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RingCentral gives you Caller ID tools for both outbound and incoming calls.
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What is a Caller ID?

Caller ID is a feature that displays the Caller's phone number on the receiver's phone before answering the call, along with the name, location, the associated billing or subscriber name, and more information about the Caller. It uses caller identification tech and online databases to distinguish incoming callers before the call is received.
Once your Caller ID is activated, you can screen known, unknown, or unwanted calls. You can even deter robocalls and block spam calls. Upgrade your phone system with more than just a modem to process your calls; getting a caller ID works.
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Benefits of Caller ID in Your Business

Avoid guesswork by getting the best caller ID service for your business. Increase your team's efficiency when you activate your phone system's Caller ID. Here are some of the benefits:

Identify Incoming Callers to Your Numbers

Become proactive in handling your callers. An activated Caller ID can display the available Caller ID information from incoming calls to your RingCentral desk phone, softphone, and mobile phone apps.
Organize your system better when you create answering rules so you can entertain important contacts quickly. If you have missed calls, you can easily view the Caller ID information from the contact list and return the phone calls with just a click.
You can even set call-handling procedures for people you know, manage calls from new callers, screen unknown phone numbers and even turn on your call blocker for scam and spam calls.
A list of All Calls and a dialpad of the RingCentral app
An option to set a specific phone number to become an Outbound Caller ID number

Control your Outbound Caller ID

Select how your Caller ID Name (CNAM) would appear on your recipient's Caller ID contact list. You can display your main company number if it's a phone number used by many from your organization. Admins of your account can edit your company's Caller ID Name (CNAM) and information on the Caller ID display.
If you have a dedicated phone number, you can customize the outbound Caller ID information according to your company number or entire department and even per individual extensions.
When you choose RingCentral for your phone system's Caller ID services, you have the option to use the RingOut feature. This feature allows you to make calls through your business phone system while displaying Caller ID information using an external phone outside of the RingCentral system, such as a hotel room phone.

Increase your Answer Rates

When you have precise Caller ID numbers, especially on outbound calls, prospects and clients feel more confident to take your incoming calls. If a consumer recognizes your business and sees your company name on their caller ID display, they will likely answer your call.
It creates a positive first impression and makes them more willing not only to answer the initial call but also to feel confident that they are interacting with official representatives from your team.
Changing the Caller ID name of a phone number using the RingCentral admin portal
The Register Number option of The RingCentral Caller ID settings

Boost Your Telemarketing Campaigns

An active Caller ID helps boost your telemarketing campaigns. When you have an active Caller ID, your existing clients can easily recognize that it's you. Likewise, your prospective subscribers can see your basic caller ID information, such as your company name.
You can also register your number to CNAM and other legal databases. This allows clients to verify your number by cross-referencing the information displayed on your Caller ID.

Improved brand recognition and localization

When you activate your Caller ID in your outbound calls, you let the receivers know that the call comes from your organization or a specific department.
A department-specific caller ID not only enhances brand recognition but also provides customers with a sense of reassurance and clarity, especially when they are in contact with multiple representatives from your organization.
The Caller ID displayed on an ongoing phone call in the RingCentral mobile app

Why Choose RingCentral as Your Caller ID Service Provider

A Caller ID is an essential feature provided by most commercial telecom phone companies embedded in VoIP, landline, and mobile phone services. Here are some of the reasons why RingCentral should be your chosen VoIP phone service provider.
Advanced Caller ID Settings
With the RingCentral App, you can enjoy the benefits of a Caller ID even when you're away from your landline. Your Caller ID will function as expected in your cell phone, whether it is an iPhone or Android phone.
With a VoIP phone system, you're not limited to handling inbound and outbound calls. You can also send SMS messages, engage in video calls, and manage your voicemail.
Better Brand Recognition
Consumers are wary of calls from unknown numbers due to concerns about potential scam calls. Unexpected calls from companies tend to be ignored even if they are familiar with the company name. 
With a proper Caller ID, you can leave a strong impression on your outbound call recipients. It reflects the professionalism and authenticity of your business, positioning you as a trustworthy company within your industry.
Affordable and transparent pricing
RingCentral offers a complete unified communications solution that not only caters to inbound and outbound call center functions. Rather, you can enjoy all the features of a VoIP plan based on your company's needs.
Check out our plans and pricing for a more customized view of our services catered to your needs, which you can get billed at a monthly flat rate.
Improved Customer Support and Service
RingCentral allows you the flexibility to customize features to suit what you need. You can choose from your personal business number extension or from company phone numbers for your outbound caller ID. Likewise, you can also use freephone numbers and IVN numbers as your outbound caller ID.
RingCentral lets you have more control of your outbound Caller ID information for your phone number, individual extensions, and entire departments.

What You Need to Know About Caller ID

Caller ID is available to all RingEX customers and works on desk phones, smartphones, tablets, softphones, and mobile apps. You can enable your inbound Caller ID once you become a RingEX Premium and Ultimate subscriber.
All RingEX customers can access the Caller ID feature on their desk phones, smartphones, and RingCentral for Desktop. There's no additional caller ID software or program to install.
Caller ID with extension dialing
Extension Dialling for Caller ID only works for internal calls. In your RingCentral account settings, you can choose to display your business' main phone number or choose to display your extension number.
Character Count on Caller ID Display
RingCentral's Caller ID can have up to a maximum of fifteen (15) characters without any special characters.
Your account administrator can quickly change your caller ID online under Settings. This change will reflect in your caller ID settings from any device, including your online caller ID in the RingCentral for Desktop App.

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