and brainstorming sessions, this feature is available for multiple device types and comes equipped with advanced options and controls.

What is screen sharing?

Even better online meetings with real-time interactivity

Screen sharing involves technologies or products that allow users to share their computer screens via remote access for real-time collaboration and other related purposes. By taking advantage of this functionality that comes a major feature of RingCentral Meetings, you can boost efficiency and increase interactivity when meeting remotely with your teams and stakeholders.

Employees working together using a laptop
Employee drinking coffee and holding a tablet

Why share a screen?

Collaborative communication benefits you'll enjoy

RingCentral’s screen sharing solution allows you to get everyone on the same page. It gives you the power to share your entire screen with other meeting attendees, whether you’re using your desktop computer or smart device, so that you can share applications, presentations, files, or whiteboards and let other meeting participants know exactly what you’re talking about.

Which platforms are supported?

Share your desktop PC, Mac, iPhone or Android screen

You can meet and share screens in seconds using your desktop computers or laptops running on either Windows or Mac. For meeting participants who are on the iOS or Android platform, they can also stay updated anytime, anywhere and even take part in web conferences interactively even while on the go through screen sharing on their mobile devices.

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IT professionals using screen share for troubleshooting

What are the advantages of screen sharing?

Get everyone on the same page

  • Done are the days of having to send relevant files via email in the middle of your meetings. Now, you can share your screen and wait for the needed file to pop open so that you can discuss it with your team instantly. No need to break the momentum of a call just to send a document.
  • Show, don't tell. Don't just let your team imagine what you're talking about during a meeting. Show them exactly what you want to work on rather than just saying it over the phone. Get your message across and reduce misheard or misinterpreted instructions through screen sharing.
  • Get your team's creative juices flowing by collaborating remotely via documents or whiteboards. Being able to make notes on the screen and being able to save them for future use will take your brainstorming sessions to a completely different level.

How to get started with screen sharing?

Breakout rooms expand the breadth of group participation.

  • To enable screen sharing using RingCentral Meetings, start a meeting like you usually would. Go to your meeting window and hit "Share Screen." You can also type Alt+S on your keyboard as a shortcut.
  • You will then be asked to select a window or an application that you want to share. You can select your main monitor, a separate monitor (if you have multiple ones), a whiteboard, your iPhone or iPad, or an active program or application on your screen.
  • After selecting what you want to share, click on the blue button that says, “Share screen.” Then that’s it, you’re now sharing your screen. Take note that everything within the green line will be visible to your audience.
Employee holding a laptop
Video call attendees studying a graph

What enhancements are available to users?

Go beyond seeing each other’s screens for even greater control

Understanding the need for powerful screen sharing technology, RingCentral has been enhancing its meeting platform with a variety of capabilities that will help users collaborate more effectively beyond seeing each other’s desktop screens or devices.

  • Advanced sharing options
    Your meetings are clear and engaging with active speaker spotlight, flexible meeting settings, and permissions. Attendees can grant remote control of their computers to other participants, which is a powerful support tool. Anyone can share content, make annotations, and send text messages. Your productivity soars with reliable, enterprise-grade online meetings and video conferencing.
  • Optimize sharing of a full screen video
    When sharing a screen, you can tick “Optimize for full screen video clip” to ensure that remote attendees have the best quality experience. This is ideal when sharing video demos or presentations with your audience.

Multiple options for meeting participants

Open your meetings to everyone

  • Swapping assigned presenters
    You can pass the presenter role to another meeting attendee. Everyone on your meeting will be alerted that somebody else has started sharing. You can take the role back anytime you’re ready to run the show again.
  • Invite additional participants
    Even when your screen sharing session has already started, you can still invite additional participants by email, by phone, or via a room system. You can just copy the meeting URL and send it over or invite people using a professional, ready-made template that you can paste on the body of your email.
Employees engaged in a video call
Employees working together via an online meeting

More virtual meeting features to empower your team

Encourage collaboration with a powerful screen sharing toolset

  • Real-time whiteboards
    Capture and share your ideas on a blank canvas in real-time and engage in interactive discussions with your team by sharing a whiteboard. Save it for future reference at the end of your session so that everything is documented.
  • Enable annotations
    Collaborating on shared screens becomes easier with annotations. To enable this feature, simply click “Annotate” on your shared screen. You can hover your mouse, select, add text, draw, use a laser pointer (spotlight), save your annotations as screenshots or delete the annotations you’ve made whenever you want. Your next brainstorming session will never be the same.
  • Seamless screen share recording
    Use the recording feature to keep track of your meetings and update participants who weren’t able to attend the session. Get the option to review key points and note important details accurately even after the meeting has ended.

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