Unified Messaging

Use your one RingCentral number to integrate all your phones, PCs, and mobile devices into one complete business phone system.

Benefits of Unified Messaging

  • Build your business behind one branded phone number.
  • Eliminate the need for separate telephone systems and expenses for different locations.
  • Make every option and feature available to mobile employees and satellite offices to deliver the full power of your system to your whole team.
  • Customise settings, including greetings and call handling rules, for every department, extension and voicemail box in your company. No time-consuming, technical experts required.
  • RingCentral deducts minutes for all calls directly from your company’s RingCentral account, so doing the math takes way less number crunching.
  • Unify your message management. If you delete a voice message from your online account, it will also be deleted from your phone and Softphone.
  • Review your company call logs for accurate tracking, detailed metrics and billing. You can access staff calling patterns and enjoy convenient accounting analysis.
  • Configure your system to deliver instant notifications by email for every call and fax.
  • Have voice and fax message attachments delivered directly to your inbox, so you can respond to messages well informed and in a timely manner.
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