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The Southampton area code is one of the few area codes that appears as (02X) XXXX XXXX. This area code format is given to locations that have the highest demand of phone numbers in the United Kingdom. It is also employed in regions located within Northern Ireland. This area code arrangement was bestowed to Southampton during the Big Number Change in 2000.


The Big Number Change was greatly needed by several areas in the UK due to the impending depletion of their phone number supply. Now this problem can be attributed to the advent of communication technology, in addition to population growth. But way before the Big Number Change was implemented, the Southampton area code already had been altered a couple of times.


The pioneer area code of Southampton is area code 703. It was later changed in 1995 at the course of PhONEday into area code 1703. The area code changes in PhONEday were brought into action by adding 1 unto the previous area codes. The figure 1 was then to be inserted after the trunk code 0 and before the area code. This increased the length of the Southhampton area code from formerly being a 3-digit area code into a 4-digit area code. Hence, Southhampton local numbers during that time became composed of 6 digits. As such, the dialling pattern that was used for Southampton was (01703) XX XXXX.


The 4-digit area code of Southampton lasted for about 5 years. But the pool of numbers that was generated from PhONEday could no longer provide for new phone numbers. This dilemma in the supply of phone numbers led to another update on the dialling system of Southampton.

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This was where Big Number Change came into the picture. It gave Southampton a new area code pattern that would only be composed of 2-digits. The reason for giving it a shorter area code was to generate a greater supply of phone numbers than what PhONEday was able to provide before.


The new Southampton area code was 023. The area codes of Southampton were not the only ones that were modified during that time but also its local numbers. Southampton local numbers were longer in length. They are now comprised of 8 figures from previously being made up of 6 numerals. However, with this system, a problem arose concerning use. Area code 023 was also used by Portsmouth. Actually, the only difference between these two areas was the local numbers that were dialled after the area code. Southampton local numbers used the number 8 as its initial local number figure while Portsmouth utilized the number 9.


Now, since people calling Southampton contacts were used to dialling 4-digit area codes, the first two digits of the local numbers were wrongly infused with the area code. This created the notion that the 2381 area code is the official area code of Southampton. However, this did not apply to all as there were some businesses that used other numbers. As a result, those who do not possess the 2381 area code are left out of the contacted circle.


If your company is one of those that have a different contact number then you would need the help of a telecommunication system that would rid you of this problem in misconception. RingCentral phone systems will assist you in addressing this problem by providing you with a contact number that is far more superior to what the area code 2871 gives.


They will give your business a virtual number that allows you to have a contact number that is not restricted by any geographical boundaries. This means that costs and complications of long distances will not be experienced anymore. This virtual number relatively charges lower in long-distance calls. Furthermore, these numbers are not affected by any changes in the area code. This feature removes worries of being affected by any Southampton area code modifications that will happen in the future.


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