Ascom IP-DECT Handsets

Ascom IP-DECT is a reliable wireless communication solution that helps streamline mobile workflows.  By offering enterprise-grade telephony, professional messaging, personal alarm, and positioning – over secure interference-free frequency bands – Ascom IP-DECT enables staff productivity and efficiency gains across the entire organisation. Ascom offers a wide range of Handsets that support over-the-air centralised management. The simplicity in Ascom’s IP-DECT architecture is designed to maximise flexibility and scalability, to fit varying customer requirements. Learn more about Ascom IP-DECT solutions.

Ascom VoWiFi Handsets

The Ascom i63 is a sleek, yet incredibly robust VoWiFi Handset that is optimised to deliver reliable mobile communication. Using your existing Wi-Fi infrastructure, the i63 makes communication easy for today’s increasingly mobile workforce – enabling effective collaboration for more streamlined workflows, and coordination amongst mobile staff.   Features such as outstanding voice quality, interactive messaging capabilities, multi-lingual user-interface, personal alarm, positioning, and extensive phone book options help keep users connected to colleagues, informed of events, and mission-critical information. Learn more about Ascom VoWiFi solutions.
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