RingCentral Reports

Gain essential insight into how your company utilises your phone system to enhance business performance.

Key features

  • Intuitive graphical dashboards let you quickly analyse company-wide, department/group, or user-level call history, activities, and patterns.
  • Flexible configuration options enable you to create targeted reports.
  • Saved report preferences make it easy to run frequently used reports on a regular basis.
  • Easily export report data to spreadsheet and visualisation tools for closer analysis and polished presentations.


  • Use historical call metrics to track productivity and improve future call usage.
  • Variable views give you flexibility to analyse performance and trends based on call queues, users, or phone numbers.
  • At-a-glance dashboards enable executive staff to quickly understand overall system usage and caller experience.
  • Enable team managers to evaluate team performance and balance workloads based on call volume and call wait times.

FAQsAutomatic call recording FAQs:

Which Office Editions have reports?

  • Office editions Standard + with 2 or more lines automatically have access to Reports. Entry edition has full access to call logs.

What types of reports I can generate for my account?

  • You can create reports for most of the call activity in your company, such as, inbound and outbound call volume, total calls, details on missed or answered calls, average calls per day and time, and more.

Can I personalise reports for my account?

  • Yes. You can select Remember My Changes after choosing your filters so you can save the view and won’t have to generate a whole new report each time.

What types of calls are counted in the calls shown on reports?

What is the default time zone in the hourly activity chart report?

  • By default, you’ll see the regional time zone specified by the logged-in user.

What filters can be used in the Queue Activity view?

  • You can create targeted Queue Activity views by filtering by internal or external calls, dialed phone numbers, or length of calls.

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