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Phone Presence

Presence gives you and designated admins a strategic view of the phone status of your colleagues.

Feature benefits

  • From your desk phone you can see who’s available, already on a call, holding or has a call ringing.
  • Presence monitoring across devices (desk phones, RingCentral Softphone and smartphones) is a RingCentral exclusive feature and gives you an edge in connecting inbound callers with employees and reducing hold times and hang-ups.
  • Transfer calls with speed and certainty to your office team and remote workers.
  • With a few easy clicks, enable Presence status for admins and colleagues, so your team’s call management is agile and responsive.
  • Use phone expansion modules to monitor presence for larger numbers of colleagues.
  • Admins can monitor calls for execs and occupied team members, for greater agility in call handling.
  • Call routing to departments and individuals is vastly improved, so hold times are reduced, customers are happier and there are less missed calls.
  • Make sure callers reach the best contact quickly and eliminate calls going to voicemail.


  • Yes. Within the Presence settings for any given user, simply set “Allow other users to see my presence” to On or Off.
  • You can choose to display the status of any colleagues who have set their Presence Permissions to On.

The following models are Presence-capable:

  • Cisco 508G
  • Cisco SPA 525G2
  • Polycom IP650
  • Cisco 303
  • Polycom 550
  • Polycom VVX 500
  • Yes. Only RingCentral allows your Presence-enabled desk phone to monitor the states of multiple devices including desk phones, smartphones, and Softphones.
  • Within Settings > My Inbound > User Info, click the Presence bar, and choose the Appearance tab.
  • Select which colleagues you would like to monitor on your Presence-capable phone.
  • This menu indicates the number of line monitors your specific phone can display.
  • The first two slots are dedicated to your own calls and each additional slot can be used to monitor colleagues.
  • Click "Preview on my phone" to preview the appearance of the display on your phone.
  • If the model of your phone supports Presence expansion modules, they can be ordered for the Cisco and Polycom units through the normal RingCentral ordering process.
  • Expansion modules or Presence-capable phones may be part of an initial order or as an add-on at any point.
  • The number varies by the make and model of your phone.
  • Expansion modules, or "side cars", which attach to your desk phone can add anywhere from 14 to a total 70 monitor lights, allowing you to monitor up to 70 colleagues.
  • If you have a Presence-capable desk phone, the monitor lights of colleagues you're following will blink when the line is ringing or the call is on hold.
  • If the line is blinking, and you have permission, you can pick up the call, whether it's ringing or on hold.
  • It will show a steady light when the line is in use.

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