VoIP Setup Checklist

So, you’d like to move your phone system to the cloud, but you’re not sure where to start. This short checklist will highlight the key points you need to consider before making the switch.

Things for you to check:

Strong broadband

A major factor in the voice quality of VoIP calls, a reliable broadband is vital to ensure the smooth running of VoIP systems.

Check if your connection is sufficient with our simple VoIP speed test

Dependable routers

Even the best broadband connection won’t provide an adequate connection for VoIP without a reliable router.

Take a look at our recommended routers

The right hardware

Moving to the cloud will allow you to use mobiles, laptops, and tablets as fully functioning business phones, but you may need to update your desktop phones if you want them to remain part of your setup.

Check out the latest phones here: desktop phones

Things to check with your VoIP provider:

Moving to the cloud can help reduce the cost of your telephony, but be careful: some providers charge for additional services that others include. When comparing providers, it’s important to know your business needs.

A VoIP phone system can offer huge benefits for businesses with remote workers. Forwarding calls to mobile phones is a standard feature, but do they offer a full-featured mobile app that allows users access to faxes, advanced voicemail, and even call recording? If you need more than simple call forwarding, make sure you choose a VoIP provider that is fully invested in a complete experience for mobile users.

Another important aspect to consider is how well a VoIP provider works with other apps you already use. Whether it’s Salesforce®, Google G Suite, Dropbox™ or another product, make sure that your VoIP provider offers integrations with your chosen apps.

Instead of engaging multiple providers for different services, businesses can get all their communication needs met by a single provider. Whether it’s video conferencing, online meetings, or team messaging and collaboration, unifying your communications takes away the headache of having to engage with multiple vendors and can help significantly reduce cost.

Next steps

To help you choose the right provider, check out our VoIP buyer’s guide

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