Caller ID

RingCentral gives you Caller ID tools for both making and receiving calls.

View a complete record of incoming and outgoing business phone calls, including the name of the caller, the number or extension dialed, and the time, date, and duration of the call, with RingCentral Call Logs.

Feature benefits:

Identify callers to your RingCentral numbers

  • Caller ID information (when available) is displayed for incoming calls to your RingCentral desk phone, Softphone, and mobile apps.
  • See the name of the person or company when a Caller ID number matches a contact in your account and delivery better service.
  • View Caller ID information from received and missed calls and return calls with just a click.
  • Create answering rules based on Caller ID information so important contacts are reached quickly.
  • Customize call handling for people you know, manage calls from new prospects, and screen unknown phone numbers.

Control your outbound Caller ID

  • Select your Caller ID you would like to appear on your recipient’s Caller ID from your list of direct numbers or display your main company number.
  • Choose the outbound Caller ID information for your company number, individual extensions, and entire departments.
  • Use RingOut to make calls using your business phone system and Caller ID information, when using a phone outside the RingCentral system--such as a hotel room phone.
  • Admins of your account can edit your company’s Caller ID Name (CNAM) that displays on your recipients Caller ID.


What do I need to enable internal caller ID?

  • Caller ID is available to all RingCentral Office customers and works on desk phones, smartphones, tablets, the Softphone and mobile apps.
  • Inbound Caller ID is available to all RingCentral Office Premium and Ultimate customers.
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