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Jabra Biz 1500

The Jabra Biz 1500 is an entry level, low cost professional corded headset built for cost conscious contact centres. With noise cancellation technology, background noise is reduced providing a more professional customer experience on every call.
  • Engineered for communication professionals
  • Crystal Clear Calls: Filter out background noise and voices
  • Comfortable & Durable: Lightweight comfort 75% lighter than average consumer headset, 50% lighter than the average office headset
  • Hearing protection: Protect users’ hearing quality and well-being. IntelliTone keeps average noise exposure at a safe level to protect hearing quality, reduces noise related stress & improves well being
  • Speech-to-text optimised: Deliver a high level of speech-to-text accuracy
  • Built with indestructible components to endure transport for hybrid working