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Help your customers adapt to hybrid work by offering a seamless migration to a modern all-in-one cloud communications solution with RingCentral.
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“RingEX offers a true UCaaS solution at scale that offers international support, high-end contact center, video meetings, collaboration, SMS, Okta, and much, much more. Mitel was a great dial tone provider; now, RingCentral provides a true transformative UCaaS experience.“

Matt Pingatore, CEO of Packet Fusion

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Empower your Customers with our Cloud Solution

The strategic partnership between RingCentral and Mitel ensures that partners like you can better assist your valued customers with top-notch communications and take advantage of award-winning partner perks, through an effortless migration path to RingCentral’s Message Video Phone (RingEX) cloud-based communications platform.

Explore how you can thrive as a channel partner.

Partner benefits

Cloud Communications is the Future

Many partners are already transitioning their customers to the cloud with RingCentral and leveraging our powerful all-in-one solution, enjoying a growing revenue stream, exclusive Mitel deal incentives, and promotions that boost their profits. Stay ahead of your competitors and join our growing partner community.

Extensive Support through Business Transformation

The partnership offers you a full force of support from a dedicated team. Special benefits include financial incentives, partner program advantages, operational cost savings, along with a promise from RingCentral to be a helpful extension to your efforts in transitioning Mitel customers to an enhanced UCaaS solution. 

Maintain Your Customer Relationships

Elevate your existing customer relationships while retaining control over your sales process and nurtured connections. With this strategic collaboration, you can continue to drive procurement and provide your customers with exceptional guidance from our RingCentral team, every step of the way.

RingCentral & Mitel Promotional Offer

Exclusively for Mitel Customers

When your customers migrate to RingEX through this joint partnership, they will enjoy a special promotional offer:


discount on RingEX cloud communications service

Free months

dependent on yearly subscription term of RingEX

Free phones

per RingEX service

Mitel Premise-Based Solutions to RingEX Migration Path

Partnership Benefits
Mitel phones and devices can be integrated with the RingCentral app

Device Integration

With RingCentral, your customers can conveniently continue to use their existing Mitel 6800/6900 series phones, while having faster deployment via zero touch provisioning of Mitel phones.
Female Mitel customer using the RingCentral app in her phone

Migration Accelerator

When transitioning your Mitel customers from on-prem to the cloud, save efforts by leveraging our easy, non-invasive migration approach, while ensuring the process is secure and non-disruptive.

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