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Area code 0774 was the original Preston area code. Some years later, it was changed into 0772. When PhONEday took place in 1995, the Preston area code was again modified. It was changed into the 1772 area code. But Preston was not the only place that had undergone these changes. Most of United Kingdom's regions and locations experienced it as well.


The primary modification that was done on PhONEday was the addition of the digit 1, which was placed before the area codes and after the trunk code 0. PhONEday's purpose was to reorganize numbering plans in order to increase the stock of phone numbers in the UK and help solve the problem of number shortage in the country. However, the change had its downsides.


The change from 0772 to the 1772 area code was based on the area code format that was given to Preston. This pattern was (01XXX)XX XXXX. It consisted of a four-digit area code after the trunk code 'zero' and a six-digit subscriber number, otherwise called as Preston local numbers. This area code format is under the geographic numbering system of the United Kingdom's National Telephone Numbering Plan. It is also used by several other regions that include Aberdeen, Chester and Dundee.


Summing up the Preston area code and the Preston local numbers, the result was 10 digits. When calling, one must take note that the trunk code 0 must also be dialed. Including the trunk prefix 0, the caller will be tasked to input a total of 11 figures unto their phones to make a call. This makes corresponding with Preston contacts very tedious. And take note, the callers are required to appropriately input the numbers or the call will not connect.

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This is a problem that should never be taken lightly. A long contact number with random digits is not easy to recall. The length of this type of contact number would confuse callers to the point that some would end up rearranging the numbers. This is just one of the possible problems that companies in Preston have to worry about.


The Preston area code is also included in the group of area codes which needs close monitoring. The 1772 area code now has a close to full capacity number of lines. This means that there would be another possible change in the area codes being employed in Preston. If this happens, callers based outside the city or the country would become more confused because they would need to remember whether the Preston area code they must dial is the old one or the new one. Furthermore, they also need to key in the right Preston local numbers.


These two potential problems should be given immediate attention. Otherwise, Preston companies will suffer big losses in the future. One way to combat these threats is to subscribe to RingCentral. No matter how many changes happen on the area code of Preston, RingCentral phone system numbers would remain unchanged.


One of the great features of the RingCentral phone system is the local number feature which would enable companies to use any area code within United Kingdom. You can specifically choose the area code of your choice. You can either opt to use an area code where most of your clients are based to provide local presence to clients.


What's more advantageous with this phone system is that it supports multiple phone numbers on the just the same account. You can add as many local numbers as your business would require and entertain as many calls to optimize business.


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