RC Office Priority Support

Service Attachment
This RingCentral Service Attachment for RC Office Priority Support (the “RC Office Priority Support Service Attachment”) is subject to the RingCentral Professional Services Agreement Attachment, appended to the Master Services Agreement.
Term: The term of this RC Office Priority Support Service Attachment shall run conterminously with the Term that is set forth in the RingCentral Order Form between the parties hereto. RingCentral shall perform the Services set forth in the Professional Services Agreement and this accompanying RC Office Priority Support Service Attachment starting on the Start Date specified in the Order Form executed between the Parties and continuing until the termination of this RC Office Priority Support Service Attachment, the underlying Professional Services Agreement or any underlying Master Services Agreement.
1.       General Terms
Priority Support will be provided as a 24x7 service in US & Canada.
2.        “Holidays,” During regional holidays, premium support services will be available.
3.       Customer Responsibilitie
3.1.     Customer Support Cases and Escalation Management
            a.             Dedicated Customer Contacts will open a case by calling 888-898-5491 or by opening a web case through RingCentral’s support web site at https://support.ringcentral.com
            b.            In all cases, Dedicated Customer Contacts will provide reasonable detail surrounding the issue when opening any Support Case, to enable RingCentral to understand the nature and extent of Customer’s issues with the RingCentral Services.  Customer will reasonably cooperate with RingCentral as needed.
            c.             Customer acknowledges that effective troubleshooting and root-cause identification may require Customer to work jointly with RingCentral Support.
            d.            Customer agrees to reasonably assist by providing technical resources in these where necessary.
4.       Definitions. Unless otherwise defined in the Master Service Agreement or this Service Attachment, the following terms shall be defined in accordance with the below definitions.
            a.             “Dedicated Customer Contact(s)” means specific Customer employee(s) that are identified, documented in RingCentral’s system and approved to contact RingCentral’s direct enterprise team.
            b.            “Direct RC Office Priority Support Access” means the RingCentral Support Team, which can be reached in North America by calling 888-898-5491.
            c.             “Network Assessment” shall mean one (1) assessment of the Customer’s primary Internet Service Provider (ISP) connection to and from RingCentral. RingCentral personnel will provide: RingCentral Network Requirements Documentation, satellite installation guide, assistance with satellite installation, and documentation of the results of the Network Assessment for Customer reference.
            d.            “RC Office Priority Support Entitlements” are the service attributes that are included with this support model as detailed in Appendix A.
Appendix A
RC Office Priority Support Entitlements
  • Service Element
  • Attribute
  • User Range
  • Up to 400
  • Live Services and Support:
  • 24x7
  • Phone, Web, Chat
  • Priority Case / Call Routing
  • Priority Case / Call Routing
  • Included
  • Network Assessment
  • Included
  • ‘Troubleshooting for Help Desk Agents’ Training
  • Self-paced online training is included
  • Dedicated Customer Contacts
  • Up to 3 named resources can contact RC Support