RingCentral Office

Message Alerts

RingCentral’s message notification service ensures you get voice and fax notifications by email, text message, or through the RingCentral Mobile App or RingCentral for Desktop.

RingCentral Message Alerts

Message alerts serve as your personal notification system when you receive voice or fax messages. Use it to receive alerts on your mobile device or computer, so you never miss an important message. Notification options can be customized to meet your needs. Plus, you can easily monitor fax transmissions and use alerts with call logs to quickly review records of all communications. Once you receive a message notification, you can instantly access the message.

Benefits of message alerts

Easily customize your notification options

  • Get instant notifications whenever you receive voicemails, faxes, missed calls, and urgent messages.
  • Advanced settings allow you to specify different email and text addresses for each type of notification.
  • Control email and text messages using easy on/off controls.
  • Configure voicemail and fax notifications to be sent with or without attachments.
  • Messages can be marked as read once they are emailed to you, keeping your call log organized.

Track your sent faxes with ease

  • There’s no need to wait by a fax machine to make sure your fax was sent—save time by letting the system notify you on your designated devices.
  • Monitor fax transmissions in your online account, and receive email confirmation of successful fax delivery.

Keep centralized records of all your communications

  • Use message alerts together with call logs to view all inbound and outbound communication on your account.
  • Keep and sort records, promptly return calls, and more.
  • Monitor and control costs by tracking all of your communications.


Message alerts FAQs

How will I be notified of new messages?

  • RingCentral users have an online account where they configure their answering and notification options.
  • If you want to be notified when a new fax or voicemail arrives, simply choose how you want to be alerted—via email and/or text alert service on your mobile device or computer.

What if I’m traveling in another country?

  • You can have your calls and phone message alerts reach you on any international number by setting your call forwarding preferences to direct calls and messages to the designated international number.

Can I hear the voicemail or see the fax as soon as I’m notified?

  • Yes. Once you’ve received a message notification, just log into your online account or open your email and then open the voicemail or fax.