This Service Attachment is a part of the Agreement that includes the terms and conditions agreed by the Parties under which RingCentral will provide the RingCentral Professional Services to Customer.

In the event of any conflict between the provisions of the Agreement and the provisions of this Professional Services Agreement (the “PS Agreement”), such provisions of this PS Agreement will prevail.

1. Service Overview. RingCentral shall provide the implementation, installation, consulting, configuration services and other professional services (“Professional Services”) as described and agreed upon in writing between the Parties pursuant to a statement of work (“Statement of Work” or “SOW”).

2. Project Phases. The Professional Services may be delivered in one or more phases. The SOW will specify the milestone, objectives, Sites, fees and other components that are included in the scope of each phase (“Project Phase”). The Professional Services may also be provided on a time and material basis (“T&M Services”) paid by the hour based on the then current T&M Services hourly rate offered by RingCentral, as specified in the relevant SOW. Customer agrees that the delivery, installation, testing, acceptance and payment for the Professional Services rendered under any one Project Phase is not dependent on the delivery, installation, testing, acceptance and payment for the Professional Services under any other Project Phase. Each Project Phase will be billed upon Acceptance, and payment for each Project Phase is due in full within the applicable payment period agreed between the Parties and is non-refundable.

3. Customer Sites and Site Visits. In the event the Parties agree that the Professional Services must be performed at one or more Customer facility(ies) (“Site(s)”), the Site(s) will be separately identified in the applicable SOW. Each visit to a separate Customer Site will be considered a separate “Site Visit”. When so stipulated in the SOW, each Site may constitute a Project Phase. Customer has the following obligations with respect to all Site Visits:

  1. a. Customer will maintain and ensure safe working conditions at each Site and shall promptly inform the RingCentral project manager of any known hazardous conditions at any Site prior to any visit by RingCentral Personnel.

  2. b. Customer shall ensure that all Site hardware and network environment meets or exceed the requirements set forth in the Statement of Work and in “RingCentral VoIP Network Requirements and Recommendations” which can found at:

  3. c. Customer shall provide RingCentral with all reasonable information, cooperation, and assistance that RingCentral requests in connection with performing the Services, including without limitation providing RingCentral with access to Customer’s systems and networks and related system and network administrators. Any failure on the part of Customer to provide the cooperation requested by RingCentral, or to provide the information or hardware and software environment required, may result in the need for a Change Order to contemplate additional fees and extended timelines to accommodate Customer’s failure to do so.

  4. d. Customer shall ensure that at least ten (10) business days prior to a Site Visit or as otherwise agreed in the applicable SOW, the Customer Project Manager shall provide to the RingCentral Project Manager the following information for the Site to be visited:

    1. I. the first and last name, extension number, and email address for delivery of message notification emails of each End User for which the Services are to be implemented at the Site and any other information that RingCentral requests to configure the digital lines that are part of such Services to be implemented (this information needs to be in the form of a Microsoft Excel file suitable for use with the Plan Service’s bulk configuration utility);

    2. II. written or illustrated diagrams of Customer’s current and proposed dial plans and data and call flows; and

    3. III. information related to configurations, equipment, and deployment requirements for the Site, as requested by RingCentral.

4. Late Site Visit Change. The Parties acknowledge and agree that Customer’s cancellation or change of the dates of a Site Visit at any time during the ten (10) business days immediately prior to the date that the Site Visit is scheduled to take place (a “Late Site Visit Change”) will cause RingCentral to incur expenses and losses (including without limitation RingCentral’s costs in rescheduling the Site Visit and/or loss of opportunity for other business during the period during which such Site Visit was to take place). Accordingly, Customer agrees that for each Late Site Visit Change, Customer shall incur (at the time of cancellation or change) and be liable for, as liquidated damages, an amount equal to eight (8) hours of RingCentral T&M Services at RingCentral’s then-current T&M Services hourly rate, as well as any Service Expenses that have already been expended by RingCentral. The Parties acknowledge and agree that this amount is a fair, reasonable, and appropriate pre-estimate of the losses that RingCentral will incur as a result of any single Late Site Visit Change.

5. Professional Services Acceptance. Each SOW will identify the specific criteria required for the completion of each Project Phase (“Completion Criteria”). Unless otherwise agreed between the Parties in the SOW, upon RingCentral’s completion of the Professional Services for each Project Phase, RingCentral will review the Completion Criteria with Customer and will present to the Customer the Professional Services Project Completion Signoff Form (“PCF”) for that Project Phase. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this PS Agreement or any SOW, RingCentral’s obligations under any Project Phase are deemed accepted and the Professional Services under such Project Phase shall be considered completed in full and billable upon any of the following (“Acceptance”):

  1. a. Customer executes the PCF.

  2. b. If RingCentral presents Customer with the PCF and the Customer fails to execute the PCF within three (3) days, unless the Customer provides to RingCentral, within those three (3) days, with a detailed description of the items that are outstanding or that are materially non- conforming with the Completion Criteria applicable to the specific Project Phase. If RingCentral timely receives a rejection notice, then RingCentral will complete or re-perform any portion of the non-conforming Professional Services and re-submit the PCF for the Project Phase to the Customer for Acceptance as described above. If RingCentral timely receives from the Customer a second rejection notice, and RingCentral, in its reasonable discretion determines that the Professional Services for the Project Phase were properly completed in accordance with the Completion Criteria, Acceptance of the Project Phase will be deemed to have been occurred.

  3. c. Production Use: Unless otherwise agreed in writing between the Parties, production use will constitute Acceptance for all purposes of this PS Agreement.

  4. d. T&M Services. Acceptance for T&M Services, if applicable and used in a SOW, is deemed to have occurred upon performance.

6. Payment

  1. a. The SOW will set forth the fees that the Customer will pay to RingCentral for each Project Phase, and the rates for T&M Services. Customer will compensate RingCentral fees and expenses for the Services as set forth in the applicable SOW. Customer acknowledges and agrees that all fees and charges shall be due and payable without any deduction, withholding, or offset of any kind, including without limitation for any levy or tax.

  2. b. Invoicing and Payment of Professional Services fees. Except to the extent otherwise provided in a SOW or this Section, all amounts due under this PS Agreement for Professional Services other than T&M Services, shall be invoiced upon Acceptance of each Project Phase. T&M Services will be invoiced Monthly in arrears. The payment term for each invoice is set forth in the Agreement.

  3. c. Service Expenses. In addition to the fees and expenses set forth in the applicable SOW, Customer agrees to reimburse RingCentral for its fixed travel, meal, and lodging expenses incurred in connection with any Site Visit (“Service Expenses”). Travel, meal, and lodging expenses shall be invoiced upon Acceptance of each Project phase, alongside all other amounts due under this PS Agreement, on a per-trip/per resource basis. RingCentral shall, after Customer request, provide information verifying the deployment of on-site resources and expenditure of Service Expenses.

  4. d. Additional Fees. Customer agrees to incur and be liable for any additional fees or other amounts not provided for in this PS Agreement or the applicable SOW. These Additional fees may include, but are not limited to the following:

    1. I. For any additional Site Visit(s) not included in the SOW, the Customer agrees to pay on a T&M Services basis, with a minimum fee equal to eight (8) hours of RingCentral per day at the then-current T&M Services hourly rate.

7. Changes to SOWs

Changes to any applicable SOW shall be made only in a mutually executed written change order between RingCentral and Customer (a “Change Order”), outlining the requested change and the effect of such change on the Services, including without limitation the fees and the timeline as determined by RingCentral in its reasonable discretion. RingCentral shall have no obligation to commence work in connection with any Change Order until the Change Order is agreed upon by both Parties in writing. RingCentral has no obligation to provide any Professional Services outside the scope of an SOW.

8. Enterprise Support

As part of the Professional Services provided, Customer may purchase Enterprise Support services from RingCentral for use with the Services. The terms and conditions that govern the Enterprise Support can be found at:

9. Term and Termination

  1. a. Term. This PS Agreement shall remain in effect for as long as the Agreement is in effect, unless terminated in accordance with this Section.

  2. b. Termination. Either Party may terminate this PS Agreement, in whole or in part, with thirty (30) days’ advance written notice to the other Party. Unless otherwise specified in the termination notice, the termination of one SOW or Project Phase shall not necessarily result in the termination of, or otherwise affect, any other SOW or Project Phase.

  3. c. Effect of Termination. In the event that this PS Agreement, a SOW, or a Project Phase is terminated, in whole or in part, for any reason other than for RingCentral’s material breach of this PS Agreement, Customer shall be obligated to pay RingCentral for:

    1. I. any Professional Services and T&M Services that have been rendered up until the effective date of the termination;

    2. II. all applicable Service Expenses incurred; and

    3. III. (50%) of the fees for any other Professional Services not yet performed, due under the Project Phase(s) being cancelled, if termination of the PS Agreement, SOW, or a Project Phase occurs within one hundred and eighty (180) days of execution of the applicable SOW. If termination occurs after one hundred and eighty (180) days of execution of the applicable SOW, Customer shall owe all outstanding fees for any Professional Services not yet performed pursuant to the SOW, due under the Project Phase being cancelled.

  4. d. Post-Termination Notice Wrap-Up. Upon receiving or providing notice of termination of this PS Agreement, RingCentral shall be relieved of and excused from any obligation to continue to perform Services or to perform under any then-current SOWs or Project Phase.