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The Wolverhampton area code currently employs the 4-digit area code. An area code of this type is the more widely used area code format in the United Kingdom. UK area codes have 4 different types of area codes, based on the number of figures listed in it. They can be classified according to their length, starting from as low as having a 2-digit area code to the rarely used 5-figure long area codes. The shorter the area codes, the more supply of phone numbers it gives. While those that have longer ones provide lesser pool of phone numbers. Since the Wolverhampton area code is a 4-figured area code, its only ranks third in providing new phone numbers for users and subscribers.


Originally, the Wolverhampton area code was composed of a 3-digit area code. It was formerly referred to as area code 0907. Before changing it into a 4-digit area code, the Wolverhampton area code was modified into yet another 3-figures long area code. The 3-numeral area code that was employed as the next Wolverhampton area code was 0902.


The 0902 area code was the one that was carried over by Wolverhampton when the area code changes happened during PhONEday. The area code modification that took place during this time was the introduction of the number 1 unto all the area codes being utilized in the UK. It was to be inserted between the area codes and the trunk code. This increased the length of all UK area codes by one numeral. Area code 0902 of Wolverhampton was altered into the 1902 area code. After PhONEday, the 1902 area code became the area code for the new phone numbers of Wolverhampton. This means that all Wolverhampton local numbers will have the 1902 area code since the former area code 902 no longer has any phone number supplies.

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Wolverhampton local numbers are composed of 6 digits. It still has the same quantity of numbers after PhONEday. The fact that Wolverhampton local numbers had stayed the same provides problems for companies that have the new area code of Wolverhampton. This is because their local number is also employed by other companies, although they do not have the same area code. Calls that were supposed to be intended for their company will be directed to another because of a single wrong input on the telephone dial. If the majority of their customers would think like this, only lost profits and business deals will be obtained with this type of contact number.


In order to address this problem, you would need to have a business phone number that is unique. Having your own contact number would certainly eliminate the chances of any misdirected calls. A good example of a unique contact number is a vanity number. This is a special type of number wherein you can choose your own set of numbers that can also be represented by letters on the telephone dial. Although it is an expensive number to purchase, it would certainly enable your contact number to stand out among the rest.


This type of contact number can be achieved by your company through purchasing telecommunications system from RingCentral. Not only do they have vanity numbers, but they also charge amazingly lower compared to other service providers. These would allow small and medium companies to avail of such an excellent contact number that would enable them to generate more incoming calls.


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